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Can737 11th Dec 2017 15:26

Dublin Ryanair pilots vote for industrial action

Some 95 per cent of the pilots balloted by the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA) voted in favour of industrial action, however, its not clear when this could take place...

ExDubai 12th Dec 2017 11:12

VC announced today industrial actions @ Ryanair. They didn't mention a specific date, in their press announcement they used the term "any time from now " no industrial actions will happen from Dec. 23rd. - Dec 26th.

Only in German available....

Can737 12th Dec 2017 12:16

Reuters article : German pilots union steps up pressure on Ryanair with strike call

Can737 12th Dec 2017 13:52

And Dublin based pilots are officially striking the 20th this month.

Airone2977 12th Dec 2017 15:05


Mr Angry from Purley 12th Dec 2017 16:19

Let's hope O'Leary doesn't have the last laugh.
Stick together

ExDubai 12th Dec 2017 16:24

Yepp and keep in mind this is a log distance race....

I like the FR response....

While some disruption may occur, Ryanair believes this will largely be confined to a small group of pilots who are working their notice and will shortly leave Ryanair, so they don’t care how much upset they cause colleagues or customers.

dirk85 12th Dec 2017 16:37


Sober Lark 12th Dec 2017 17:06

CAMP IT compliments of IMPACT.

Reversethrustset 12th Dec 2017 17:08

Parasites like this are endemic in the industry unfortunately. The best thing to do is not turn up for work, then when he takes it away just organise more industrial action. You and he will soon realise the power is in the workforce and not with this grubby little weasel.

Dualbleed 12th Dec 2017 17:45

“Eddie Wilson” What a fantastic set of people skills he must possess. Petty little dictator comes to mind. !

ExDubai 12th Dec 2017 18:00

What's the ratio on the LHS between direct employment and contracting at FR?

gearlever 12th Dec 2017 19:03

To say "VC is a LUFTHANSA UNION" means to claim Trump to be "President of Women's lib".

McBruce 12th Dec 2017 19:50

This process which needs done will almost certainly create pain on both sides but its a procedure that needs undertaken otherwise they will always dominate you as a work force. If they take away the 5/4 roster, given your already high on hours.... What could go wrong eh :E the history of the 5/4 is because they needed it to stop crew getting high on hours.

Internal flights and shorter sectors on the continent mean't a lot of bases would be more optimum for them on a 5/3. Force them to the table under your terms, not theirs. Good luck.

TheMightyAtom 12th Dec 2017 20:01

Originally Posted by ExDubai (Post 9987875)
What's the ratio on the LHS between direct employment and contracting at FR?

At a meeting Eddie said something like 70/30 employee/contractor for LHS. Then 15/85 for RHS

KelvinD 12th Dec 2017 21:38

Their Italian pilots too are planning to strike.

GScapture 12th Dec 2017 23:48

All the best guys and girls, stick together. They can threat with 5/3 as much as they like but the fact is; They do not have enough crew.

hunnywagon 12th Dec 2017 23:59

Good luck to Ryanair pilots with their strike. TCX's management were forced to think again when their BALPA pilot members launched a successful industrial action. No one wants to do it, but you've got to stand up to the bullies.

Sonikt 13th Dec 2017 02:12

Originally Posted by GScapture (Post 9988207)
They can threat with 5/3 as much as they like but the fact is; They do not have enough crew.

Such an obviously ludicrous threat shows that Ryanair are out of options

Even if they do out of sheer arrogance change the roster, this will simply exacerbate the existing crewing issue, giving crew more leverage in the dispute.

So keep going everyone - you literally can't loose this one!

compton3bravo 13th Dec 2017 07:17

Chief People Officer - that is a new one on me! He sounds like a right so -and-so to put it mildly.

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