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Akrep 12th Dec 2012 08:54

Garmin G1000

B737Dude 12th Dec 2012 18:18

It was a non published hold set by the instructor! He gave me a radial and distance from IST!

Yep fix to fix.. something that the Turkish military guys are familiar with! briefly.. Your on the 180 radial and your 44D from a nav aid! and the controller wants you to establish on the 270 radial to a waypoint which is 37D from the fix! so you work out a heading to establish on 270R ect ect!

If I'm wrong please correct me guys!! :ok:

Akrep 12th Dec 2012 21:07

thats called point to point and not only the military guys are familiar with it ;)

B737Dude 12th Dec 2012 21:35

Argh okey I'm sorry :-) I was told its called fix to fix!

caulfield 21st Dec 2012 00:36

Pilots should know
the following about this airline before applying:
a)Pay is poor
b)Base is on syrian border
c)Salary is paid into Turkish bank only..the bank card issued only works in Turkey.
d)Turkish training captains are an absolute nightmare to work with.They are known to shout and throw tantrums.They might even tell you to pull back on the stick at Vr.You can have 9000 hrs on type or be new to type,it matters not.Simply put,theyre rude.And if you're rude back like me,thats it.
e)SOP's are complex,intrusive and counter-intuitive.Not simple.The SOP for EFATO is not correct and illegal as theres no call verifying a "clean" a/c.If you have thousands of hours of experience on type you would find it hard to go along with them as theyre OTT and counter-intuitive.WHICH IS WHY THEY WANT NON TYPE-RATED guys.Just like ryanair in fact.Funny that isnt it?An airline not wanting experienced pilots but rather inexperienced guys who they can brainwash.
f)Standard of English is poor,well below min required Id say for training.They like Germans but nobody else that much.
g)Selection is a joke.Youd think you were being hired for NASA with all the tests not some 3rd rate little airline.They think theyre a great airline which they most certainly are not!

I say beware if youre experienced on type and like good flying with simple clear Boeing SOP's that dont try and tell you which hand to use when taking a piss.

Iver 21st Dec 2012 02:53

Sounds like a wonderful cultural experience! :}:p:yuk:

But you will at least spend half your time in Europe (flying to and from Turkey). You will gain 737NG experience that will be valuable to other carriers (the Gulf carriers will accept it). Like many LCC carriers these days, sounds like an investment in your long-term career if you go to SunExpress.

Question: excluding the potential for Syrian bombs, how would it compare to flying like a slave at Ryanair, Eazy, Vuelling or for Lionair in Asia in terms of gaining "valued" experience?????? :confused:

No RYR for me 21st Dec 2012 09:06

Out of interest Caulfield is there any airline that meets your standard?:

About the Belgiums:

well the belgians
are an acquired taste.The problem is they think theyre the only ones who can fly.I passed their poxy little selection and turned them down.Arrogant SOB's.Besides they dont want pilots..they want stepford automatons.
About the Chinese:

The people are okay.But its communist and they eat dogs and shit.
About the Brits

Not one good airline left in Britain!Not one!
So what is your solution to the guys out there trying to make a living? Go back in time to the good old days when everything was better? :}

Chief Pilot 21st Dec 2012 11:32


you missed two points!

On top of all that sh... you'll have to pay TWO type ratings before entering the rating course. Too much money - for that money you get even 3 type ratings at cheap Sim-centers.

And you have not mentioned the salary during the first months. There is no salary...

That airline is a total night mare.

TypeIV 21st Dec 2012 11:57

They pay the type rating and you get paid in full from day one if you ask for it. If you don't, well then they don't :8

Chief Pilot 22nd Dec 2012 00:17

If I had not talked to them personally I would have believed you.

I have passed that screening during the last days.
Now I am waiting for the last step but I really think about quitting that whole SXS thing. It is disgusting!

When I asked if they pay the rating, they said NO.
Payment: NO during line. Thereafter a payment which is below the standard in TR.
And you will not get the chance to stay in IST or AYT or even Izmir...
Probably G.Antep, Ankara or Diyarbakir
I have talked to the SXS people personally!

I really hope they were kidding.

