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SAM-EMA 11th Oct 2007 17:46

It is really pleasing to see that EMA has won two awards within 24 hours of each other. You can read about them on the airports website.

They are:
Best UK Regional Airport
World’s Leading Eco Friendly Airport


ATNotts 11th Oct 2007 19:15

World’s Leading Eco Friendly Airport
Maybe so, but on the down side, it apparently emits more carbon per year than the African state of Mali!! (BBC East Midlands newsreport this morning).

I cannot recall which pressure group came up with that gem - but it make you wonder how many African States' carbon emissions LHR is responsible for, using their measure - pretty much the whole continent I would reckon!

Crusher1 11th Oct 2007 19:34

I heard the same news report, most eco friendly in the world and it's still not good enough!

I wouldn't be surprised if Ratcliffe power station didn't chuck out more than EMA, mind you I guess the pressure group members all burn candles and generate electricity by water wheel..................oh, and don't go on holiday, don't have a car and refuse any post that's been near a plane...............

HeliCraig 12th Oct 2007 08:45

It really is very simple, and a gem of the English language....



Edit: As I seem to have started a bit of a debate I should point out that this does not represent my views on the whole issue; it is merely intended as a bit of light amusement. If someone wants to start another thread (in an appropriate place) about the issues, I will happily contribute as appropriate.

ATNotts 12th Oct 2007 17:50


To take that line is an Ostrich like response to something that is happening; HOWEVER idiotic reports such as the one the BBC ran do nothing to further what should be a very serious debate on our, and our children's futures.

OltonPete 13th Oct 2007 20:05

BMI Baby expansion
The main casualty is Prague per the booking engine.

Goes from daily to 4 a week in January and 3 a week from February.

Jersey also only 4 a week from February (Mo, We, Thu, Sat)

Only checked the one week in February but Prague is showing as
Mon, Fri, Sunday.

Quite a cut but at least Easy fly as well

I am surprised by the cuts as i thought the new routes could
have been incorporated into the existing schedule but obviously not.


stuart-travel 14th Oct 2007 18:30

stirling airways summer 2008
CPH 6 times per week up from 4 for summer timetable
OSL 3 times per week same as winter, days have changed
ARN not loaded for summer 2008 yet

4 a/c tom/fca 1 a/c excel 2 a/c air/tcx same number as 2007

Do we now the aircraft nos for rynair/easyjet/bmi group/uk int
for summer 2008 yet ?


OliWW 15th Oct 2007 18:10

Just had a look at Ryanairs timetable on a random day

Friday 8th February 08

Only has 5 departures in the morning
5 arrivals in the evening,

I thought they were putting 6 aircraft here this winter?

wb =]]

tweentown 15th Oct 2007 19:21


I had a good look at the RYR situation a couple of weeks ago. There are definitely 6 aircraft fully utilised in the Summer timetable but I came to the conclusion that winter has been amended and No6 doesn't now seem to be needed until April. To accommodate some of the new winter routes, some of the current routes are now to be operated by outbased aircraft over the winter- the afternoon Dublin, Gerona on certain days and Alicante come to mind.

OliWW 15th Oct 2007 19:30

Just noticed for April that Ryanair have increased Belfast City to twice daily....

Week days - Early Morning Departure at 06.25
and week days - Late Departures at 16:00

also a early morning flight on saturday

and two flights on sunday,

bmi baby may have trouble on there belfast intl route now!

Can I also just say that the comment a few comments back in the forum suggested Thomsonfly were basing 4 aircraft here in 2008...

Oh a random friday there were only 3 departures on this morning and 3 arrivals in the evening, during June... if so when will the 4th aircraft be expected to arrive if that is going ahead...

aidoair 15th Oct 2007 21:37

The statement include with the First Choice operation so i presume it will either be an extra 757 based with the other three aircraft (presumably like this summer 2x757 and a 738) or perhaps another 738.

