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Spanish eyes 27th Nov 2020 11:09

The airlines claim the aircraft are safe as the air is filtered despite the air only being filtered when the engines are running. On the coaches passengers face every direction standing for long periods while their bodies touch as the last remaining passengers board. I don't really call that safe but others might disagree due to the mask wearing.

The96er 27th Nov 2020 11:18

Do LTN have a policy regarding busing ? . MAN are currently limiting the buses to approx 30/bus on buses that are approved for 110pax

Yeehaw22 27th Nov 2020 11:32

GLA have a similar procedure. Also most operators are running air-conditioning packs with the APU any time pax are on board.

The96er 27th Nov 2020 12:20

What a tragedy seeing all those young and healthy people who have all now presumably passed away judging by how your describing LTN.

LTNman 27th Nov 2020 12:37

....and those healthy people won't pass it on to anyone older than say 50? Just wait for the Christmas rush as distant families meet up. The whole point of the post is that it is near impossible to travel safely through Luton while conforming to social distancing, which is why we are told to avoid public transport. No doubt other airports will be the same around Christmas time, which is an acceptable risk for all travellers.

This is the official video about how safe Luton is, which seems just a tad different from the other video.

pabely 27th Nov 2020 16:53

Gatwick expecting 100 flights a day by mid December from the low point of 4 the other day, wonder what Luton will see 50+ ?

LTNman 28th Nov 2020 08:34

Latest Dart drone footage

avidspotter 28th Nov 2020 12:18

Guidelines seem to suggest prolonged contact is less than two metres for more than 15 minutes. Given the size of the airfield, I don't think I've ever been on an airside coach for that long at LTN or anywhere else for that matter!

Using coaching would not be first choice, but probably more risk from other parts of the journey. After all going out anywhere carries risks. I think I'd feel more comfortable in an airport than in a pub for the evening...

LTNman 28th Nov 2020 15:32

I would love to go to the pub but only at certain times of the day and those with few customers. I also feel quite safe at the airport but then I am not standing in any queues, I don’t sit down and treat everyone as though they have the Black Death so I pick my weaving path and don’t touch a thing.

Landside certainly feels safer than my local supermarket although I doubt airside was a great place to be in the summer months due to a lack of space despite very low passenger numbers.

avidspotter 28th Nov 2020 15:53

I don't think the location is really the issue. It's generally the people who occupy it!

pabely 29th Nov 2020 18:53

LTN busier than LGW today?

FRatSTN 29th Nov 2020 19:02

LTN's been busier than LGW for most of the year has it not?

BHX5DME 29th Nov 2020 19:11

Luton 56 movements today (Sunday) Gatwick 31

Stansted 92
Heathrow 385

pabely 29th Nov 2020 19:26


My point was to do with low points last week LTN bounces back quicker, I know movements do not equal bums on seats but does imply once again demand is strong to want to operate flights from Luton. Next week will see EZY kick in again.

LTNman 29th Nov 2020 20:14

The truth is that the demand is only to fly to and from Eastern Europe and it is Luton’s good fortune that the airport is the principal airport for that traffic. It is hard to believe that all these passengers are travelling for essential reasons and will be quarantining but that is not the airports problem, as they are just proving the gateway.

Gatwick’s bad fortune is that they don’t see much of this traffic.

Due to Luton’s traffic type I suspect they will bounce back faster than most airports.

Buster the Bear 29th Nov 2020 21:57

Importing the turkey pluckers.

DC3 Dave 30th Nov 2020 10:46

You may be right. It is a good job they will not be needed after Christmas because they will not be able to work here. Neither will they be able to fill zero hour contract low paid work at the airport when growth returns.

southside bobby 30th Nov 2020 11:52

Virtually all airport workers I think you will find would have resident status.

The temporary agricultural workers would be different of course.

DC3 Dave 30th Nov 2020 12:13

Granted. But have LTN (and others) retained all their staff? And what sort of turnover is the norm in these jobs? All I’m pointing out is after Jan 1st airports - including those working in areas in the airport but not directly employed - will not be able to rely on a steady stream of labour from Eastern Europe.

I am not making a political point. Just pointing out that vacancies may become increasingly difficult to fill if demand returns strongly.

pabely 30th Nov 2020 12:26

I thought, currently, EU citizen rights are unchanged until 30 June 2021 and then special exceptions for seasonal agricutual workers. That will not cover airport workers though unless considered skilled!

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