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sunday8pm 4th May 2012 14:37

In the space of two days we've welcomed Flybe, Monarch and now Jet2 expansion to EMA. The bmibaby slack was never going to last long but this is happening fast. Still wonder whether FR or EZY are yet to play their hand here.

AirLCY 4th May 2012 14:41

So what are the totals now:
-10 Baby 737
+4 Flybe Dash 8's (assuming GLA/EDI flown on non based aircraft)
+1 Jet 2 737
+1 Monarch Airbus
= -2 aircraft but also aircraft size reduction?

Not too bad going so far, I'm sure all 3 airlines will add further capacity if they can do so profitably.

Daza 4th May 2012 15:29

New services from EMA
AirLCY wrote

So what are the totals now:
-10 Baby 737
+4 Flybe Dash 8's (assuming GLA/EDI flown on non based aircraft)
+1 Jet 2 737
+1 Monarch Airbus
= -2 aircraft but also aircraft size reduction?

Not too bad going so far, I'm sure all 3 airlines will add further capacity if they can do so profitably.
Ten BMIBaby aircraft (thought it was nine) minus six is four not two and Flybe plan to base two aircraft at EMA not 4. Untitled Document
Good news for EMA :ok: but the new capacity so far doesnt make up for the loss of Baby.

sunday8pm 4th May 2012 15:38

I think we'll see FR expansion on last years winter schedule for 2012/13 when its released in the next few months.

redED 4th May 2012 15:53

+4 Flybe Dash 8's (assuming GLA/EDI flown on non based aircraft)
Flybe basing 2 x 175s

DjerbaDevil 4th May 2012 21:59


I think EMA are better off with a quality carrier such as Monarch.
Obviously you haven't flown JET2 recently.

Monarch aircraft interiors are as old as the aircraft, very tired looking,dirty and no leg room.

Jet2 aircraft interiors are brand new smell new, with excellent seats and plenty of leg room. Timings are very good and service on board is excellent.
Overall JET2 is a "quality carrier" with very little serious competition in the UK. My only complaint is that they are a bit more expensive usually but probably worth it.

Centre cities 4th May 2012 22:09

You must have been on the 738 then.

Centre cities

AirLCY 5th May 2012 00:13

Ooops sorry clearly can't count, it's been a long week! Good news it's E175's from Flybe too!

Check Mags On 5th May 2012 07:35


You mustn't have been on a 733 then. As they all have brand new interiors.
DD is spot on.

TSR2 5th May 2012 08:50

Overall JET2 is a "quality carrier"
I think their punctuality record says otherwise.

Check Mags On 5th May 2012 10:47

Of my last 14 Jet2 departures only 2 were late and then only by about 5 minutes, all the rest were on time or early. Punctuality is improving all the time, and the company would be the first to admit that it was not the best.

But it is pro-actively doing something about it. Plus Jet2 records all departures as late if they are late, including ones outwith their control, ramp congestion for example. Unlike some airlines they do not record 5 minutes late as on time, or use the push and park method.

ematom1 5th May 2012 17:50

What aircraft will monarch base? A321 or A320
And Jet2 737-300 or 737-800?

egnxema 6th May 2012 08:26

No doubt the BE flights to CDG will also carry an AF codeshare

spottilludrop 6th May 2012 17:23

Jet 2 a quality carrier ??..... Is this the same jet 2 who had one of their aircraft recently grounded by the CAA as it was deemed to be not airworthy ?:eek:

Crusher1 8th May 2012 08:53

Summer start
Not sure if this is old news but according to this the new services are to be brought forward to June
Flybe to Supplement Bmibaby Route Cancellations | Travel News

BAladdy 8th May 2012 10:00

And Jet2 737-300 or 737-800?
Looking at the S13 bookable flights looks as if LS are basing 2 737-300's and 2 757's at EMA.

ematom1 9th May 2012 18:22

any monarch schedules released yet?

flybar 9th May 2012 21:02

Jet 2 a quality carrier ??..... Is this the same jet 2 who had one of their aircraft recently grounded by the CAA as it was deemed to be not airworthy ?http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...milies/eek.gif
Here we go again!! - matter blown out of all proportion by certain individuals - 'recently' - try a few months ago

ematom1 11th May 2012 18:20

Edingburh and Glasgow announced jet2 begins 10th sept 2012

redED 11th May 2012 22:44

Edingburh and Glasgow announced jet2 begins 10th sept 2012
Can't find anything on Jet2's or EMA's websites…

CabinCrewe 11th May 2012 22:49

Jet2 737 and Flybe on an already marginal route.... mmm.

egnxema 11th May 2012 22:53

Marginal for sure. There was a time WW and EZY operated side by side EMAGLA. I wonder who will drop first out of BE and LS. If BE operate a higher frequency they will be more popular with the business traveller.

redED 11th May 2012 23:02

As long as flybe do a jet otherwise they'll get blown out of the water.

OltonPete 11th May 2012 23:22


The flybe seatmap is showing the Q400 on all EMA flights when I last checked earlier.

Jet2 GLA & EDI to EMA? I can't find any mention of this other than by ematom1. I know this is a rumour network but a bit of a clue to the source would be good.

I wonder if the Q400 will end up on the EDI & GLA to EMA?