Avenger 22nd Dec 2012 10:38

Ill informed and wide of the mark...The retention rate amongst pilots is extremely high, nothing to do with the bonding in the contracts but the low cost of living and tax regime in Turkey, meaning most FOs are getting more than they would in Europe " clean" I'm not comparing with any tax avoidance scams like RYR etc. The employment chances for guys to remain in Europe are low, let's not bullish*t about this, they are VERY LOW. With re-organisations at SXS bases many SXS Yabanci FOs have been place directly with THY mainline on the 737, even though some didn't meet the criteria, they will enter as senior FO and will net 6000 Euro a month, probably the best paid FO job around with chances to go on wide body in a few years. At SXS The "type rating" cost of 30K euro also include all the OCC course and all the line training, usually new FOs are trained away from main base and they get Hotac and per diems from day 1. The roster pattern and triple off request mean guys can visit home if they choose. In 2010 and 2011 SXS took FOs from Stella their average debt was nearly 100K Euro, and they were happy to get the job! Regarding Turkish Trainers being complete jerks, I couldn't disagree more, but of course, if you turn up in jeans and flip flops for ground school or don't revise for line training, well.. take a long look at yourself first! There are 16 new FOs starting Jan and 10 Captains, of course if you don't want to integrate into the Turkish culture or are not prepared to work hard you should perhaps consider some of the other options that turn up. Incidently, most of the flight standards operation is European, not Turkish..:rolleyes:

KYTV 24th Dec 2012 09:45

So what is happening with SXD then? Did THY take any people from this part of the company?
Furthermore, are THY expecting to take more people from SXS/SXD?

B737NG 30th Dec 2012 11:55

SXD is diffrent. THY can take people from SXS if they want. SXD is sending some Pilots to SXS over the Winter to reduce expenses and nothing else.

The good climate in SXD is fading away, SOPīs are straight forward.

Caulfield To get along with anybody else I would suggest the following: If you take any Job abroad You are Guest in a environment that is not your own. Behaive and look, I have never came accross a Instructor who shoutet at me. It is how You appear, try to fit in, try to accept another culture, try to be tolerant. In most cases that paves you a way to survive. You do not have to bend over, in no way.

If You at least try and listen you have a easier day then if you think you can implement your way of thinking there, a drip in the ocean effect is all what happens. You loose a gallon of efforts, what is a gallon in the Ocean?, go with the flow, try, just try and your life is easier or stay at home and donīt poison the climate for others.

Working abroad can be a nice expirience or a must to pay the bills. It is not the Hostīs problem that you are there, it is your own. I have good memories back during my time in Turkey, the relations between the people where good, we enjoyed to talk together, exchanged opions and talked about everyting and anything.

Everytime when we had to do with Administration and Authorities it became a nightmare. Even the Turks themselves struggle with all that comes out of Ankaras buerocrats. Your colleague is maybe in the same boat then you, try to understand him and share some of his burden and your way as a Yabanci is easier then you can imagine.

MaxBlow 30th Dec 2012 17:30

Joker737, what are you smoking?
SXS used to be very good until the 76ers took over. From there on they managed to be what they are today.
Most of the good people left during that period flying in the middle East or in Europe.

B737NG, with an attitude like yours, you'll be the perfect co-joe for the hocams, oily stuff that is...

I rest my case.

flash48 15th Jan 2013 13:00

Hi Caulfield,

You really do not know what Sunexpress is !
You must be one of they failed :)
Open your eyes, they are growing extremely with high potential as a low cost carrier. I know many people very happy in their company.:=

AirofMistique 29th Jan 2013 19:31

Hi guys,

Has anybody recently had the mollymawk test?

Any help much appreciated!

dondino 25th Feb 2013 11:55

SunExpress Recruitment
Hey guys,

Applied few weeks ago trough the strange turkish website,still dont have reply from them...any infos about contacts and type of selection?I'm NTR 700 TT

TypeIV 25th Feb 2013 12:23

They will not hire non-turkish first officers. There are new regulations regarding how many non-turkish F/Os they can have and they are currently above that number and are terminating contracts as we speak.

dondino 25th Feb 2013 16:17

SunExpress Recruitment
Looking at their requirments, there is no citizenship any where required.......any more infos?

Kirks gusset 25th Feb 2013 20:48

13 New Dutch FOs arrived, Really? , according to the DGCA rules regarding max 25% foreign FOs by July and 10% by Dec 2013 , and with foreign FOs being sent from AYT, ABD and SAW to THY I doubt this! ALL the new FOs are Turkish at the moment... approximately 40 in the "system" for conversion and training..

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