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If you paste what is effectively the same stuff over and over again and nearly every post is so negative against the airport, airlines and customer nationality to single handedly ruin what was quite an interesting thread, dont be suprised if people get fed up with you. Only grateful you don't work in aviation so airport and airline staff manage to avoid the repeated drivel. Nobody expects constant glowing praise for an airport that has plenty of faults, I know it must be boring for many to be in lockdown/isolation and I know its incredibly popular to say outlandish things in the name of free speech and then be offended and cry victim when people voice an opposing view, but jesus christ...

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I see that Signature and Gatwick will now have the same owner.
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Did wonder if that will have any implication for LTN in the long run. Still think Luton is better placed for Central London by road which seems to appeal to Biz traffic.
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Luton Airport has a very good catchment area for this type of business although Oxford and soon Cranfield want bigger slice of the pie as well.
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For those interested:
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I have finally seen the passenger load figures for November when travel was for essential reasons only:

92% Bucharest, Romania
91% Tirana, Albania
83% Varna, Bulgaria
82% Sofia, Bulgaria
78% Chisinau, Moldova

15% Naples, Italy
17% Bratislava, Slovakia
17% Reykjavik, Iceland
22% Milan, Italy
25% Zakinthos, Greece

A little insight as to what is happening here on the ground at Luton and particularly what a difference a week makes. These observations are not based on written load sheets but just using my eyes.

Last weekend and for the previous few months only essential travel has been allowed followed by a period of quarantine for most if not all of Luton’s destinations. From last Monday a coronavirus negative test is now also required so that in many cases the test is costing more than the giveaway airline tickets. The result of this new requirement is that those essential travel passengers seemed to have dried up at the moment.

Now why would that be as surely essential travel numbers should not change? This would hint that there has been the flouting of travel restrictions with weekend warriors heading in both directions for crafty weekend stays with family and friends.

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Hearing a lot of rumours about Signature expanding at BHX. With HS2 coming ,think that could become a decent alternative, plus its outside London Airspace so ATC slots are easier for some destinations
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So you’re thinking that the well-to-do jet set are going to arrive on a swanky private jet, only to get on a train with the plebeians? - not really.
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Not convinced this would be because of anything to do with HS2, most customers arrive via a chauffeur. When night-time restrictions were in place in the wee hours around London, SEN did well as did BHX to a lessor extent but some of that was slash & dash traffic not demanding bigger facilities. Are they strapped for Apron space?
Perhaps you have heard about a project in Birmingham Alabama, I'm sure they would like to get in there rather than Huntsville?
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..."but some of that was slash & dash traffic not demanding bigger facilities"...

So just toilets then we guess...
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I think the phrase is splash and dash, forget the p, oh wait a minute! Sorry, just trying to cheer everybody up.
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Correct, wrong type of hose in use!
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A determined F50 holding waiting for snow clearing to finish, but are the staff numbers working to get the job done?
Edit, job done. Open again

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