OliWW 11th May 2012 23:30

I think you mean to say... flights to EDI and GLA begin on the 10th September... with Flybe, thats the date, and the two destinations they have brought forward.



redED 11th May 2012 23:57

Would've thought the GLA and EMA will be on Dash with CDG and AMS on the two locally based 175s. Can't see Jet2 going onto EDI and GLA. Thought flybe had brought launches forward to June 11th.

ematom1 12th May 2012 00:07

On Ema official website new routes under jet2 unless it's an error on website

ematom1 12th May 2012 00:08


OliWW 12th May 2012 11:35

Its highly likely to be an error on the Airports part, they do not need a section for Flybe as they already have BHD operating... Flybes routes to EDI and GLA start on the 10th, so that makes more sense than Jet2 operating the routes.

ATNotts 15th May 2012 13:20


No doubt good news, but the cynic in me says that the best way of getting your business on to the local TV and print media is to publish a press release saying that you have or are planning to "create xxx jobs" and all marketing and PR people know this.

Hopefully at least some real jobs will be created, and that those jobs find their way towards bmi personnel who will undoubtedly be facing tough times.

davidjohnson6 15th May 2012 14:17

Having been through redundancy I know it is not a nice thing. However the comments on this and the bmi forums seem to show a lack of enterprise.

40 years ago it was expected to work for the same firm for one's entire working life. That ended in the 1980s. With a recession that's lasted 4 years pretty much I am surprised people seem to expect to stay in the same type of role until 65.

You all live not too far from either Derby, Leicester, Loughborough or Nottingham - all these places have colleges doing evening classes. If you can't make every class because of a shift the college will often send the notes in the post.
Learn something new - give yourself a backup job you can do if aviation goes wrong.
If you like DIY maybe try plumbing ? Or maybe accountancy or IT is more your thing. Doesn't matter what you choose - the point is to add some other skill to your CV

Everyone has to reinvent themselves from time to time. If you don't society will consign you to history.

ATNotts 15th May 2012 18:46


I fear your dose of good old common sense and reality isn't going to go down awfully well in these circles!!

Many of us have had to change course mid-career through force majeur, it's not nice, but hey, it's better than collective thumb twiddling and navel gazing.

redED 15th May 2012 21:55

EMA website now updated no EDI or GLA courtesy of Jet2, just flybe.

MANTFS 18th May 2012 09:41

Zb schedules now on sale - looks like one unit for winter and 2 for Summer based at Ema

OliWW 18th May 2012 11:35

AGP, PMI, ALC, FAO all daily between 31 Aug and 31 Oct.
ACE, TFS operate winter only with varying schedules based on holidays

IBZ 5x weekly from May 2013, along with AGP, PMI, ALC and FAO all back to daily.

ematom1 19th May 2012 16:00

What Aircraft will be used on these routes, I'd assume a320's?

egnxema 6th Jun 2012 15:55

bmi Regional commits to Manchester and East Mids
6 June 2012

Robert Sturman has been named chief executive and Ian Woodley chairman of bmi Regional.

The sale of the airline by British Airways parent, International Airlines Group, to Sector Aviation Holdings completed last week.

Sturman and Woodley, along with Graeme Ross, who will oversee business development at bmi Regional, are all part of the Sector consortium.

Following completion of the deal, Woodley said: ‘We are continuing with the existing route network while BA will provide support during the transitional phase of the operation and we will be working closely with them to ensure as seamless a transfer as possible.

‘I would also like to reassure our many customers, who will have naturally been wondering what the future holds during what has been a very uncertain period, that it is very much business as usual including the retention of the bmi brand and existing services.

‘This is a great company with fantastic people and my colleagues and I are immensely proud to have concluded the acquisition of an organisation that is held in such high regard throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.’

The Sector deal secures 330 bmi Regional jobs and the airline plans to strengthen its head office at East Midlands Airport with the creation of up to 40 new posts in sales, customer service and finance.

Manchester Airports Group (MAG), owner of East Midlands and Manchester airports, welcomed Woodley’s announcement.

Ken O’Toole, MAG chief commercial officer, said: ‘Today’s news that jobs are protected and the airport’s connections to Brussels and Frankfurt from East Midlands Airport and Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Lyon from Manchester Airport will be maintained is extremely positive.

‘Both airports are the region’s gateway to Europe and preserving routes to major European and UK hubs is vital. bmi Regional recognises the importance of global connectivity and, in turn, the benefits this brings to passengers in the region.

‘We are now looking forward to working closely with the new owners, to build on the strong operations we already have and develop the network further.’

Sector is being funded by Stephen and Peter Bond, who have extensive aviation investment experience, including at Scottish regional Loganair and Alliance in Australia.

bmi Regional currently operates over 600 flights a week and Woodley confirmed ‘it is very much our aim’ to develop the airline’s network in both the UK and Europe.

OliWW 8th Jun 2012 00:17

I hope FR's current release of their winter schedule will improve... It currently lies as

AGP, ALC, TFS, WMI, RIX LIG - 3x Weekly
ACE, TSF, DNR, FAO - 2x Weekly
LPA, FUE - 1x Weekly

DUB - 2x Daily...

Obviously not all routes have been announced, but with a lot of gaps, would suggest ONLY 3 aircraft to be flying for W12/13

Where did WWs capacity slip away too? Apart from the odd ZB flight...

sunday8pm 8th Jun 2012 09:43

I can't imagine that is the complete FR schedule for EMA W12/13 ?

egnxema 8th Jun 2012 11:02

AF flight number on BE CDG Services
A contact at AFKL confirmed to me that an AF code will be placed on the BE EMA-CDG services from the winter schedule.

The connections via CDG hub will be extensive.

This is something EMA has been in need of since the KL flights to AMS were lost.


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