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schweizer2 9th Feb 2018 00:23

Now entering what is probably RYR's biggest "non operation" expense. The airline is nearly 2nd to their law firm! I bet this doesn't get far, though I bloody hope it does. Good luck.

gearlever 27th Feb 2018 14:28

Ryanair pilots for dismissal of CEO
Ryanair-Piloten fordern Absetzung von Michael O'Leary


OldLurker 27th Feb 2018 15:35

Story in English (Reuters):
Ryanair pilot group calls for CEO O'Leary's resignation

aj1 27th Feb 2018 15:35

Brexit closing GLA
Apparently Brexit is the reason that GLA base is closing.. I'm assuming thats not the whole truth here..?

Rated De 2nd Mar 2018 09:24

Ryanair is trying to find a pragmatic solution with unions in a“sweet spot” where staff conditions are improved, but that the airline’s pioneering low-cost model is not undermined, Wilson said.
“The world isn’t going to change drastically beyond this model,” he said.
So fast Eddie is this a statement of fact or just your opinion?

Is it just me but was wondering why Ryan Air bother with a people manager?

RAT 5 2nd Mar 2018 09:45

Would that be the same low-cost model that is used by hugely successful profit making, expanding, unionised, profit sharing SWA? or is it another version?

BluSdUp 4th Mar 2018 20:49

SWA Terms and conditions!
Is there anyone here that works for SWA or that know the terms and conditions?

With the financial success of RYR it would be what the RYR pilots should aim for! I have heard it is quite good , so can anyone in the know please post a short overview of what they make and how the general conditions are.

This would be most helpful for the RYR pilots to put things in perspective. And any successful European LCC pilot for that mater.


Taviator 5th Mar 2018 09:05

I was jumpseating with a crew lately where the Captain has been in RYR for 12 years and the FO for 17 years (still on old contract which is better than the new captain ones so he wants to stay in the right hand seat) and they're trying to get things slightly back to how it was years ago. They're the ones fighting for the better, because they actually liked RYR some time ago. They do have great offers from other airlines which they might accept in the near future though if things don't change. And they know about half DUB based experienced guys will do the same. Hopefully O'Leary wakes up one day, because I don't want this airline to break loose before I have my 1500 hours! :lol:

Jaair 5th Mar 2018 11:27

Ryanair traffic grows 5% in Februrary


littco 8th Mar 2018 06:55

I see MOL is now saying he'll ground aircraft to protest over Brexit and make the public see what a bad idea Brexit is

More like the next time they have a pilot shortage and planes get grounded he will blame it on Brexit to make it look like a planned grounding rather than an actual pilot issue.

skyloone 8th Mar 2018 14:45

Chatting to a few FR folk it would appear the summer schedule is still being “worked on”. Is this standard for FR or indeed other airlines..... March seems a bit close to summer. Or could numbers still be be short. What’s the legal position on standby cover?

Airone2977 15th Mar 2018 09:20

1 Attachment(s)
Interesting :):}

Fat Busdriver 18th Mar 2018 18:36

Hello guys,

I have heard rumours that Ryanair will open a new base in Copenhagen and is negotiating with Danish union FPU. Anybody with some more info about this?

gearlever 19th Mar 2018 18:05

IFALPA Conference Statement on Ryanair


BluSdUp 20th Mar 2018 11:24

It is nice to see some IFALPA involvement, finally.
Looking forward to some action from that side soon. Two line at a dinner is not quite going to do it. Remember it is the future of the industry, no issue IFALPA deals with is more important then this. As it ultimately leads to unsafe conditions worldwide if the present model is allowed to continue.

As fare as Storm McGinly not giving out German bases anymore it is just a consequence of the fact that it was illegal the way they did it.
According to the latest court filing from Germany. ( Not my opinion, a fact to be confirmed in court!).

Just watch, the rest of Europe is next!
Then again it is up to YOU to push and speed up the process.

RAT 5 20th Mar 2018 11:49

As fare as Storm McGinly not giving out German bases anymore it is just a consequence of the fact that it was illegal the way they did it.
According to the latest court filing from Germany. ( Not my opinion, a fact to be confirmed in court!).

And just who created that construction and forced them to do it? Did Storm think it up all by themselves? Doubtful. If it was illegal and there are penalties to pay, then surely those at the root of it all should bear the brunt.
It will be interesting to watch what is going on with the BBC & HMRC & 'self-employed' presenters' court cases. HMRC has already ruled against the status of one of the presenters. It will be interesting to see how far the BBC gets dragged into the mud and penalty box.

BluSdUp 20th Mar 2018 14:24

Is BBC a State owned company or a normal company.

If state owned I would say it says a bit about the moral of the Board that has been pushing the contracts!

BluSdUp 20th Mar 2018 14:38

State owned it turns out!
5 ooo million Pounds worth of annual revenue.
Of which 4 Billion are fee and taxes from the public.
( BBC World is somewhat independent and has almost 1 Billion in annual commercial income.)
So, the State is cheating on the tax. CHARMING! Eh!! So called Freelance! PERFECT!

Dudley Do Right 20th Mar 2018 21:42


Bayerische 29th May 2018 14:35

How is the Ryanair operation shaping up for the summer months?

Have they recruited enough staff to cover the roster?

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