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Ronand 8th Jul 2012 20:52

You are flying for RAM by any chance?

Kirks gusset 8th Jul 2012 21:17

I know they fılter out tıme wıth certaın aırlınes as they have to vaıldate all the hours whıch means often ıt ıs easıer to take low hours guys dırectly from flıght academy. For FOs they prefer tıme buılt ın Europe, good luck

B737Dude 9th Jul 2012 09:18

I have a mollymawk test coming up.. Where can I practice and how hard is it compared to the DLR test?


Akrep 9th Jul 2012 12:11

the only way to practice is to buy the package from the molly website and use the 8 practice sessions you get.

compared to the DLR, mollymawk is in my opinion easier.

good luck with the test.

B737Dude 9th Jul 2012 12:46

Did you do the test all in one sitting or split it up in two separate sittings? also thats the TOEFL test like?


aozc 9th Jul 2012 13:42

Dont worry. Do your best it should not be a problem. Its much more easier than the DLR. Do them both as quıckly as possible while they are still recruiting.

Boeing Europe 10th Jul 2012 19:27

I have no experience of DLR or Mollymawk what kind of tests are they anything like the compass test...?

B737Dude 11th Jul 2012 12:27

Just paid for the two mollymawk packages.. Doesn't give you alot of chances to practice! how many weeks is a reasonable time to prepare for the test?


aozc 11th Jul 2012 12:42

A few days is enough. The real test and the practice tests are pretty much the same.

No_Speed_Restriction 11th Jul 2012 12:46

What's the general consensus about having to pass these types of tests in order to get in with an airline? What happened to the good 'ole days of a one to one interview and a sim check? Too many to interview perhaps.........:{

B737Dude 11th Jul 2012 18:02

Aozc your a ledge buddy! I owe you a drink(s) when I'm down in Antalya :ok:

fade to grey 14th Jul 2012 08:46

Having seen the T+Cs , unfortunately it would appear the commuting option will make it tricky to have a life.

7 day block off, so in reality 5 at home after positioning and no leave at all in commuting. 60 days a year at home.

It would probably be a great job if you are Turkish or single.

aozc 14th Jul 2012 09:09

FTG, that is the normal conception. It's very commuting unfriendly. If you can relocate it's a great place to work at. I don't know how the rosters will look at the new bases though.

Kirks gusset 14th Jul 2012 15:03

The eastern bases are all to support the Anadolu Jet operations, expect 5 on 1 off and 4 sectors. The normal flight time for Captains is 1000 hrs/year and the 75% roster ( with 75% pay) will allow about 720 hrs a year. You cannot add scheduled days off to the start of the commuting period to increase it to 8 days or at the end. Normally the 4 legs start early and you will need to be back the day before the duty cycle. Approc 20 hrs week flight time ( about 20 sectors). To commute you will have to position first to a main base unless you are ESB based, some flights to Europe from there with other airlines.

No_Speed_Restriction 14th Jul 2012 16:58

What's the 75% roster pattern like? Is it offered to new DEC's?

Kirks gusset 14th Jul 2012 19:13

? This is what the discussion is about ...DEC are only at Eastern bases and the 75% roster pattern can only be requested at these bases. Previous posts cover all the points..

fade to grey 15th Jul 2012 21:08

That's not what I was told - DEC for ankara was on the cards.No mention of 75 % roster availability

No_Speed_Restriction 15th Jul 2012 21:42

Can anyone who's been to an actual recent interview relay what was/is involved? What sim was used and what scenarios were given?


aozc 15th Jul 2012 21:57

fo or cpt?

No_Speed_Restriction 16th Jul 2012 04:16

DEC (non type rated) :ok:

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