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sunturk1 1st Jul 2012 04:51


joflin 2nd Jul 2012 13:06

ESSA Incident
Rumor says Sunday mornings' ground incident at Sweden's major international airport involved two B737ng-aircrafts taxiing into each other, approaching gates after arrival.

link in Swedish language, but with picture;
Plan i krock på Arlanda | Nyheter | Expressen | Senaste nytt - Nyheter Sport Ekonomi Nöje

Risk of winglets !, although this nordic country isn't so cramped that space separation between the two turks should be a factor ?

Kirks gusset 2nd Jul 2012 22:45

Unfortunately commercial pressures mean Sun Express is changing for the worse...with the inclusion of the Anadolu operations crews are working many 4 sector domestic flights and by winter the Istanbul base will be mainly domestic with the international flights routing through Izmir. The Company offers new starters bases in Eastern Turkey with no International connections. Do the research before joining, many crews are totally exhausted and you will fly 1000hrs a year as a Captain with early starts after days off and no chance to commute unless you take the new bases supporting the Anadolu Jet ops. The up side is training is good and the people are great to work with.

aozc 3rd Jul 2012 08:38

Joflin, they followed the wrong taxiway to the gate according to the article. I hope they can repair it quickly. That's a very unfortunate way to begin the summer season.

Kirk, from what I've heard, on some of the eastern bases there will both AnadoluJet and SunExpress operations for the pilots so maybe we will see destinations outside of Turkey :E. I'm not sure though.

wingbar 3rd Jul 2012 10:04


Is it true that only Local F/o's will be taken on?
I filled out their on-line app some weeks ago, I received the 'standard' email saying this would be considered etc etc.
However, today I have gone in to check my application with my log in, only to find out, that all data has been wiped off!

Can anybody shed any light on this?

LVL_CHG 3rd Jul 2012 10:36

Just checked and all my info has been wiped as well!

aozc 3rd Jul 2012 11:07

For a year or so, only low-timer or military turkish citizens has been called for interview. Some collaborations with ab-initio schools in Europe has taken place where foreign candidates have been called as well but there are none at the moment according to what I have heard or seen. However there might be collaborations in the future again.

No_Speed_Restriction 3rd Jul 2012 12:51

Does that include captains as well?

despegue 3rd Jul 2012 13:15

How long is the waiting time for a non commuting DEC to be based in Antalya?
I am willing to move, but my wife's condition is base Antalya.

Do you get ID90 in Business with TK and LH? We do want to see the world...



DutchExpat 3rd Jul 2012 13:49

Antalya will be a very long time if ever most likely. If you want to see the world that's going to be a bit of a problem with 20 days off a year that you cannot take in one go and in average month you get 4 days if lucky to go somewhere Oh yeah no holidays in first year and only far away bases on offer now No IST AYT IZMIR or even Ankara

aozc 3rd Jul 2012 15:36

No_Speed_Restriction: No, they are still hiring expat DEC even if not rated on type. However you will most likely be based in eastern Turkey.

Despegue, you get LH ID after 6 months and TK after 12 months. However as DE told you. The leave is limiting.

Kirks gusset 3rd Jul 2012 16:10

Dutch Expat is right, average 7 days off a month but you can " request" a triple off, maybe you will start on an early 02.20 GMT after the day off and under Turkish regs a day off starts up to 12 GMT ( 3 am local) now! no JAR FTLS there.
Forget DEC at AYT, no chance only Eastern Turkey. Also, Turkey will not be EASA compliant by 2014.
If you make a life in Turkey, forget commuting etc it is a good company to be with.

KYTV 3rd Jul 2012 21:37

So can anyone tell me for sure now if the 1500 hours tt rule is for all foreign fo or only for non- JAA licences. Sunturk1 in this forum has previously said that it only applies to ICAO licences. The way I interpret the rule as noted on the website if the Turkish DGCA then I would say the same. Can anyone shed more light on this? Thanks.

Boeing Europe 3rd Jul 2012 23:10

900 hours as fo on the NG any chamce of being taken on as FO I heard they only take low time local will they recruit expat FO's with time on type etc just short of 1500TT

Boeing Europe 3rd Jul 2012 23:15

My application is still there , has not been wiped maybe a good sign

Kirks gusset 4th Jul 2012 08:42

Even type rated FOs are charged 30Euro in advance, there are a couple of English Licence Holders that have made it through selection, having said that, the last two " English Licence holders" where, infact Dutch! both low hours. Pegasus has got shot of all the non-Turkish FOs now but SXS still retains them, some even got upgraded after meetimg the requirements of 5 years post CPL issue and 4500 hrs.

B737Dude 6th Jul 2012 00:04

Does anyone know if Pegasus Airlines keeps its Turkish F/O's after there 100 hour line-training?


Akrep 6th Jul 2012 08:05

Depends on 1: if they need you
2: if they like you / your performance.

turbulence_fl360 8th Jul 2012 01:25

Direct Entry F/O in Turkey
Hello there,

I currently am rated on the 737ng with almost 1000TT and 800 on type. What are my chances of getting a gig in Turkey with SunExpress or Pegasus Airlines? I hold a JAA/EASA CPL(FATPL)



Kirks gusset 8th Jul 2012 16:17

Pegasus has got rıd of most of the forıegn FOs and are not hırıng any. SXS ıs lookıng for low tıme guys only but they may be ınterested for a remote eastern base, typed or not you have to pay 30K euro up front as an FO for the traınıng. Just rıng them up and ask the questıon dırectly but you need to pass the selectıon tests before they wıll ıntervıew you. If you are over 33 then forget ıt as an FO.

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