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Fried_Chicken 18th Nov 2007 15:50

And if you want long hual flights, what wrong with a drive to MAN or LHR/LGW
Why drive when you can go from your local airport?

By the time you've driven to MAN, LHR etc, parked, checked in & done all the other things, you've probably not saved any time/money than if you went via one of the European hubs.

You'll probably find alot of the people who travel on the Air France, Lufthansa & KLM flights from BHX are connecting with long haul flights at these hub's.

Fried Chicken

finding_nema 18th Nov 2007 20:49

This is true, a friend of mine who works for aviance at BHX told me that on the Air France and KLM flights that as much as 80% of the pax are transfer, therefore although we have service to AMS and CDG to serve city-to-city pax, EMA currently offers no real transfer opportunities. bmi regional does interline with other carriers at BRU, but this is not a major hub in the same league as AMS, CDG or FRA. The only obvious issues I can see with any hub carrier or their subsidiaries launching flights to EMA, are slot availability and the risk of cannibalising their flights from BHX.

egnxema 18th Nov 2007 21:38

Appears runway is current closed for snow clearance. Many of the BHX diverts headed for EMA?

Snow's early this year ay?!

egnxema 19th Nov 2007 15:25

A quote from "The Hindu" RE UKIA

A Boeing-767 will operate on the Nottingham-Islamabad route, and the frequency of flights will be increased from two a week to six in January.

The airline will later launch flights from Britain to Lahore and Karachi, he said. PIA is providing ground handling facility to UK International at Islamabad international airport.

SAM-EMA 19th Nov 2007 16:01

That can only be done when G-CEMK arrives. Does anyone know when its due into EMA, I thought that it was expected here this month. It is nice to see some early positive planning from UKIA, although I don't really know when to expect the B787 order they are planning.


Mr Angry from Purley 19th Nov 2007 18:27

sam i heard it's been delayed off its C check so bit like the first plane, a waiting game!. I know of 2 Pilots who have joined recently so all going well on that front!:\

Readability 5 19th Nov 2007 18:42

although I don't really know when to expect the B787 order they are planning.
With 738 orders from 51 airlines, it might be some time before we see a 787 in that tasteful shade of purple!


EastMids 21st Nov 2007 13:55

That can only be done when G-CEMK arrives. Does anyone know when its due into EMA
Early next year now, apparently. EMA-SHJ-ISB was meant to go to 3x week starting December 9th (Sunday departure to add to the existing Tuesday and Friday, leaving Thursday as the "down" day) - not sure whether that's still happening or not?

Was told 160 pax on one of the inbounds last week, and some very good advance booking figures for December.

that tasteful shade of purple!
UKIA's call sign mysteriously changed to "Magenta" (instead of Uniform-Kilo-India) a couple of weeks ago although it seems to have subsequently changed back again - even the pilots didn't seem aware of the new callsign. If "magenta" is indeed UKIA's new callsign, I suspect this is indicative of the colour the airline believes its painted its aeroplane.


OliWW 23rd Nov 2007 10:11

Saw a ex thomas cook A320 leave EMA this morning, about 10:45 ish, had no thomas cook logo on the tail and no thomas cook text on the fuselage, some black text above the windows but couldnt make it out...

Im guessing its going on lease?

Any ideas?

aidoair 23rd Nov 2007 15:11

That aircraft you saw would most probably have been an ex Mytravel aircraft. I think they are now on to their second aircraft to paint into the TCX livery.

SAM-EMA 23rd Nov 2007 18:01

Yes it is ex MYT - Registstration: G-DHJZ. For those who are interested, it was the plane that diverted to MAN on the night of our snow.


thomsonfly.com 25th Nov 2007 21:32

Any truth in the rumour that easyJet are pulling totally off of the CIA route to launch another Spanish destination? I know it has been heavily cut back since Ryanair changed their timings and baby launched BHX-FCO, but there must be a reason it has been kept at just 3x a week, which surely can't be competitive.

