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Forced unpaid leave at ryanair

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Forced unpaid leave at ryanair

Old 29th Sep 2008, 22:46
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That was like an extract from 'War and Peace'.

What is my interest?
I'll sum it up for you in a lot less words.

I've seen this profession dragged into the gutter by your boss. I want to see his head on a plate before I retire. If you pussies ever grow a backbone it just might happen. I live in hope.

However - if the worst came to the worst - and if after a hard fight we are outmonied and outmillioned by that [email protected] - I'll walk away without a backward glance, and my head held high.

You meanwhile will still be getting shafted a decade on.
Because thats what you have resigned yourself to.
Old 29th Sep 2008, 23:49
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Captplaystation, forget it; leave the kremin to his overpaid rantings. He wants you dead remember?
The man is a dreamer,delusional and deluded. Leave him to his lordly rantings and watch as his held high head disappears off into the unionised and unemployed darkness.
He's also a fake. He's on £16.500 (net) a month remember! At least he is if he makes 3 times what you and I do.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 01:21
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Heh - your boss is a very rich man! Why aren't YOU earning three times what I make?

I think we all know the answer to that one. Nobody to blame but yerselves.
Old 30th Sep 2008, 08:44
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defending the indefensible

Ryanair pilots set for some unpaid winter leave

MOL " pilots will take forced unpaid leave,if they don't like they can leave".even now the pilots cannot see the reality of their situation.very very sad!
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 10:11
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For the benefit of liffy2a

Ryanair pilots set for some unpaid winter leave
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 10:35
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" pilots will take forced unpaid leave,if they don't like they can leave".

No mention of numbers, or how the enforced temporary redundancies will be distributed. Inverse order of seniority? Ooops...no such thing in FR.
I imagine it'll be doled out as punishment to the less co-operative. The guys who's names are in some clerks 'little black book of slackers'.The rest will just stand by meekly watching the hangings and thanking God it wasn't them - this time. How pathetic.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 11:02
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I think the issue of contract pilots is very important.Its a very sorry state if full time pilots are forced to take unpaid leave when there are contractors working and still working for the company.They do enjoy telling all how much they earn and hide away and i always believed that s what they were for, earn lots when needed and be the first one s rested when required.
We have to remember that alot of base captains are contractors!!!
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 11:49
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Rumour has it that the Irish revenue are bring EI and RYR to court as they believe pilots are employees and not contractors.
Would be interesting to see what happens there, but seeing as its the Irish system I doubt it will be in my lifetime
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 12:05
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While Kremin is right that we at Ryanair have allowed this highly successful company to take major liberties with our terms and conditions, I think his attitude stinks. It's very easy to be critical from the comfort of his unionised, benefit-rich, final-salary pensioned perch. The problem with most pilots in his position is that they enjoy the security of highly unionised employment without having had to fight for it. Well done mate for having the balls to pay your monthly subscription to the union. Come to Ryanair, stick your head above the parapet, organise some meetings and then tell me how easy it is address our problems.

As someone who flies for Ryanair and can recognise the failure of our pilots to pursue a common aim, I have been intensely frustrated with the situation. However, I really don't need smug lectures from a milksop like Kremin who has inherited his position of comfort by dint of working for the right company.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 12:44
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Wayupthere, interesting rumour but to my mind EI don't employ any contractors at the moment so it can only be half true.
Adolf et al, you abuse kremin and then take a huff when he dishes it back. Be careful like Biabottle you are new to this game and full of misinformation, you do yourself a disservice. Milksop? I think not. You list his perks and attribute this to an inheritance, not so, He, me and all the others stood and faced down that which one day you will have to fight. In IR issues you are only as strong as your last fight and we could lose it all tomorrow if we allowed ourselves the luxury of throwing our hands in the air and rationalizing reasons to quite.
Good luck to you all, I enjoy a good Barney as much as the next man but we are rooting for you down the road.( some just express it as tough love).
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 13:06
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This is very simply bully boy tactics once again by MOL & his hench men. "If they don't like it they can leave"......... A typical statement from the biggest prick to run an airline in history, not surprised by the words of wisdom though....
Unpaid leave will be forced upon pilots on a Ryanair contract only as they get a basic salary so have to be paid irrespective of the work they do. This work will then be done by contractors.
Those most at risk are the SENIOR FO's/Capt's who have the most basic wage. It's very simple!
Time for the Revenue commisioners/Government to step in because an Irish airline is making millions but not paying it's equivalent quota of tax as the contractors either don't pay any or pay tax in their country of residence....

