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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

Old 1st May 2008, 21:54
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Do British Airways hire foreigners?

Im very intrested in joining one of the three BA SSP schemes available but firstly do BA hire foreigners? I have both American and Malawian(Commonwealth country)passports.
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Old 2nd May 2008, 21:27
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it seems to have reduced retirements by about 30/year so far.
These numbers were published before the expansion a/c were ordered, 4 x 777's in 2009 (though one already lost due to Hatton Cross!). Don't treat these figures as Gospel.

2006 112
2007 133 (100)
2008 109 (80)
2009 71
That implies 100 retired last year, that wasn't the case it was around 35 ish. Retirements aren't reduced by 30/year they're actually ONLY 30/year at the moment. The pace is expected to increase slowly as some only hoped for 3 years extra (to age 58), others only 5 years (to 60), and around (I think 220) have been told they can go part time which will be the same as about 75 retiring in terms of command seniority (if they're all captains that is so less if a mixed group).
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Old 5th May 2008, 17:49
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Hi All
Just got contract through the post with all the stuff, but the CD is dated 2005 - all the pay scales and flight pay are quite old and outdated...just wondering if anyone else has received this or a later edition (maybe they have sent me an old copy by mistake)?

Anyway, can anyone give the latest flight pay figures, nightstop figures etc for a new joiner FO DEP?


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Old 6th May 2008, 09:06
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Has anyone recently put in an applicaton and not yet heard anything? I put mine in over two weeks ago....now on the website it seems recruitment has stopped. Do BA tell you if your application has not been successful or are emails only for those invited to assessment? Thanks E
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Old 6th May 2008, 16:40
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Heard from mates at BA the 74 fleet is a bit stuffy with the 76 lot being a hoot.
74 stuffy. No way. The capts may be older on average but few are stuffy.
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Old 6th May 2008, 19:49
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Yes you are right. The numbers in the list refer to predicted retirement numbers based purely on the number of pilots reaching 55 each year. The numbers in brackets were the actual seniority increase of a junior pilot after ill health, retirees and part time bidders. A senior pilot would go up less as someone behind them might have left for various reasons.

Of course if things had gone on as before the list would have higher leaver numbers than listed each year.

Any expansion a/c will accelerate seniority a bit.

Not very well explained, sorry.
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Old 6th May 2008, 19:50
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The capts may be older on average but few are stuffy
As an example - two nights ago took my co-pilots out in BKK. Meal at "Big Jims" seafood restaurant followed by a cracking time in Nana plaza

Best fleet in BA by miles................

Careful with this link


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Old 6th May 2008, 20:48
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Any one out there with inside knowledge??? How are the applications processed? Alphabetically/chronologically? How many people are there sifting through the large number of applications? What is the average contact time?

I applied on the 27th April (3rd year running). Someone who applied on the 28th has been in touch and they are fortunate enough to have been invited (email notification today) for selection.

I am now getting anxious and concerned. I put a lot of time an effort into my application and have been hoping that I will get the chance to redeem myself this year.

Anyone else in the same boat with regards to having notification or not following an application on or around the same date 27/04/2008?
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Old 7th May 2008, 19:32
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Got a couple of questions about the recruitment day

Radar screen thingy - is there any time pressure on this, or can you take as long as you want as long as you are accurate? anyone got any techniques for the NE, SW etc instructions?

Has anyone get any up to date contact info for penny austin? The web address earlier in this thread is no good. Is the email address still good?
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Old 7th May 2008, 20:53
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757 driver, I posted a good technique (or so I think!) a few pages back that works very well.
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Old 7th May 2008, 23:36
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I just did a google search on her and got her website. I went to Penny a few years back and apart from screwing the interviewer out, crushing their hand and being insulted for a while don't think there's much to be gained that a normal jive talking man couldn't deal with. Frankly she terrified me and was nice to get into an interview and relax

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Old 8th May 2008, 16:43
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I Join the 74 fleet in July, please take me to that bar!!!
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Old 9th May 2008, 13:23
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You and BKK/Pat Pong would be a dangerous combination......

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Old 9th May 2008, 15:40
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757 driver,

The radar screen is marked on accuracy and speed if I recall correctly!
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Old 11th May 2008, 14:11
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Ace the pilot tech interview is a great book but no use for the BA interview as it's a 'behavioural type' interview.
No tech questions!!
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Old 11th May 2008, 14:23
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As posted, the interview is solely a leadership and team work one. i.e give an example of when you've had to delegate to others in the work place.
My advise, look through these posts and list all possible interview questions. then think of answers for all. Then practice, practice, practice.

For the computer based tests- cockpit web is pretty much identical to the real tests. i even found that half in the BA tests were easier than cockpit webs. Practising these will give you a massive chance of passing. For me that was the one thing that you can pass before you've even arrived at Cranebank.

Again i can't stress how important it is to practise for each part of the selection. I worked for about 2 weeks before my tests solidly. but it all paid off in the end.

Good luck
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Old 11th May 2008, 19:44
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Yep, for me, the Cockpitweb software worked a treat. Especially the Radar screen practice.

I know itís easy to say, but when you go into the interview room, try and relax and be yourself. Don't try and second guess the questions that you are being asked. Be concise with your answers. Try and structure all your examples. I suppose like telling a story, it will have a start, middle and an end. Remember the "STAR" acronym. Situation / Task / Action / Results. If you structure your answers with this in mind, you will find you will be less likley to waffle and forget your point !

Prepare well, get a good night's sleep the night before, try to relax when you are there, enjoy the day and have a nice cold beer afterwards !

Best of luck.
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Old 12th May 2008, 04:44
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important info required

Hi there,

Looking back at the entry requirements I noticed they require a"full UK issued" JAA ATPL license.
I did not notice the "Full UK" back then when I applied, but nevertheless, I have been invited. And I did write clearly in the application that my license was issued by a EU country (non UK).

Does anyone know if I could have trouble regarding this?

It shouldn't be a problem:in 2005 I got offered a dep position by BA using my "Eurpean" issued jaa Atpl.
I don't things have changed!!
Gook luck.
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Old 13th May 2008, 01:38
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BA Maths Test: Request for information / A deal

Is this maths test written by BA or is it an SHL product.

If it is written by SHL what type/category/code number is the actual product. It seems like it is different from the the standard SHL tests - ie: NMG 1 , NMG 2 etc that are used in pilot selection at other airlines as well as graduate recruitment. These tests are data interpretation whereas the BA pilot maths test seems to be numerical reasoning puzzles or raw data calculations.

I am interested in networking with people who have sat , are about to sit or resit this test and have done their homework and have good intel.

It may well be that I am in a position to help you out in a very significant way. The best type of deal there is - a win/win.

PM me


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Old 17th May 2008, 08:55
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Anyone at interview on 25th June?
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