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flash48 4th Jun 2012 17:58

SunExpress Recruitment
SunExpress is expending its fleet with Anadolujet aircrafts in Turkey. Up to now they have taken already nine of them and still they will get other eight aircrafts.
They are recruiting expat captains every month in Istanbul for new Anatolian bases.

aozc 4th Jun 2012 18:52

Yes I'm currently doing a type rating there. A great company, they are looking for expat captains and local FOs (you need to be a citizen)

caulfield 12th Jun 2012 09:26

SunExpress a great company?Are you off the wagon?

aozc 12th Jun 2012 11:02

That's the impression of mine and many of the people I know working there. Even though there are plenty of wagons pulled around by animals in Turkey i prefer not to ride 'em :E

Boeing Europe 12th Jun 2012 18:18

Does anyone know if there is a chance at all they will take expat Fo's???????? 737NG rated 900 on type ready to go??

aozc 12th Jun 2012 18:54

They look for fresh FOs exclusively unless you are ex turkish military.

jizzman 12th Jun 2012 19:29

Is there a way to get in contact with them, I applied 2 months ago but no answer. Looking for the job as a FO with no experience. Are they still hiring even if you are not a turkish citizen with no experience?

aozc 12th Jun 2012 20:34

No they don't and probably won't for a while either. They usually don't answer if they're not interested because the number of applications is enormous.

Akrep 13th Jun 2012 05:48

Turkey is closed for foreign F/O's.
All Turkish carriers now hire only Turkish nationals for their F/O positions.

B737Dude 13th Jun 2012 18:25

aozc & Akrep,

Did you guys do your TOEFL test in Turkey? and does sxs arrange it for you or do you have to take the test and then apply for the FO position?


aozc 14th Jun 2012 08:46

They first ask for your CV, after that they send you a mail asking for some documents. That's where you have to pass a mollymawk and a TOEFL/TOEIC on your own and then hand it in and wait for an interview if all other documents are in order.

B737Dude 14th Jun 2012 17:16

Thats brillant! Cheers for that! Is SXS still recruiting for local FO's?

sunjet1 16th Jun 2012 15:39

Has anybody experiences in screening or Interview at sunex ??! I hear somethink about DA42 sim in istanbul. How ist the interview and where?! Is it held in a Hotel or where??! Because the homebase is still in Antalya (new building).

B737Dude 24th Jun 2012 16:34

I've just seen on Pilots jobs network that SXS is no longer hiring Ab-intros.. How true is that?

aozc 24th Jun 2012 17:19

They don't seem to have the ab-initio collaboration with Stella anymore but rumours are going online that they will collaborate with another school later.

Avenger 26th Jun 2012 20:37

The last Stella intake were lucky in the timing, the DGCA now requires non-Turkish FOs to have minimum 1500TT..this will exclude the majority of applicants for new FO positions, other than Turkish candidates.

jizzman 27th Jun 2012 00:13

Is that true with the DGCA and 1500 TT for non-turkish FO positions? I heard some non-turkish FO do get jobs in Turkey with less than 1500 TT.

aozc 27th Jun 2012 08:05

I think there's some kind of a quote of how many but that's only what I've heard on the "street", I do not know if there's any truth to that.

sunturk1 27th Jun 2012 11:01

According to the new rules on the Turkish CAA website, the 1500TT requirement is only applicable to ICAO licence holders. For EASA or JAA license holders there is no minimum requirement. Furthermore the licence validation which all foreign licence holders have to get, will also not be applicable anymore to EASA or JAA holders. The company that you will work for just has to get a document called 'yetki belgesi' which is valid for the duration of your employment.

KYTV 28th Jun 2012 21:11

He sunturk,
where does it say on the website?
Thanks in advance

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