Has anybody else heard that Tfly are increasing their presence on the EMA-TFS route to compete with Ryanair? Apparently FR are doing really well on this route, and Tfly want a slice of the action.

dumdumbrain 25th Nov 2007 22:31

Yes the Ryanair flights to TFS are doing very very well, not only with loads but the money spent on board aswell ;) bring on more sunshine routes, malta and malaga please


egnxema 26th Nov 2007 12:50


Flew EMA-CPA-EMA on 23rd and 25th this weekend.

Would say load was about 60 in both directions. the majority were Danes by the sounds of conversations at the gate.

I hope Sterlings flights do well.

Their ex-Maersk aircraft are a bit tired on the inside, with the hybrid scheme more than a bit dull. But the flights arrived early in both directions.

CPH is something to behold - by fare the most efficient airport I have travelled through. From aircraft to rail platform, including collecting baggage, in one non-stop strole. Then CPH to the Central Station is just 2 stops - about ten mins on the train, for DKK28,75 - about 3.00.

All this makes Copenhagen a great City Break. The City is good - compact enough to walk round. but man - is it expensive!!

Typically a 0.5L of beer would cost you 50DKK (5.00+) . They bhest place we found price wise was an Irish Pub just off Vesterbro where Guiness is 28DKK.

One thing that is SO annoying at EMA is the arrivals area just before Passport control.

When our flight arrived (approx 60 pax) ours was the only flight in the building. 3 Circusair staff stood watching, hands in pockets, as we all had to walk up and down, up and down, up and down the pens.

Why not open the gates?? It really is not that difficult. Queue management is needed WHEN THERE IS A QUEUE. (Try managing a 2 hour queue outfront of LHR T3 - there's a challenge)

Just a gripe - but with the increasing number of inbound pax in to EMA this is just one of the simple things that EMA could do to make the EMA experience better.

virginblue 26th Nov 2007 14:11

A rumour at CGN is making rounds that bmi regional will launch a daily noon-time EMA-CGN flight on 11FEB08 with an ERJ135.

This coinciding with the withdrawal of EZY from EMA-CGN on 06JAN08 and the withdrawal of TUIFly from BHX-CGN on 29MAR08.

Any intelligence on that? Does bmi regional have spare capacity at noon at EMA?

Balair 26th Nov 2007 15:01

Their Summer schedule shows it would just about be possible to fit in a CGN rotation between the morning and early afternoon BRU flights; this would give an arrival time in CGN of approximately 12.30 local.

Let's hope this happens as it would be a shame to loose this route from EMA.

virginblue 26th Nov 2007 15:16

You are spot on - details for Cologne are:

STA 1235 STD 1305 - flight numbers BD211/212

egnxema 26th Nov 2007 15:21

EZY have reduced CIA to introduce BCN

When they pull CGN are they replacin git with a daily PMI?

tweentown 26th Nov 2007 16:38


IIRC the CGN is replaced by PMI at 3/wk and an increase in the GVA frequency from daily to 11/wk (double daily Fr Sa Su Mo). This is for the winter timetable and I would guess will change for summer - again I seem to remember EZY said PMI would increase to daily some time in the future.

Mr Angry from Purley 26th Nov 2007 17:07

Totally agree with the immigration queue comment, mickey mouse springs to mind, Disney run their queueing system the same way so folk keep on moving.
By all means if there are 300 pax arriving at the same time, but 1 flight of 60 won't take long to clear unless of course there is only 1 person at immigration control. :\

finding_nema 26th Nov 2007 18:16

As somebody who used to stand at the front of the queue (not with my hands in my pockets, I've always been a paragon of customer service), there are a few reasons for why certain barriers are closed. Firstly, sometimes you are asked by immigration officers to keep them closed for monitoring, but more often than not it's because there are other flights due in, so it doesn't make sense to open them for one flight then try closing them all before a plane-load of people arrives. It certainly doesn't benefit the ground staff having to listen to people moan about being treated like cattle, or having to stand there anyway telling people to switch off mobiles and take passports out of wallets - please do this by the way.