GW76 15th Oct 2007 21:40

WW EMA-GLA 5 hours late tonight, any ideas why?

OliWW 15th Oct 2007 21:54

Not a good day for baby at EMA tonight

Glasgow 18:00 Landing at 22:15
Amsterdam 18:45 Landing at 22:15

Paris CDG 19:40 Delayed 22:50
Belfast Intl 21:50 Delayed
Glasgow 22:05 Delayed 01:35

I know that the Malaga was late departing this morning because of a tech aircraft, so that would have made the paris late, im not sure on the others...

Little Blue 15th Oct 2007 22:25

Glad I was off, then !

GW76 15th Oct 2007 23:11

Given the journey time EMA -GLA is only 40 mins - almost a five hour delay is a bit of a joke. You could almost have got a taxi quicker.:{ Could have been me last week.

finding_nema 16th Oct 2007 00:33

I'm far from bmibaby's biggest fan, but in fairness to them, delays happen to every airline, and are more inevitable if your fleet is ageing and the flights are operating from the airport which houses your maintenance base. The statistics, bizarrely, speak for themselves, bmibaby is the 2nd most punctual airline in the UK after Ryanair. I'm not sure how it works, whether 100% of flights are on time from every other base, but whatever it is, it's there in black and white. I say good job to tiny ops ... :hmm:

Has anybody heard any more about possible extension and airline usage of the pier? Considering these stands negate the need for crossing boarding and deplaning pax, they should be popular with LCCs with tight turnarounds. The issue is clearly which airlines will or won't pay for coaching arriving pax. Also is it a given now that Servisair have had the FR contract extended?

avrodamo 16th Oct 2007 20:36

Is it just me, or is the arrivals area in East Midlands the most badly designed area of an airport ever. God knows what would happen if there was a fire! It is a total bottleneck. Every one is forced into a tiny space, and if its a wet day then through one set of doors, as the other will be out of order with a huge pile of kitchen towel underneath it to stop the water running off the roof pouring in. In addition to the passengers arriving, you have taxi drivers and relatives meeting, security staff and flight crew in the same tiny areas.
The ramp is a joke too. Metal pedestrian railings, and bits of plastic chain from some OAPs garden fence....please!
If only less money had been spent on the flashy shops in departures, and a bit more spent on the core business. Its an airport. Get the basics right first.
Rant over!:ugh:

END BAG 17th Oct 2007 10:50

East Midlands 6
Hi avrodamo
you sir, have hit the nail right right on the head with your comments about the layout and planning at E.M.A.The place is a complete dump, a ""mickey mouse " airport in every way and i have watched it get worse over the last couple of years ,but hey we have won "Best U.K reginal airport again!!!!! HOW THE HELL DO THESE THINGS GET JUDGJED?? Is it the new design at immigration and arrivals which mean that the queue of passengers often stretch back to the bus drop off point when more than two planes arrive together.these poor souls have just returned from somewhere sunny and now have to queue outside in the rain,snow biting wind,etc. because there are only two immigration guys at work!!!Could it be the complete lack of appeal to long haul,top airlinesetc due to thier stubbourness to even consider AIR BRIDGES ,something that was suggested 20 years ago. Or what about the constant urge for little ""add on bits"" instead of demolishing the old scruffy and building something new?Sorry i forgot the new pier ,OHthe one that is unused from 07-30 until 20-30:ugh::ugh::ugh:.And finally RYANAIR.Lets close the Flying Club and demolish the building to make an access road to the D.H.L. ramp to cover the Ryanair expansion,errrr, wake up and smell the the roses there aint no Ryanair expansion.5 PLANES NOW STILL 5 PLANES NEXT APRIL!!!!:=:=The airport sold its soul to Ryanair and now theyve kicked them up the arse with no extra based planes.
Rant over i,m going for a lie down now

END BAG 17th Oct 2007 12:33

East Midlands 6
Hi stuart -travel
I hope lee has given you better "info" about Ryanair 2008 because the winter 2007/8 programme we were told about aint happening""" Like i said before 5 PLANES NOW AND STILL 5 PLANES IN WINTER.

