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Old 14th Oct 2012, 01:56
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I travel regulary on the lovely Flybe E-195,just wondering if there is a E-195 "Hangar Queen"?G-FBEH has had a few misshaps.Any idea?
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Old 14th Oct 2012, 19:54
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anne747380 I travel regulary on the lovely Flybe E-195,just wondering if there is a E-195 "Hangar Queen"?G-FBEH has had a few misshaps.Any idea?
Anne you asked this very question back in May and the answer remains the same. The EJETs have a dispatch rate of >99.5%. There is no "hangar queen". What's the obsession?
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Old 14th Oct 2012, 22:49
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Hanger queen? What a very odd comment. I didn't know sickly aircraft could be a fetish but guess you learn something new every day

On a serious note anyone know how many more q400's are going to be retired?

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Old 14th Oct 2012, 23:30
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I really like these beautiful Brazillian Jets.I run a Flybe Embraer group where we share all infos on our favourite jets. People who work for Embraer from Brazil also joined my group.I fly on them regulary and the last time the Captain,a true gentleman,let me sit in the left seat and he took photos which was wonderful.He and the younger copilot were so friendly and helpful.Do you fly the Embraer yourself?If so,you are truly lucky.

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Old 14th Oct 2012, 23:42
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Hangar queen: Definition with Hangar queen Pictures and Photos
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Old 15th Oct 2012, 03:01
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Apols if this has already been posted :

BRITISH regional airline Flybe is expanding its operations in Scandinavia after reaching an agreement with Finland's Finnair.

The two companies have signed a contract that will see Flybe operate 12 Embraer jets using Finnair livery. This takes
the number of aircraft flown by Flybe's Nordic arm to 28.
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Old 15th Oct 2012, 09:46
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Flybe Contract and Trading Update - London Stock Exchange
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Page issue

Hi here this perhpas a question for the mods, Im trying to view the 'last page' in this thread but it wont open. When I try view on the mobile it says I am not authorised?.
Any idea what the issue is?.
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Old 18th Oct 2012, 19:09
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No idea but it's happened several times to me as well. From PC it just goes back to the top of the second last page evem though there are several posts on the last page.

Maybe it's a conspiracy
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I think it is nothing more odd than the forum system creating a new page when a certain number of posts have been made on one page already open. The new page is inaccessible until posts start to fill it.
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Old 18th Oct 2012, 20:37
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Ah ok thanks guys
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Old 20th Oct 2012, 13:55
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Dont know what you guys think but Flybe really seems to have lost its way recently. Route cuts, base closures, and grounding aircraft. I know a few summer routes have been announced for summer next year from...surprise surprise Exeter (which seems to be the centre of the universe according to management), but is that it?!
The share price is the lowest it has ever been, perhaps ripe for a takeover?
The question is, who?!
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Old 20th Oct 2012, 14:35
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The rumour (caution rumour) that seems to be gathering a lot of pace is that BACF will be 'integrated' from IATA Summer 2013 due to be announced after Christmas guess we will have to wait and see unless anyone has any more concrete info??

Can't see a takeover all the big players are trying to distance themselves from regional operations.

Only other thing I have heard potentially is the much talked about Loganair/Suckling/Regional tie up as either a Flybe franchise like Loganair or Flybe Scotland and using Flybe's huge options on the ejets to replace Regional's 135/145's who knows???

Anyway purely speculation on a Sat afternoon
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BACF 'integrated' into what? Are you saying FlyBe?
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BA would shoot themseles in the foot if they downgraded LCY to the flybe model. It's a premium market.
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Old 20th Oct 2012, 18:31
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Flybe really seems to have lost its way recently
They certainly seem to be diversifying the opertion, spreading their risk, by going into flying for Finnair and work for Brussels Airlines.

On the domestic market, not only due to fuel prices and airport price rises they have a fair challenge from easyJet more than before, these issues have to be overcome.

One would question how will the smaller UK regional airlines survive as independent brands in the coming years, a coming together and a pooling of resources would make a lot of sense from a brand builind and recognition point of view, as well as the savings that could be achieved in many areas.

Flybe need to stick to their regional model and avoid getting in at the deep end up against airlines like easyJet, while yes BE can offer frequency and have lower costs in operating Q400s, many of the routes where easyJet compete on must be at best marginal.

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Old 20th Oct 2012, 20:53
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In theory, operating costs for the Q400 should be low however, haven't Flybe had considerable reliability issues which would, in turn, increase operating costs? Only asking.
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Old 22nd Oct 2012, 06:30
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Hey guys,

Well there are for sure some ups and downs in aviation however since I have been with flybe - the only positive news was the orders on the Emb. I have been with the company for a few years now.. I can see the company vision of lcc model with lots of frequencies, the million dollar question is - is it working? Why can't we compete with easy or Ryan air? Our shares are so low - why nobody will take an advantage and buy part of our company? Another operation loss next year? why can't engineering (MRo) and flybe merge as one company? What will be the next excuse to our shareholders?

The management should look at their staff as a really asset. It is the staff that save lots of money to this company. Our wages are shambles comparing to the industry within the uk.

I had a chat with one of the managers recently and his reply was very easy - if you don't like it just join the orange company. I was gobsmacked. He left me with no option other to apply.... Hopefully I will get there sooner rather than later.
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 11:48
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Flew back from Fraggle yesterday, one thing I did notice that has changed for the worse is you are no longer allowed to pick your seat at the automated check in, rather you get a note saying basically this is your allocated seat, you can change it but you now have to pay for the privilege. I can sort of understand that if you pre book but all this will do is remove the advantage of checking in early.

When I asked why I was told the flight was full, imagine my surprise when there were only 30 people on the Q400, so I just sat where I wanted
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 12:40
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To be honest, I always thought that was a bit of an anomaly. If you checked in online, at any point from 36 to 2 hours before departure, you got no choice of seat - just take what you are allocated by the system. However, if you went to the airport kiosk you got to choose from whatever was still available.

That said, once regular pax get wise to this, rather that paying extra for a chosen seat, I'd guess that more will go the check-in desk, where they'll be able to haggle with the agent, which must surely be the exact reverse of what the airline wants to achieve!!
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