Great news about EMA-CGN being continued by bmi regional, will these flights offer any onward connections. FRA or DUS would've been better, but try getting the slots.

SAM-EMA 26th Nov 2007 19:02

Well its a step on the right direction for BD. If CGN proves successful for it, (which it will considering EZY), it might encourage them to introduce other destinations (if slots are available) and it may bring us the rumoured second ERJ145.


bmibaby.com 27th Nov 2007 00:46

I wonder whether this will mean bmi regional will begin recruiting again for EMA, I know there's plenty of girls at baby who have considered moving across. I can't see regional paying for the crews to come in off of the BD234 then sit around for 2 hours doing squat before flying off to CGN. Hopefully the route will perform well to bring on a second Embraer, I had heard ABZ and ZRH was being considered.

dumdumbrain 27th Nov 2007 12:36

This ain't going to go down too well, but still. Im glad EMA and BMI are going to continue with the route, and possible more to come. But and its a big but.. . . . It was a busyish route for easyJet, and the main reason is because its fares were low, and affordable to everyone.

But BMI prices are not that cheap, which is a shame because it really is a nice city to visit for a weekend. But still well done to BMI for keeping it for business pax.

With BMI looking at EMA again, does this mean that Baby might add a few new routes?


Richard Taylor 27th Nov 2007 13:02


When you say ABZ, do you mean Baby or (presume) Regional.

Just mindful that Reg tried a comeback on EMAABZ a couple of years ago, but it was a late morning arrival up here, no use for biz & the route was axed again.

Will they try a more "business-friendly" schedule if it is Reg?

bmibaby.com 27th Nov 2007 14:51

I remember it was once daily during the down-time from the EMA-BRU route, which was never going to be able to compete with T3's 3x daily service. All I've heard is that if regional base a second ERJ here, then there's a strong chance that ABZ would be one of the routes. Just in relation to another post made, I don't think that bmi ever stopped looking at EMA as a base with expansion potential. The issue has been that BHX have offered a very tempting deal to open and expand a base there, and EMA feels the pressure of FR more. Hopefully WAW and GDN will do well and it will encourage baby to expand more into "emerging" markets, though the Eastern Europeans will go with the cheapest option on the route - which probably won't be us - and also I do wonder how heavily baby are planning on marketing the routes abroad and in the UK's Polish media.

stuart-travel 27th Nov 2007 15:26

Is their some more new routes to come from Easyjet for 2008 as thy have not put the 2008 summer on sale yet, but have hinted at more new routes and extra flights from programme.

When will the new bmir cgn service be confirmed and no 2 aircraft for bmir
at the airport.

The airport has to make use of hits 5 awards this year to sell itself to the world and pick up new business.

Well done east midlands airport penny and her team.

finding_nema 27th Nov 2007 16:05

Given the business nature of the bmi regional flights, I wouldn't be surprised if the CGN route isn't announced for a little while yet. They have to have the slots confirmed, organise handling agents, fees etc. It should be a nice little earner for bmi regional though, although it's a shame they weren't able to get into a premium business market which would've been better suited to their type of operation.

EZY have previously stated their happy with just three based a/c at EMA, but it's nice to see the route network getting a bit of a shake up with the new routes to BCN and PMI. We could certainly do with a new route to MXP, what with flybe now offering the only service from BHX. Although it's a similar distance from Milan Centrale as BGY, it's the premier Milanese airport and also serves the business district and exhibition centres.

cym 27th Nov 2007 21:27

Bit off thread but common interest.....
Given FlyBE's announcement re CWL and their growth plans for S08 will baby throw its toys out of fight back?


dumdumbrain 27th Nov 2007 21:45

Fight with who tho? Think of the money it could cost to fight ezy or fr on a route, Why fight, just open new routes. . . . .

