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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

Old 6th Jan 2012, 17:57
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I agree Farfrompuken. The UK, and Europe in general; by and large, does not hold much inspiration at the moment. However the vast majority have too much holding them back when it comes to uprooting to sunnier climbs. It is never that simple. BA still remains at the top of a rotting bunch, if you like. It still remains an aspiration and is probably the only real career airline left in the UK? However the goalposts are moving once more. I'm not that surprised to be truthful.
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 18:59
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Some of you seriously need to get over yourselves.

A BA DEP will start on £50K and if you make it to your final pp will finish on £185,000. If you haven't got enough years left to get to your final pp, well thats the life of a DEP for you. Twas ever so. Until the retirement age change I wasn't going to get to the end of my 24 pay point scale either, so what...they were the cards I was dealt.

Are any of you even aware 6 days ago we got another pay rise, 3.5%, less than 9 months since the last rise (4%), and in the current climate! Yes Guys, you weigh up the option of whether to join or not. I'm willing to bet to a man you sign up.


If BA pilots voted NO, then it really could be the start of a new era
of that I have absolutely no doubt, but our mental models differ wildly!

Ive often thought theres a case for age discrimination in seniority, could be fun to follow this up....
Taking out your frustrations with BA by making thinly veiled threats against your future collegues does you no favours. Child/tantrum springs to mind.


I'm not sure where you stand as a stakeholder in this process, but you just can't seem to grasp the issues as stake. This is the UK, not Germany. You seem to have little to no understanding of UK labour laws. What is legally defensible and what is not. Despite what you say I promise you, you have never been in this situation before. If you did you would understand. Despite the efforts of others you still seem to have little understanding of the issues. Stop comparing it to your company/country/legal system/employment laws/unions. It's different.

Blaming Balpa, such an easy target. What would you suggest they do regards ptf etc.

Oh yes Strike! Strike!, Strike.
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 19:38
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Right, this thread is getting mighty depressing and mighty off topic.

Now can we get back to the point... anyone heard any rumours of TR dates/course dates being offered recently or coming up in the near future?
Old 6th Jan 2012, 19:40
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Champagne anyone...?
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Super Stall

At last, some common sense. Purely as an outside observer some of you are banging on as if BA are demanding the head of your first born child and then billing you to clean the guillotine. A week ago everyone was over the moon at being in the hold pool - now everyones off to join Ryanair instead because they won't be left hand seat billionaires on the day they expected.

As a casual observer I'd suggest that BA offers good pay, stability, a wide and varied fleet and route network and, perhaps, the kudos that goes with flying for our biggest legacy carrier (meh). A rejig of the already generous pay scales and suddenly everyone is decrying the loss of half a million pounds each over their career (note - career. That's what a big airline like BA offers by the way). Get over yourselves. There's a global recession and Europe is about to vanish up its own arse. In these straightened times the evil management have to do what they can to keep profits up/existent and to keep the evil shareholders (investors) happy - frankly I'm surprised they find the time to gather round the cauldron and plot the next way to piss off the hated pilots....

If its the loss of the quarter of a million pounds over your lifetime that is causing such distress then stay where you are. Simple. You'll get your command sooner and everyone will be happy. I assume though that when they asked why you wanted to join BA you said it was for the money? Fair enough then. Give em a ring on Monday and tell em you're no longer interested. I suspect it would take them just under one femtosecond to replace you.

BA are changing their pay scales. If it was applied across the board they'd have to deal with all manner of internal ructions from people on established contracts (and rightly so). Instead they draw a line in the sand and apply the new contracts thenceforth. You lot who haven't signed contracts yet have no input as you aren't employees. As I said before, take it or leave it. I'd suggest taking it. I can count the number of uk airlines that pay SFOs over £100000k on the fingers of one foot.

You could of course rush off to Emirates et al where the streets are paved with gold - although seeing as you wanted join BA solely for the money it seems a little odd that you didn't go to the ME in the first place. They pay lots.
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 19:51
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If we vote NO there wont be any new jobs at BA anyway.

But if we vote YES you don't want the job anyway? Right?

What do you want me to do?
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 19:55
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I have been in the hold pool since May last year! I am obviously one of the one's who unfortunately hold a type rating that is not currently required (737).

I understand the frustration that potential joiners and hold poolers feel. My sim partner (320) starts next month on the old PP scale and here's me waiting for a date for a new contract on a possible new PP scale.

I have also seen several guys with 320 ratings overtake me, joining the hold pool several months later but still getting this new contract!

However, this is life - let's stop complaining. I presume most hold poolers currently hold fairly good jobs at the moment and we have a great opportunity ahead of us; possibly not what we expected when we first applied, BUT we still have a job prospect ahead of us.

For all the BA pilots that read this thread, please please, think of the guys and girls who have been the hold pool for 6 months or longer....we applied for BA mainline and we hope to gain a place at BA mainline, despite the job being on a slightly lower pay scale.

Who's to say WW/IAG won't reduce T&C's in the future - no one, but with a unified workforce (BA & bmi pilots along with new joiners) we can work together to produce a more productive BA with the hope of better things including a possible re-evaluation of the pay scales.
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 19:56
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At 170 pages and nearly 3400 posts, this thread is getting fairly unwieldy. It is dificult to find a natural break point to start chapter 2, so this becomes the switch over point.

The continuation of this thread can be found here.
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