Readability 5 17th Oct 2007 13:30

Avrodamo and END BAG, I couldn't agree more about the facilities and seeming lack of direction at the airport over the last few years. But I think that at least some of the blame for this has to be heaped upon Manchester, they hold the purse strings very tightly, and the airport is only allowed to spend what it makes in net profit each year, and any spending has to be thoroughly justified before it can go ahead. This leads to the 'add on' mentality, as this is much cheaper than doing what really needs to be done.

I recently started to think the unthinkable, namely that ownership under National Express was more beneficial to the business (although not the employees):{ than ownership by MAN. Between 1994 and 2000, the airport got a new runway, departures building, control tower, eastern cargo apron, Cargo 4, not to mention Cargo West and DHL. Its hard to see any similar expansion being approved under the present regime.


mikerawsonderby 17th Oct 2007 20:22

I'd like flights to Plymouth, but they'd need to be twice a day so I could make a 10:00 meeting and then get back home in the evening.

OliWW 17th Oct 2007 21:42

Does anybody know what the First Choice long haul program is for summer 08, what flights go out on what day, my parents want to go with them but arent 100% on the days and there website is down for some reason...


Also what aircraft types are due for charter airlines in 08

stuart hammond 17th Oct 2007 21:58

fca long haul ema sun/sfb mon/cun not sure for sat flights as not at my office.

END BAG 18th Oct 2007 09:09

East Midlands 6
Hi all
On a brighter note today after yesterdats negative rant(fully justified though) i have been asked to go to work at 16-00 hrs on Friday to help load and see out the UKIA flight to sharjah.SERVISAIR are handling them and the flight is showing as IH003 19-15 DEP TO SHARJAH .Will post saturday with a report on events lets hope everything goes o.k

dumdumbrain 18th Oct 2007 09:20

Yes the 6th a/c may not be coming to EMA just yet due to the opening of new bases, but all the routes are going to happen, this is going to be done by other bases helping out, ie DUB will do the lunch time flight while we do BHD ect, so even tho EMA doesn't get the extra a/c parked up at night its still doing to get the same volume of pax.
Let us not forget this time last year we only had two a/c based at EMA


befree 18th Oct 2007 09:46

Ryanair have said they are going to be parking planes over the winter months as BAA charge too much at stansted. I guess one or two could be parked at east midlands.

END BAG 18th Oct 2007 12:16

East Midlands 6
I have to agree wholeheartedly with Readability 5 and his comments regarding MAN involvement in running E.M.A. There are a couple of issues i have regarding expansion etc one.,one being the closure of the Aeropark 10 YEARS and what has happened since -absoulutely nothing.It has been used as a car park ,dumping ground for rubbish but no sign of any attempt to expand any apron on it!!!The other thing that makes me think MAN are not bothered about E.M.A. IS THE FREIGHT BUISNESS .Here we sit with a HUGE freight apron with hardly anything on it and with the airport ideally positioned for road transport(M1/M42/A50) what happens to the new frieght carriers into the U.K. yes you guessed they all went to MANCHESTER!!! AEROFLOT, FEDEX, GREAT WALL OF CHINA &CHINA AIRLINES all into MAN.Now you will all know if you have driven to MAN what a lottery it can be up the M6 and then round to MAN airport so what a great idea to stick a few more hundred juggernauts in the area to pick up and distribute this airbone freight.Ihope this makes sense and if so could somebody please try and explain why you would prefer a already overloaded road system to distribute freight instead of using our nice little
airport in the middle of the countryside.:ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

dumdumbrain 18th Oct 2007 13:55

Ryanair will not be parking it's ex STN a/c at EMA, its only 7a/c from STN, some of these will be sold, like CSS :D and the others will be moved to the new bases like VLC. And if it was going to park up random a/c Ryanair would pick a nice cheap airport like Doncaster, or PIK. . . .

