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INKJET 24th Sep 2009 16:11

I would doubt that GW have lower cost than baby,however it would be far easier to lay off UK pilots than German ones given the strength of German union and employment laws. Not that it will come to lay off´s but if GW have unused capacity then flying for baby makes sense group wise. It would not matter to the punters they would book a seat with the baby brand and it would allow the GW brand to become know, if LH wanted to do that?

If LH don´t wont to keep baby then Jet2 look favourit, but smart money must be on them keeping it in some form,by the end of Oct all must become clear, they need at least 20 plus aircraft for next Summers flying program and with 5 or 6 due back in the first half that´s a commitment to at least 8 new leases or GW or bmi 319?

jpthomas72 25th Sep 2009 13:43

Germanwings' code is not GW, it's 4U. I can't see them helping out WW with their A319s. LH wants to get rid of BMI very soon. 4U is indeed a seperate company, owned by LH, but with their own management, who I think are careful in the UK as they know you can't make money against FR and EZY. E.g. in SXF, they carefully choose not to compete on their routes. WW's new EMA routes are mostly holiday destinations, maybe only GVA would stick to 4U's scheme of mostly major cities, and 4U is not at GVA (as LH can print serious money with GVA). All the route cuts from middle England by EZY and FR are not just flukes, there are issues with people feeling the pinch and travelling less abroad. I bet on some used 737-300's for the extra EMA routes. Sure, it would be great to have more 4U and AB presence here in the UK as they are really good airlines. 4U's MAN-CGN I hope will last a bit at least (their BHX-CGN lastest less than a year).

INKJET 26th Sep 2009 11:11


no one said the airline code was GW! It's just easier to use GW instead of typing German wings and few would know the airline code

As for how the baby will fly the program on sale? I understand that we will have to wait until start of w/c 2 or 3 to find out

Rhino power 26th Sep 2009 22:22

I see the 'Fun Police' have been in action at EMA, nice big 6ft high green sheeting going up along the fence adjacent to crash gate 3/spotters lane/diseworth road - call it what you will. I can just imagine the conversation in 'Fun Police' HQ " there's people over there minding there own business and enjoying themselves, we must put a stop to this at once!"...

Regards, RP:hmm:

OliWW 27th Sep 2009 17:40

Does anyone know what has happened to the Larnaca flight tonight, been diverted to Munich... Emergency?


Thomson are down to 2x B73H for W09/10 however, rumor of 2x B752 and 1x B73H for S10 instead of 1x B752 and 2x B73H... anyone know anymore for S10?

jubilee 28th Sep 2009 12:18

Question for East Midlands people. Taking a flight from E.M. this Saturday 17:35.,
as I don't normally use this A/p, are any road delays expected,apart from the ongoing road works on the M1.

handsfree 28th Sep 2009 14:07

Shouldn't be any problems as the race track is now closed for the F1 upgrades. Saturday afternoons tend to be ok so long as there are no big events taking place there.

jubilee 28th Sep 2009 14:24


Mr Angry from Purley 28th Sep 2009 20:29

DHL AIR G-DHLF delivered today and commences daily Tue-Sat EMA-JFK-EMA

aidoair 29th Sep 2009 11:47

Does anyone know what has happened to the Larnaca flight tonight, been diverted to Munich... Emergency

Yes, was a medical emergency, passenger was announced dead upon arrival by emergency crews on the ground. . .

Passenger dies on board flight to East Midlands Airport

OliWW 9th Oct 2009 21:03

TCX475G, 04:30, Dnepropetrovsk
Anyone know what it is about?

stuart-travel 12th Oct 2009 14:22

ema summer 2010
large programme from ema for next year from HER only in 2009 to
flights with JET2 AND VIKING which may be we need 2 JET2 based.


Shed-on-a-Pole 12th Oct 2009 19:30

Hi OliWW,

Reference the Dnepropetrovsk charter ... see Ukraine 1 England 0.

World Cup Qualifier.

OliWW 12th Oct 2009 19:52

Libra Holidays
The routes seem to be available, however, I do not think the flights will be operated by LS, even if it does say so, one some of the flights it says TBA. If these flights are true then it will most likely be Viking or Bmi to operate them, as Viking is operating flights for Kiss Flights in 2010 and Bmi is supposedly operating flights for Goldtravel! But then if it is true then it does seem that LS will need another aircraft at EMA, and I would believe this to be another B757 if it was operating routes like SSH and LCA

airhumberside 13th Oct 2009 09:13

I suspect Libra will be taking allocations on some off Jet 2's scheduled flights. The destinations listed that aren't served by Jet 2 from EMA will probably be charters operated by someone else such as Viking

[email protected] 13th Oct 2009 09:43

You would suspect that, but Libra are offering SSH on a Thursday morning operated by Jet2, but Jet2 are selling their seats on a Saturday, so I dont think that can be right. Viking are doing EFL and ZTH. Its all a bit strange until something is confirmed.

OliWW 13th Oct 2009 15:17

Paphos was operating, think it was either Saturday or Sunday, about an hour later than the actual LS flight... and I doubt that will actually be true!

racedo 13th Oct 2009 15:59

Looks like that Germanwings cabin crew member was spot on

Germanwings opens new routes to Birmingham (BHX),Malaga (AGP),Amsterdam (AMS),Barcelona (BCN),Faro (FAO),Nice (NCE),Palma Mallorca (PMI),Prague (PRG),Cologne (CGN),Menorca (MAH),Copenhagen (CPH),Madrid (MAD),Cardiff (CWL),Alicante (ALC),Nottingham (E

jubilee 13th Oct 2009 16:20

I think you will find a lot of the UK flights operated by their partner airline, BMI Baby

sjm 13th Oct 2009 16:23

It redirects you to the baby website, apparently we are thier partners!

The last to know!

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