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Archive Reference Threads and Posting Guidelines - READ BEFORE YOU POST A QUESTION!!

One of the difficulties with using PPRuNe is finding the information you require. It's not easy defining your search terms so that relevant stuff comes up and irrelevant stuff doesn't. So, to try and shorten the process - and to try and avoid interminable repetitions of popular subjects - we've decided to try and construct a reference post holding links to the best information on the Wannabes forums.

Some information will not get links - which school is the best, etc, as these tend to be subjectively opinionated and can get a bit emotional! What we do want to include is thought provoking threads which can help you make the right decisions before you commit to spending any money, and informative threads that can help you spend it wisely.

We are open to suggestions for threads that have impressed you in the past, but we don't want this post to get too large and unwieldy otherwise it will put people off. We also don't want this to become a long thread, so if you have suggestions, please e-mail or PM them to WWW or Scroggs. We will probably not reply to these e-mails or PMs (Pprune already takes up enough of our time!), but you'll be able to see whether I've agreed with your choice by checking in here.

Before we start, let's set out some posting rules and guidelines. Some are covered in the neat little animated video in the 'Some Posting Guidelines' link below, but we know lots of you won't bother to click on that, so read this instead:

Unlike me, don't post in bold letters, OR IN CAPITALS for a complete post. Both are unnecessarily aggressive, and capitals come over like shouting. You will upset people and therefore are unlikely to get the answer you want - before we delete the post!

If you Private Message (PM) someone, they will get an e-mail warning them of your PM. Do not clutter up the threads with 'Check your PMs' posts; they are superfluous. If someone hasn't responded to your PM, they are either away or they don't want to respond. You can try e-mail, but keep your private conversations private.

Do not quote the entire post above yours. We can all read, and it is extremely annoying to read each post in a thread twice when each poster has quoted the post above. If we find this occurring, we will edit the quotes out. So don't waste your and our time.

Do not mention names that are not in the public domain. You come here in the knowledge that you are protected by your anonymity. Give others the courtesy of maintaining theirs. There is rarely a need to name anyone who isn't already well known.

Do not post allegations, about any individual or organisation, that you cannot substantiate from your own personal experience. If we feel you have done so, we will remove your post and ask you to reveal to us your identity and contact details. That way, if any legal action results from your allegations, we can point the lawyers at the right person - we're not taking the heat for you!

Do not start a new topic about a subject that is likely to have been covered many times before. If it isn't linked to in this post, do a search using the Search dialogue linked to at the top of every page on PPRuNe. Underneath the text box is the phrase 'Advanced Search'; click on this to get the full power of the PPRuNe search engine. Be advised, however, that the search engine cannot look for terms of three letters or less so, for example, don't search for 'BGS', search for 'Bristol Ground School'. (A way round this is to use a proprietry search engine such as Google and include PPRuNe in the search: "BGS PPRuNe").

Do not take topics off in a new direction. If a topic reminds you that you have a question or a point to make about a related subject, do a search and see if your question or point has been made before. If not, start a new topic. If you're not sure if you're going off-topic, have a look back at the first post on the thread. If your post isn't directly related to it, you're drifting.

Some posting guidelines

Read this first!

Don't want to look any further?

Wannabe a pilot! (And I don't want to do a search.) Warning! You'll end up back here...

Why do you want to fly?

A Day In The Life Of A Pilot

Do You Really Want To Do This?

Is It All Worth It?

Airline Pilot or Flying Instructor?

If that's depressed you, find some inspiration here:

FlyingForFun's CPL Diary

Pilot Pete's story from PPL to 757

Scroggs' Story (to 2001)

Typical Rosters for WWW and Scroggs (in 2001)

So You Want to be a Pilot? (GAPAN Publication)

Some general background info about the process of gaining an ATPL - read this if you're not sure how it works!

Background info

Where do you find the info for licences?

The CAA SRG Homepage

Flight Crew Licencing and LASORS

JAA Regulations

And, for those of you who wish to (and may) fly in Australia:


Medical Issues


Aptitude Tests


What course should you take?

A Question for the Professionals

The never-ending 'Modular vs. Integrated' debate.

How important are the ATPL exam marks?

What does it cost, and where does the money come from?

The Cost of Achieving that fATPL

Funding For Flying Training

School-specific threads:




CTC (Wings)


Flight Training Europe (Jerez)


Oxford (OAT Part 2)


Looking for accommodation near your chosen school?

The Master Accommodation Thread

Are you too old to begin training? This has been covered hundreds of times; the threads included here are just a selection!

The perpetual 'Am I Too Old? And How Old Is Too Old?' thread

Too Old to Get A Flying Job?

Age A Problem?

What qualifications should you attempt at school/university when looking towards airline sponsorships?

What A-levels (and degree course)?

Should you get a degree, or not?

University or not?

The business of actually getting a job: Constructing a CV or resume, and interview techniques

Some words of advice to Wannabes at all levels

The Best CVs or Resumes

Interview Techniques Course

What are your chances of getting a job?

What effect does having a conviction have on your chances of a job?

Criminal Conviction - A Problem?

What should you wear to interviews?

Interview Dress Code

Airline-specific information

British Airways DEP Selection

Ryanair - some thought-provoking information

Fancy the military option?

(British) Military FAQs

Leaving the Military to go Civil?

Military Pilot to Civilian Flying?

And a bit of fun!

Interview Questions From Hell!

If you have a suggestion for a thread to include, or for a subject which you can't find, or you notice a broken link, please e-mail or PM Scroggs or or Halfwayback.


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