Why has EMA (website) not added the new Baby routes on it's news section?

Anyone know any new routes, *would like to point out i was the first to say about BHX-MAD, and the new polish routes. But either way well done to Baby adding them, I just you charge enough to make it worth it on the ticket, don't expect to sell much on board.

It does make you wonder why all new freight is going to MAN :*


paul atkins 18th Oct 2007 14:17

first choice long haul 2008
first choice will be operating a saturday flight to puerto plata from may operating fortnightly

[email protected] 18th Oct 2007 15:23

Just an observation, The Mytravel flights to Montego Bay in August ran over 2500 passengers averaging 530 pax per week. whats the seat numbers on the Mytravel 767???? also is there any chance of them bringing it back for a second season?

First Choice have dropped Punta Cana for next summer. is there any other Long Haul ops on the charter front penciled in for next summer or next winter??? How is the Goa flights selling????

On the UKIA front, i believe the 2nd B767 will have PTV's and a complete refit and that there have been some enquiries about leasing B767-300ER's and B777-200's. I assume it will be on how the performance goes for the first 12 months.



OliWW 18th Oct 2007 16:03

First choice long haul 08 at the moment is like this....

Saturday - Puerto Plata (fortnightly)
Sunday - Orlando

Monday - Varadero

From what I have gathered anyway...

Yeah what has happened to Punta Cuna and Cancun, surely they would have been released by now... any other long haul expansion for sum08

paul atkins 18th Oct 2007 16:48

first choice long haul 2008
there is not a flight to varadero next year the monday flight is to cancun

mr grumpy 18th Oct 2007 17:23

Perhaps the reason why the freight operators go to Manchester is that it's where they want to go. It has nothing to do with the airport but everything to do with the operator.

jubilee 18th Oct 2007 22:42

EndBag Post 308

In the above post No. you mention traffic conditions around the motorway network in the vicinity of Manchester Airport, but are not things the same around EMA. I think from memory this year alone BMIBABY on its web site has warned a number of times of the delays in the vicinity of EMA,and the one time I used EMA (although a number of years ago) it took over ONE hour from the airport car park to reach the M1.

But to be frank and straight about it, most airports are situated near motorways and most clog up at some stage of the day.

I dont know about the politics involved in all this new freight traffic coming into Manchester, but could EMA handle 3 or 4 747 freighters at once.

Fried_Chicken 18th Oct 2007 23:24

I dont know about the politics involved in all this new freight traffic coming into Manchester, but could EMA handle 3 or 4 747 freighters at once.
I haven't checked the charts but you could get a couple on the West apron (stands 120/122) & one on the East Apron (Stand 71??) although this does mean the aircraft has to be parked diagionally across two other stands.

No problem during the day when the East & West Aprons are fairly empty, no chance at Night I would have thought


BHX5DME 19th Oct 2007 13:23

Passenger Figure - Sept 2007
536,021 up 7.7%


Readability 5 19th Oct 2007 16:30

No problem during the day when the East & West aprons are fairly empty, no chance at night I would have thought.
Certainly no chance at night, but because of the airports' differential charging policy designed to encourage more daytime cargo flights, this wouldn't be a problem as there are generally only two or three aircraft parked on the Western apron during the day. I doubt very much if three or four 747s at once would cause too many headaches for the DHL third party handling team.:E


Mike16 19th Oct 2007 16:49

Hi guys

I have just been on EMA website and there is a new flight and code for rome andone know who it is ? AZA8941 Rome 18:00

Also i see the new ukia flight IH003 Islamabad 19:15

Well congratulations to UKIA and i do wish you all the very best and i also hope you will consider EMA for your other new routes too. Once again Well done and all the best to you and all your crew.


ericlday 19th Oct 2007 16:59

AZA = Alitalia

Mike16 19th Oct 2007 17:29


Thanks for that, i wonder why alitalia are coming ?
A one off or something new ?


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