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aozc 16th Jul 2012 08:02

Raw data, FD AP AT off.
One Ils at Hannover, GA, one NDB. Sometimes the NDB is first somtimes the ILS is.

Usually they do an engine failure after Vr just to see your handling of the aircraft. They expect very little procedural knowledge of the 737 unless rated but they want to see how you handle the aircraft. Pretty simple and straight forward.
On the 737: Just use aileron initially, and then level the yoke with rudders ("step on horn down") och don't let the attitude fall below 10 degrees and not above 15 deg initially, maintain rwy track and the rest should sort itself out :E

Kirks gusset 16th Jul 2012 09:02

Use Rudder initially.. not aileron please! use track line to keep RW heading or at least be seen to be making sensible HDG requests from PM.

You will get RAW data departure to first point of SID then vectors for ILS. The FO will be an experienced person and be very helpful. Time permitting you may get a NP approach to watch your tracking and thought process for configuration.
Target pitch for normal rotation is 15 degrees and 13 degrees SE.
You will get a briefing pack, the sim check which will last about 25 mins.
It is not a chopping exercise and is straight forward. What they don't want to see is over-controlling, jumping ahead on checklists and rushed attitudes, keep it simple.
FTG.. yes ESB base is now 100% roster as most of the Anadolu flights go through there but at the moment crews from SAW/ABD/AYT do a layover in ESB to help out.

aozc 16th Jul 2012 09:36

I just do as my hoca says :E

Kirks gusset 16th Jul 2012 11:14

Tut Tut! your HOCA speaks with fork tongue:

SXS FCTM 3.11.2 Refers:

Engine Failure Recognition

"The airplane heading is the best indicator of the correct rudder input. To counter the thrust asymmetry due to engine failure stop the yaw with rudder. Flying with lateral control wheel displacement or excessive aileron trim causes the flight spoilers to be raised"


"If an engine fails bewteen V1 and lift off, maintain directional control by smoothly applying rudder proportional to thrust decay"

iyi günler arkadaş

Boeing Europe 16th Aug 2012 11:29

Has anyone recently been caled to interview with SXS I applied online many months ago heard nothing :( anyone have an e-mail or phone number to get in touch with them...?>

Kirks gusset 16th Aug 2012 13:14

Interviews are on-going for Captains. Only Turkish FOs are being recruited at the moment.

brostovsky 19th Aug 2012 04:13

No speed restriction good evening! Erev tov!!!
I was just wondering if you fly in Israel or you actually live somewhere else. I fly a Falcon 900EX in US, and would like to explore my options in Israel in the future. My e-mail address is [email protected]
Thank a lot!

B737Dude 10th Oct 2012 21:43

Does anyone have any experience with the Interview? how long does it take? what kind of questions are asked during the interview?


flash48 13th Oct 2012 12:56

I heard that SunExpress will recruit still 20 captains and 30 local f/o's but not foreign f/o's.
And they have huge number of application from everywhere. what a chance not to be a Turkish now :(

Kirks gusset 13th Oct 2012 15:42

About 10 Captains in training/ conversion now and about 10 new Turkish FOs just released to line, some more Turkish FOs in training at various bases. Recruitment will slow down now until early next year now.

KYTV 16th Oct 2012 17:06

I'll tell you what sucks, being hired by Sunexpress Germany and then not to be Turkish. Anyone know what their situation is? Seem to be scaling down a bit. Will they come back at full strength in the spring? And what is with this Turkish 1500 hour rule? Any chance this will go soon:bored:

aozc 17th Oct 2012 08:21

With the growing amount of jobless turkish pilots I think it will be enforced more strictly.

It seems like more and more SXD flights are being done by SXS. There were some operational issues with SXD.

Chief Pilot 10th Dec 2012 23:13

Screening and Interview
Hey guys!

Can somebody give me some information about the Screening?
I've read your comments above. But do they still do the Screening on the B737?

I've read something about Screening on an FNPT - not B737. Is there anybody who can confirm that?

Does SXS provide information about the screening or will they just surprise me in the Sim?

aozc 10th Dec 2012 23:39

FO or CPT?

For CPTs it's usually a 737NG sim. Departure Hannover, basic airwork, one NPapp one precision app. Sometimes they do a simple engine failure after V1. Everything is very straight forward, they just look at your handling and CRM.

Chief Pilot 11th Dec 2012 00:23

I am an inexperienced FO candidate.

Do you know what I can expect?

Sim Type?

TypeIV 11th Dec 2012 08:31

Also expect a VOR approach and a holding over CEK.

If you are 32 years old, I think you have to be from the Turkish military to be accepted.

Chief Pilot 11th Dec 2012 11:27

Actually I am not 32. :) I am younger and of course I am not from military.
I have just set a random date of birth. :cool::cool:

Nevertheless I thank you for the information!

B737Dude 11th Dec 2012 16:14

I also got a hold from IST at 16D non standard turn! First you do a ILS, missed approach, engine failure and vectors for the VOR for runway 05! Or a circle to land! Also it's done on the DA42! And before I forget.. I was asked to do a fix to fix!

Chief Pilot 11th Dec 2012 20:50

Then I'll do my best. Holding at 16 miles sounds interesting. Was it a published holding? Or did the instructor give you just a radial and distance for holding?
Do you know what aerodromes are used besides IST?

By the way: What do you mean by "fix to fix"? Never heard about it. :confused:

Chief Pilot 11th Dec 2012 22:22

Is this DA42 in that flight school equipped with a glass cockpit?
Or does it just have conventional instruments/"clocks"?

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