And anyway, they cannot just force unpaid leave on us. You are either made redundant or you aren't. FR making it's own rules AGAIN me thinks!!!
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 13:20
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Well i would hardly say that i was new to the game there curser, i am in the union, been to all the meetings etc, sure with guys like ned flanders gunning for us we can't loose right so what now then, what do you and all the others out there suggest, how in the hell are you going to stop this happening when we couldn't last time and the time before that. I am no different than you or anybody else, i don't like the direction that this is headed, but quite frankly i believe it is going to take something extremely dramatic to change its direction, and you can bet leave without pay won't be it, for sure the company knows who the trouble makers are and who will do the least about it, i disagree with 5tarbuck, more than likely the people that will do the least about it will get the longest off and the most unionized will see very little. You can all rant and rave on about the law and what is right and wrong, but i have heard it all before, big long speeches from lawyers that in the end screwed us over because they where concerned that the might lose the case. Even new laws will not stop MOL, for david bonderman is his puppet master and considering the money he has lost lately i would doubt he is going to tell MOL to do anything other than us and the irish government. Look at whats happening to the contractors at the moment, under huge pressure from brockfield to show they are paying tax, and if there are not who is going to be the ones facing the rap, for sure it won't be ryr.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 14:43
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I've seen this profession dragged into the gutter by your boss. I want to see his head on a plate before I retire. If you pussies ever grow a backbone it just might happen. I live in hope.
Amen to that!
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 15:08
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
I refer to my letter of 15 September 2008.
Since there have been just two Winter unpaid leave applications from pilots at Dublin
and Stansted we will now proceed to allocate unpaid leave in these two bases. We are
considering the allocation of two calendar weeks unpaid leave to all Ryanair pilots in
Dublin and Stansted during the period 3rd November to 14th December and 5th January
to 15th March.
I am holding crisis meetings with Dublin and Stansted ERCs to go through the
programme being considered and to tailor it where possible, while keeping our focus
at all times on our priority which is to preserve the job security of all Ryanair pilots.
I will give you an update at the end of this week.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 16:36
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Crisis Meeting?

What Crisis? Shafting people more like.
You have my sympathy.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 16:41
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Come on guys, time to fire MOL. Fair enough, he built FR and made it sucessfull but he aint the man to run the company- he is a business boy who has an business idea and starts it up. He should stick to that.

MOL has not the capability to keep employees happy. He does not have any CRM skills at all. He is a rude and arrogant president, uses threats during negotiations. Saw him on utube being very sleezy in a meeting with the germans. Could not believe it. Such an idiot.

You guys working for FR- get ridd of him and get someone who is interested in keeping you working instead!!

I would say its the same with all airlines- mostly good guys flying but some in the management are just idiots. I say again, NOT all of them. But some...

Good luck.

But really. Try and get ridd of him. For your own sake. And start over.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 17:05
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I have no love of MOL, as those of you who actually read these posts well know.

Had he said, 'some of the pilots can leave or they can go on unpaid leave for a couple of weeks and then come back to their jobs', then you might just be of the opinion that he actually cares for his workforce!

I realise that he didn't phrase it that way but it amounts to the same thing.

Rather that than, 'Here's your P45.'

Did I note in that 'crisis meeting' mention of preserving pilots' jobs? No, can't be true, RYR don't give a shyte about jobs for anyone, surely.

Viking101, what planet do you live on? Get rid of MOL? Please explain just how we do that? I await with bated breath for your pearls of wisdom.

btw Kremin, just what do you do with your £16500 take home pay every month? (3 times a Ryanair Captains' salary)
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 17:59
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There are different ways, depending on what path you choose.

Might start with "internal affairs". Do you get my point or do you want me to spell it out for you? Rubik101, get some balls and do something actively. You will never accomplish anything by writing wise and theoretical things on this forum. Thats the planet I am from

Anyway, its all about my grief for my colleagues. Feel sorry for you having an idiot as CEO.

But if you like him, think he is a good role module, strong leadership etc. be my guest. Whatever floats your boat. Just don´t forget your life jacket.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 20:12
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Viking 101:

I see you are also banging away on an EZY forum. Just to clear up the confusion, can you tell us whether you work for FR, EZY, both or neither of the two?
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 20:15
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I am cool, so how about FREZY?

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