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davidjohnson6 5th Jun 2017 01:52

It's now June and Stansted should be performing at something close to the expected peak summer level. Furthermore, flights in the July/August peak should by now have relatively few seats left to be sold

Ryanair review route performance, and the weakest performers with no obvious prospect of significant improvement get dropped. Ryanair's Stansted routes are no exception - following the end of summer 2016, routes from Stansted to Kos and Parma no longer operate, and Oslo-Rygge were dropped from the network completely in favour of Oslo-Gardemoen. Further details can be found at

Osijek has already gone, and I'm trying to think about what else might not be around for summer 2018. Assuming there is no rescuer on the horizon, I'm guessing Ryanair may end up deploying a lot more capacity at short notice to German and/or Italian bases - possibly in large enough numbers that they may find themselves low on airframes and needing to cannibalise some existing mediocre performing routes
Would anyone care to suggest what Stansted routes Ryanair might drop at the end of October 2017 ?

AirportPlanner1 5th Jun 2017 07:18

Impossible to say, if any go at all. Three routes dropped in two years must be the lowest since the turn of the millennium. Some may swap airports as with Oslo, but that's not really the same thing.

If you consider the direction of the company there are still lots of provincial French destinations and minor cities that on paper would be vulnerable. Based on yield, LUX constantly seems to be available for 20 return which may indicate poor performance. But ultimately financial support and incentives will win out, a route averaging 140 pax with low fares could stay whereas another that is constantly full could go.

FRatSTN 5th Jun 2017 11:26

New route to Lyon LYS starting 23 December 2017, 2x weekly

mikkie4 5th Jun 2017 11:33

wonder how this will affect the EZY & BE flights to LYON from SEN

tws123 5th Jun 2017 11:52

It's a winter seasonal route so probably not that significantly.

FRatSTN 5th Jun 2017 14:27

Just looked at the April 2017 CAA stats for Stansted to Istanbul-Ataturk where there were 9,311 scheduled pax.

That means AtlasGlobal's daily flight, assuming an A320 as it usually is (it varies sometimes between A319s and A321s), would have an average LF of a very respectful 94.6%.

Compared to 6,171 pax in April 2016 when they operated from LTN, it would seem their move back to STN has been a successful one to say the least.

I know there's a potential Easter effect but Turkey of course isn't without it's problems at the moment and surely the change of airport cannot be the sole explanation for such an increase. Anyone got any other explanations?

The only other thing I can think of is that they must have seen a big increase in onward connectivity through Istanbul.

jdcg 5th Jun 2017 15:49

Historically there's always been a lot of Ercan - bound traffic from STN

AirportPlanner1 5th Jun 2017 16:05

Just as LTN is well placed for Israel, STN was always favoured by the Turkish community. Atlas were actually at STN before they went to LTN.

_aax1 6th Jun 2017 13:52

Speaking of Israel. The Arkia TLV flights have departed with a 90+% load factor. The airline is also considering increasing it to a all year service.

southside bobby 12th Jun 2017 16:04

Another goodly increase in figures for May`17....Pax +7% for 2.3M & the busiest ever May.... Cargo also + 11% for 23,000 tonnes....

daz211 12th Jun 2017 18:42

B737 MAX 9
BOE901 is on route to STN from YYR on route to the Paris air show

southside bobby 13th Jun 2017 12:11

MAG/STN has launched a scoping report to prepare a planning application later this year to go to 44.5M pax PA coupled with 285,000 movements PA.....inc 6 more a/c stands & 2 more taxiway links for the R/W:D

davidjohnson6 13th Jun 2017 13:15

44.5m pax sounds like a big number. Are MAG expecting to get planning permission for this, or is it just an opening gambit in a negotiation process with the expectation that the local council will be thimking about a smaller number or other concessions ?

southside bobby 13th Jun 2017 15:34

Yes it is a big number....& as per the wording it is a "scoping" report to encompass all views & comments ready for a formal planning application late this year...Not so sure it is an opening gambit as MAG have made no secret of the fact they will go for max use of the existing R/W...which in numbers is slightly more than LGW are achieving...Sweat the assets or what!....MAG have stated previously there is a trigger number which will then involve asking for a 2nd R/W...STN has planning permission already for 35M & 274K ATM`s...& at present that is the cap...the difference between this & the scoping report is what MAG will now be asking for,hence I guess the limited extra infrastructure asked for this time in the form of 6 more stands as it will be provided to a degree in the drive firstly toward 35M..

southside bobby 13th Jun 2017 15:56

The B737 MAX9 mentioned previously is visiting RYR @ STN before going on to the Paris Airshow....

davidjohnson6 22nd Jun 2017 22:00

Underperforming routes
Ryanair is by far the dominant carrier at Stansted and (like any other airline) reviews on a periodic basis the performance of routes and cuts those which are deemed to be poor performers. Because demand for air transport in Europe is much higher than winter, the most obvious time to pick out routes from STN that Ryanair are cutting is around early September, when Ryanair start publicising their schedule for the following summer.

Anyone got any ideas for Ryanair routes from STN that might not be around for summer 2018 ? Last year these were Kos and Parma, as well as Oslo-Rygge which was cut from the network in its entirety

More details of what was cut in previous years can be found at:

davidjohnson6 9th Jul 2017 16:29

As an update, I've noticed that fares for Stansted-Lorient are looking pretty low. A oneway two days ahead costs 30 from STN (including APD !) with some fares from Lorient at 5

Perhaps one of the routes that might not last beyond October ? Or is there lots of marketing support involved ?

_aax1 11th Jul 2017 15:03

No surprise that no new EZY routes announced.

Although, slight increase on AMS. Increased to 4 daily every day apart from SAT from December.

whitelighter 11th Jul 2017 21:09

Frankly it's a result there aren't any cuts and the number of airframes remains the same

southside bobby 12th Jul 2017 09:57

Pax figures for June + 7.9% for 2.362M....Cargo not too shabby either + 10% for 22,117 tonnes in the month...Will be going thru the 25M pax per year & entering the big league this month....An excellent result....

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