[email protected] 28th Nov 2007 09:02

According to Penny Cotes, bmibaby have announced a 3 times weekly service from EMA to Nice. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Anyone heard this?



dumdumbrain 28th Nov 2007 09:08

No i have not heard this, but if Penny sayz so, well then. . . . . is Nice anywhere near that Ryanair already operates to out of EMA? Should be popular with the second home owners.


finding_nema 28th Nov 2007 09:45

Sorry, where has this been announced, I can't see it yet either on the airport or on the bmibaby website. It's a good route to come back if it does happen (I'm at pains not to say it's a nice route), but wonder whether it will be launched with creative scheduling or if another route is being dropped or having dropped frequencies to launch it. With regards to FR airports, there are none served from EMA which are close to NCE, the nearest being FNI - which is a good 4 hours via Avignon on the train. It is however, quite convenient for MRS, which if it wasn't for the delightful French employment law, would probably be a bigger base for FR.

Well done babies if true anyway on clawing back some marketshare.

[email protected] 28th Nov 2007 09:53

'Bmi Baby will fly to three new destinations from East Midlands Airport.

Passengers will be able to travel to Nice in France and Gdansk and Warsaw in Poland from next summer.

Flights to Nice will operate on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, services to Gdansk will run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and flights to Warsaw will operate on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

David Hodge, commercial director of BMI Baby, said: "We are delighted to announce further expansion of our services from East Midlands Airport with the launch of three new routes.

"Nice is currently unserved from the East Midlands so our service will be fantastic news to leisure and business travellers."

Penny Coates, managing director of Castle Donington-based EMA, said: "I am thrilled that our local-based carrier has expanded its summer 2008 portfolio from EMA."'

This is taken from ThisisDerbyshire.co.uk, which is where i found it.

finding_nema 28th Nov 2007 09:56

"Nice is currently unserved from the East Midlands so our service will be fantastic news to leisure and business travellers."
Possibly anything to do with the way that bmi has treated the route over the last five years? Originally a bmi route, it was one of the first bmibaby routes in 2002. Then gradually reduced from a daily flight to a few times a week, before being transferred to bmi regional in 2005 as a weekly flight every Saturday, then axed so that baby could focus on BHX-NCE. Got to love marketing spin ..., but good news for a new route.

Mike16 28th Nov 2007 14:06


This is also in the Derby evening telegraph, today 2 x routes to poland and the one to Nice, so good on BMI baby, nice to know they are coming up again, it is funny though, when i was crew at EZY we had the BCN, and then that went, and now is making a comeback, Well looks like all the old ones are coming back...
Girls, Remember perms ? Well they may make a comeback so chuck out the hair straightners, like everything in life, everything always makes a come back.


stuart-travel 28th Nov 2007 14:19

Bmibaby 2008
just checked the baby website booking engine all destinations from 2007
plus new nce/gdk/waw and extra fao ara loaded, will we see ibz loaded later as mid summer flights.
On checking it will need 5 aircraft each early am and 5 aircraft mid am
plus also 5 aircraft mid pm no slack , hope the bmi charter airbus is spare to cover can see no work for it in the it charter market?

[email protected] 29th Nov 2007 10:19

I see EMA have applied to the local council for planning permission to build a new hotel onsite at the airport. If they get the go ahead, that will be 4 onsite after the Thistle, Premier Travel Inn and Express by Holiday Inn. anyone any ideas????



Flightrider 29th Nov 2007 15:47

Rumours that UKIA's aircraft has been taken back by its owners. Is it still at EMA?

dumdumbrain 30th Nov 2007 18:18

Calling all other EMAs cabin crew. Just a quick question well two actually.

1) Do you allow pax to drink their own alcohol?

2) Do many pax actually bring their own on board and try to drink it?

Im asking because i've noticed that a fair number of pax have been trying to dirnk them little 50ml bottles which have been brought in the airport. Don't you think alpha should stop selling these little bottles (50mls)?

pvt is good cheers :O


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