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babemagnet 10th Sep 2017 14:05

Ryanair Cancelling flights!
Ryanair just cancelled 2 flights out of spain because there is no crew! According to managment Ryanair has enough captains 😩

BluSdUp 10th Sep 2017 14:19

Were was this and how do you now for a fact it was due to lack of crew.
They would take the Learjet and fly in crew if they had any or fly a spare aircraft with crew in if any inside say 2-3 hrs range.

Just curious were?

Jonnyknoxville 10th Sep 2017 16:47

quick look on the website shows 3 flights from CRL canx for bad weather (even though its fine) to corfu ,pisa and santander

Stn canx malaga and beziers

bcn canx vigo and ibiza

7 flights out of CIA canx

5 out of pisa canx
2 out of lisbon canx

Mostly refers to bad weather although it doesn't seem too bad out there now

TheMightyAtom 10th Sep 2017 18:12

I can add another to the list for today, no FO rostered and none on standby for the (rather large) base.

I-PIERLU 10th Sep 2017 19:35

We covered our colleagues' flight to be operated at 4:30 with 8 hours delay, after our duty... They look pretty well organized and ready.

RAT 5 10th Sep 2017 19:39

This idea of cancelling flights due Wx or ATC has been tried many times before so that 'extraneous circumstances' can be claimed by the operator & no EU compensation paid. I thought that dubious practice had been exposed and thwarted previously. If that is correct, and if these stories are correct, how can this attempt at scurrilous excuses succeed?

Skipname 10th Sep 2017 20:55

It can succeed because your average passenger doesn't know how to determine if the weather is actually bad enough to cancel a flight. They see some clouds out there and take the airline's word for it.

It makes me very happy to see that they have crew problems. After screwing the crew for so long, it was long overdue for the roles to reverse. I also hope this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ideally the Ryanair crew will follow the pilots from Thomas Cook and go on strike for few days.

EDDT 10th Sep 2017 21:48

They can't strike, because they are not organized in a workers union.

Vokes55 11th Sep 2017 00:12

Well they could go on strike. I think an airline this short on crew is going to be pretty powerless if half the workforce don't turn up one morning, unionised or not.

But of course this won't happen, the majority of Ryanair pilots either have no backbone or would use such an event as an excuse to boost their own career prospects ("look at me, I turned up when everyone else didn't").

Excellent news nonetheless, and certainly more cancellations to follow.

UAV689 11th Sep 2017 10:01

Just a few cancelled flights yesterday...


Yes some are genuine weather/tech. But a lot compared to other days!

7574ever 11th Sep 2017 10:25

One thing I could add: In my experience Ryanair are highly reluctant to cancel flights for any reason, let alone transitory weather conditions. Generally they would delay them as long as crew duty permits or call up a standby crew as necessary. This is certainly odd that they would cancel nearly 80 flights solely for weather reasons. In my personal opinion, if they had standby crew they would mostly have been operated, one way or another.

UAV689 11th Sep 2017 10:45

80 is a lot, especially for a company with bases and aircraft all around the network.

Or maybe, it wasnt a lack of pilots, maybe the 2 people that day in crewing called sick and this was the outcome! I mean, a couple of crewers for 10,000 cabin crew and 4000 pilots is just a bit to 'lean'

Jonnyknoxville 11th Sep 2017 13:07

Doesn't matter anymore anyway , according to the IT guys in Ryanair , soon we won't be an airline anymore , gonna be an online digital something or other . maybe they should have flown the planes .

RAT 5 11th Sep 2017 19:18

They can't strike, because they are not organized in a workers union.

Self-employed? Surely you just phone in as 'unavailable' or 'on another job that has taken a bit longer than expected' or 'I'm sick' or ..........Ive been diverted and will be a couple of hours late, or......

doniedarko 11th Sep 2017 19:27

So RYR would never offer Direct Entry Command upgrades for FO's then .....or is that just a rumour I heard :E

italian stallion 11th Sep 2017 21:09

Well the latest advert offers 10000EU starting bonus if successful. ...

doniedarko 12th Sep 2017 07:54

Big list of cancellations today.....all due to French ATC of course. MOL has constantly called out ATC

“We need to deregulate air traffic control. And there has been no deregulation of airports, airport monopolies have not been broken up,” he says. “The problem is, we do not have a Peter Sutherland any more, there is nobody there with the will or the bottle to break up the airport or air traffic control monopolies.”

and deregulation has worked so well to improve airline T & C's :sad:

Reverserbucket 12th Sep 2017 08:28

French ATC industrial action was Notamed for last night and tonight affecting Marseille and Reims. Might have been a factor?

PSEULGT 12th Sep 2017 09:17

Shortage of crew is a becoming a big issue. Not sure how next summer will shape up when this summer wasn't finalised until April. Many asking where their €10,000 is for staying with the company after 10+ years. How to alienate your workforce. Give DE FOs their base of choice instead of the loyal ones already in the company. FOs with base transfers in to their home bases being told there's no space for them yet DE FOs being put into them instead. There you have a reason why there is a shortage of experienced FOs. SFIs, who are FOs, only flying ~90hrs a year as they're always in the sim. "The best roster in the business; stable 5 on 4 off pattern"....yeah, right. Maybe 5 years ago, not my experience anyway. Duties changed without notifying the crew in advance. There are cases where they don't even know where people are when they're at work - crewing calling their home numbers asking for them when they're at work?

Bayerische 12th Sep 2017 09:35

Just to put things into perspective on how badly T's and C's have fallen.

A friend of mine got his command in Stansted with Ryanair in 2001. His net salary per month was roughly £5000.

Today 16 years later a Captain in Stansted earns roughly the same.

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