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EuroChallenger 3rd Dec 2016 20:53

I'd expect both good load factor and yields on the Napoli flights.

Local Variation 5th Dec 2016 20:53

Alot of ac holding north and south of the field tonight along with what appears to have been a missed approach and divert up the road to CC.

The operational advice notice in play states the runway should be open at 8pm. Wonder what if any financial contractual penalties might be in play for delays?

OltonPete 5th Dec 2016 21:00

Local Variation

I think the runway might have been handed back and nobody you can bill for Fog and a 300 RVR.

I suppose some will moan that CAT 3 is not available but the NOTAM is showing CAT 1 during the period of the runway works with a minimum 450M.

EMA pilot info @ OurAirports


Local Variation 5th Dec 2016 21:12

Hi Pete,

Thanks for that. Hadn't considered the wx. Not too bad where I am. Must be the Markfield effect :ok:

Current Metar concurs with your response.

Flightrider 2nd Jan 2017 12:46

Eastern EMA-ABZ, originally taken off sale just for the period of the runway closure, now seems to have disappeared completely from their res system. Not coming back?

mikerawsonderby 2nd Jan 2017 17:22

I saw something recently (can't remember where), saying flights restart on 16th January.

OltonPete 2nd Jan 2017 18:07

When it is not in the booking engine, the route map or the destinations page you could almost say you don't get much more conclusive.

I wonder if Flybe could try it once a day or does it really need an earning morning and late evening departure? I would say a double daily Dash 8 would be overkill but maybe once a day could work?


ematom1 5th Jan 2017 18:22

New route - Flybe East Midlands - Southampton 1 weekly (SAT) seasonal for summer Begins 27th May 2017. not bad prices either 55 return

Fried_Chicken 3rd Feb 2017 16:59

Plans have been submitted to build a new corporate hangar between the West apron (DHL) and the RVL hangar. This will be built on the carpark that was only laid last year behind the old large bmi hangar.


ematom1 15th Feb 2017 22:51

Ryanair to add Seville for winter 17 begins October twice weekly

Fried_Chicken 29th Mar 2017 10:23

Two Ryanairs diverted in last night due to the issues at Stansted. I'm assuming there aren't many empty stands at EMA overnight so the two they did accept probably filled the available stands?


BAladdy 6th Apr 2017 01:15

LS have released there S18 schedule. Below are the changes that have been made when comparing LS's AUG17 and AUG18 Schedule.

Frequency Increase

LEI - Will increase from 1 to 2 weekly
CFU - Will increase from 1 to 2 weekly
DLM - Will increase from 1 to 2 weekly
SPU - Will increase from 1 to 2 weekly

Frequency Increase

ALC - Will decrease from 12 to 10 weekly
FAO - Will decrease from 10 to 9 weekly
AGP - Will decrease from 9 to 7 weekly

Routes Unavailable to Book

NAP - 1 weekly for S17

Further Changes are highly likely before the start of next summer

jon01 29th May 2017 12:45

EMA is now getting some Champions League Final flights:

Sat 3rd June
07:10 AAF973 MAD A320
07:25 AAF985 MAD A320
11:00 IGA702 MAD SF34 (STD 07:30 4th June)

Mr Oleo Strut 31st May 2017 18:55

East Midlands Airport - our opinion after very recent use...

Our flights arrived and departed on time, which is the prime function of an airline and airport, but our problems started as soon as we stepped off the aircraft and were repeated on our departure.

The basic problem is that this previously small airport is punching way above its weight and appears to exist only to fleece the public while making them jump over hoops and walk round in circles. On arrival we had to negotiate maze-like crowded open walk-ways for 20 minutes before arriving with 200/300 others at the cattle-crush of passport control which was under-manned. Our son, who met us, was surprised to be charged 3 just for picking us up, but said that that was common these days. He also said that access off the M1 was complicated and very busy.

On departure we checked in through an automatic turnstile and were processed very efficiently through security. Then we had no choice but to fight our way through a vast, noisy, in-your-face commercial market-place, which was badly sign-posted. We exited it irritated and frustrated. But our problems were not over. The huge disjointed gate area was fortunately empty, very long, narrow and austere and split into two parts with 24 exit gates. We took our chances and sat at gate 11. Our flight was called 40 minutes or so before departure and we joined a steeple-chase back to gate 1 and fought our way through queues of other departing passengers. Our passports and boarding passes were checked and we then joined a scrum in the open air for the plane 10 minutes away - and we were priority passengers. If it had been raining it would have been a complete disaster, so perhaps we were lucky. There were transit coaches around but they were not being used.

Overall, our journey worked out well but our experience of the airport itself was not a good one. As emergency measures the airport needs to install much clearer signage and awning cover over the extensive outside walkways. At present the whole place is an obstacle course which exists only to squeeze as many people through as possible while extracting as much cash out of them in the process - 1.99 for a small bottle of water and 4.50 for a tiny pork pie! But to end on a positive note, the staff were very friendly and helpful, the seats were comfortable and the toilets were clean. It was just a pity that the whole airport did not live up to the standards of their toilets!

Local Variation 31st May 2017 21:11

Access off the M1 was complicated........where did he get off, junction 10?

SFCC 1st Jun 2017 07:43

He also said that access off the M1 was complicated and very busy.

Navigation not his strong point??

LTNman 1st Jun 2017 07:53

There are lots of roadworks between the M1 and the airport and the signage isn't great.

VC10man 1st Jun 2017 18:34

Originally Posted by LTNman (Post 9788995)
There are lots of roadworks between the M1 and the airport and the signage isn't great.

Are you talking about Luton because that place is the pits.

pwalhx 1st Jun 2017 18:56

I wonder how much the flight costs, too many people want Rolls Royce luxury at Ford Fiesta prices.

LTNman 1st Jun 2017 19:43

Originally Posted by VC10man (Post 9789481)
Are you talking about Luton because that place is the pits.

I take it you haven't been to EMA for a long time then? If you had you would know what I was talking about.

As for Luton, I know what you you mean. The airport is just too busy with over 3 times the amount of passengers as EMA in less than half the space but the airport is in high demand. If Luton was being used by less than 5 million passengers it would be an oasis of calm.

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