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OliWW 20th Oct 2009 16:16

Ah right, no problems

OliWW 22nd Oct 2009 11:11

Ryanair on a Saturday looks like this, taken from the 29th May, showing 8 based units, 8 aircraft are also arriving on a Wednesday evening, but from what I can see, every other day needs 7 aircraft

06:10 Riga
06:30 Murcia
06:50 Ibiza
07:15 Nantes
07:20 Tenerife
07:30 Belfast City
07:30 Rome
07:40 Valencia

SAM-EMA 22nd Oct 2009 15:53

According to AirDB:

Restarted:Nottingham, East Midlands (EMA) to Bratislava, M. R. Stefanika (BTS)
Restarted:Nottingham, East Midlands to Prague, Ruzyne (PRG)
Restarted:Nottingham, East Midlands to Rimini, Miramare (RMI)

With these, and the other Summer routes still to be added, the 8th a/c may well be needed all week?


stuart-travel 22nd Oct 2009 17:05

Ryanir 2010
with riga added at 06.10am on a sat i make that now 9 aircraft needed if the 09.25am to agp is correct.


BOAC4ME 22nd Oct 2009 19:34

Just what EMA needs :rolleyes: Ryanair increasing their 'power', when will regional airports realise that the 'all eggs in one basket' policy only benefits one party, and when they have had enough or decide to throw their toys out the pram, where are they then? Everyone seems determined to join the 'race to the bottom', to be fair the trend has already started and is very difficult to back out of now, they are being held to ransome as we all know, but there is very little they can do about it now.

commit aviation 22nd Oct 2009 21:15

I'd take the schedules with a pinch of salt - no doubt the times will be revised prior to S10. Some routes may get reversed and operate on non-based aircraft which could also resolve the situation.

potash 23rd Oct 2009 21:27

Price differance
It just goes to show when fr has very little competion on a rout it whacks the charges up
ie east mids 23 dec return 6 jan ema to tenerife 329.67

bhx departs 27 dec return 7 jan 183.17

monarch have 6 flights per week to tenerife ex bhx

OliWW 26th Oct 2009 15:55

Will EMA have to have any work done on any stands for S10?

9x FR (Estimated for a Saturday)
8x WW
3x TOM (2x B73H, 1x B752 OR 2x B752, 1x B73H??)
2x TCX
1x BD
1x T3
1x LS (possible 2 if Libra Holidays is correct)

27 or 28 stands can be used at any one time??

Shed-on-a-Pole 26th Oct 2009 16:40

Hi Potash,

It is unusual for me to defend Ryanair, but I must point out that the two departure dates you quote fall either side of Christmas. You are not comparing like with like in the example you have posted. Demand for the 23rd and 27th December is very different.

Cheers, SHED.

BOAC4ME 31st Oct 2009 17:52

Will EMA have to have any work done on any stands for S10?
I suggest not, would only be a POTENTIAL problem if all flights were slot one, which they will not be. A lot of the scheduled LS flights depart mid morning, same for regional and the charter A/C willl not all operate same times (Libra will probably operate on VIK). EMA should worry about having enough business to make PAX operations worthwile, not worry about having too much, EMA is FAR from over capacity!
At least the 'turn EMA into a shopping centre with a few aircraft' project is full steam ahead!! ;)

Mr Airtours 31st Oct 2009 23:30

Shopping Centre ,I think not.

paul atkins 1st Nov 2009 14:16

runway extension
article in the leicester mercury yesterday quotes the runway extension will be given the green light this week with some limits to flights departing between 11pm and 7am it does not say what limits will be set

NJTCF 4th Nov 2009 04:14

Runway Extension.
Finally permission was given on the runway extension by NW Leics CC last Night:ok:

Just Hope we get some new apron laid aswell we might need them:)

Since the DHL 767 have replaced the Md11s Noise levels have decreased. Which is good news and should help the airport against any flight restrictions between 11pm and 7am.....

BOAC4ME 4th Nov 2009 12:12

"Shopping Centre ,I think not"
LOL, ok good point but I didnt say it was a good one :ok: It goes without saying that the industry is in very hard times indeed, however to have a situation whereby most announcements the Airport make are about Improved Duty Free facilities and new airside shopping and catering facilities probably says a lot. Correct me if I am wrong but the last Airline before Jet2 to announce EMA as a new base was 7 years ago (Ryanair in 2002), hard times or not that is a little sad. Hopefully better times ahead for an Airport with a lot to offer.

BHX5DME 20th Nov 2009 13:22

EMA Px up 2.4% in October
492,016 UP 2.4%, first positive month for a while !

Boeing Junkie 20th Nov 2009 13:29

Have you seen the promo video for the airport starring Lewis Moody? Focus squarely on shopping there

OltonPete 20th Nov 2009 21:03

October 2009
Both BHX5DME and I think we might have discovered a major flaw
in these figures.................................they don't add up.

The mass majority of the individual routes are down and when
added together they make about 412000!!!!

So I assume some number trouble at East Mids or someone
at the CAA has copied the figures incorrectly.

It looks more like 14% down!


INKJET 21st Nov 2009 10:18

Looking at the car (empty) parks i would have thought it was well down on last year and for sure November will be much worse with a lot of baby & Ryanair aircraft parked up nearly all day.

Just well really, the Ryanair stand 41 incident on Thursday would have been far worse had there been passengers boarding or a GPU attached, in the event just red faces:\:\:\:\:\

OliWW 21st Nov 2009 13:34

What happened, I heard someone talking about it, but missed what it was about?

INKJET 21st Nov 2009 14:31

A gust of wind weathcocked it around from 090 to 230 degree's now it wasn't that windy, max about 40knts from SW

So a 40 tonne aircraft chocked, dry concrete and 40knts? no way!!

However if the park brake isn't set ermmmm?:\:\:\:\:\

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