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Air Japan (AJX) B767

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I live in the US and I am with PARC, that is my only complaint with them really, I have to buy supplemental insurance for my family because they are covered anywhere in the world except the US outside of that fact, I'm pretty satisfied with their service thus far.

There really is no tax advantage by going with CREW vs. PARC if you are in the US, the only difference is that PARC will not make social security contributions and CREW will since they are a US based company, with PARC you will have to file as self employed every quarter but with this file scheme you are still able to contribute to the SS and will have the same tax advantages (per diem deductions) as you would with any company while working abroad.

Per diem:
We are spending around 8 to 10 nights in Narita and the per diem doesn't cover it by far, specially now that the is so strong against the $ guys are sharing apartments and that does help with the cost, it also depends on what kind of life style you will have while at work, there are the "slam clack" types that all you hear is the slam of the door and the clack of the lock, followed by the sound of the McDonnalds paper bag, this guys of course spend a lot less, but if you are like the majority of us that enjoy a good meal and a nice glass of wine here and there, you will spend more than your allowance for sure, the dollar is weak right now against pretty much all the currencies of the places we overnight at.
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Thanks for the info.
Does Parc have a voluntary 401k like CREW? The info I receieved doesn't mention anything about it. It only mentions they have a pension.
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They do offer an investment deal with Loyds, I'm not participating since I have my own thing going so I can't really remember the details, but for what I recall it is a pretty standard investment package so I continued with what I was doing. They will just deposit the funds that were supposed to be invested in that account as part of your pay if you opt out.
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Can someone give upto date answers to the following please:

How much is hotel accomodation at Narita base in the favoured hotel for the average monthly days at base?
Is it guarenteed to get the 10+2 days + 2 annual leave days = 14days per month?
Is the $2000usd monthly travel allowance still current rather than the paid ticket to home?
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From Bus to AJX..

Guys I am seriously thinking of applying to AJX.
Mainly for the Contract..Sounds too good from where I am.

Appears to give a decent QOL..

I dont like the Sand Pit n am not in it..

I m currently on the 330 as P1..

Please Advise..
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If you like working night after night after night, then it's not so bad

Was a good gig before the merger, nearly all the pax guys were happy to stay indefinitely. Since the merger, the attrition rate's increased, 75% of the Japanese contract captains have left. Capts and F/O's are leaving regularly.

The scheduling has become unrealistic with fatiguing duties regularly appearing and the resultant staff shortage causing more fatiguing roster practices. Looks like an ever tightening downward spiral.

Been here over 10 years, this is the worst I've seen it and don't see any possibility of improvement.

Think carefully!!
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Sadly it has happened...

On FEB 10 2012, I wrote...

Have to go with the majority on this. This place has gone downhill so fast, the momentum has become unstoppable. Almost all of those pilots here who have options have exercised those or are about to. The USA furloughed Major Airline guys will all be gone within the next 6 -10 months. The Aussies are all looking to go back closer to home and the European guys are looking at other contracts as well. Those who chose to stay are doing so because they have NO other option a this time. This job will put all of us into an early grave with the schedules that are being flown. I've seen guys go from looking their age to looking 10 years older within an 18 month period of time. This is simply put - suicide. If the schedules don't kill you, making a mistake while incredibly fatigued at 3am will. It is only a matter of time... Why do most of us still put up with this crap - MONEY. The money is good. Plain and simple, but it does come at a cost.

How much is your life worth? I'm not hanging out much longer to find out.
All those left will be flying even more cargo as myself and others hit the road later this summer.


And now one of our most respected Captains died yesterday while on vacation with his family in Japan. He had a massive heart attack that led to a brain hemorrage. He was only 45 years old, leaves behind a wife and 3 children.

I have 2 close friends who are physicians and 1 Cardiologist whom I spoke to about this tragedy. After hearing the types of schedules and lifestyle we are subjecting ourselves to at AJX, EACH ONE OF THEM said without a shadow of a doubt, the lack of sleep and stressors on the human body is a MAJOR contributing cause of Heart Attacks. This gentleman had been flying these schedules at AJX for close to 10 years and the effects of this speak for themselves. How much longer are we going to put up with these fatiguing rosters????

Is anyone really going to refute the fact that our colleague's health was influenced by his work environment?

What a tragedy this is, we are heartbroken at AJX because of this.
R.I.P Brother

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Very sad to hear Dex. Condolences to his family and colleagues.

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Any BKK commuters? Do you have the 1 year multiple entry visa or do you just get tourist visa's?

I've read conflicting information about whether its possible to get the 1 year multiple entry visa.
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It is unlikely that you will be able to get the one year multiple entry visa in Japan because one of the things you will need is a letter from the company stating your need for such a document and they will not provide you with the sponsorship to obtain such a visa, Why? Because you don't really need it. During training they will provide you with a students visa, but after you get checked on the line, you will commute in and out with a shore pass that transfers you from CREW to PAX and vice e versa, in the case that you want to stay and spend your days off in Japan, or you have a couple of days off and you want to go for a road trip outside of the metropolitan area (the shore pass is limited to the city of Narita, Tokyo, Yokohama) then you can come in with a 90 day visa given to you on the spot (provided your citizenship is part of the visa waiver program with Japan) you can get this visa coming in as passenger or crew.
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You can get the 1 year multi entry visa if you qualify, which usually means you have to be married to a Thai girl. You use to be able to get one if you had a child that had Thai citizenship, but there is a recent change that no longer allows that. Depending on which consulate you use, you may or may not be able to still qualify that way. Just getting a 1 year visa because you want to live there will not be possible.

You could get a tourist visa, they are either single or double entry only.

You are probably thinking about a visa-free entry, which is allowed for US passport holders. You can get 30 days if you enter at an airport or 15 days if by land. Unless you want to get a bank account or drivers license, that will usually be sufficient.
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Sorry, I thought he was talking about the Japanese one year visa
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I think he IS Dom...
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Thanks for the info. I was asking about the Thailand visa...

Bank account would be a plus, however, not a must. (Thank you Schwab ATM refunds).

I was thinking if you sign a condo lease they would require some type of proof that you are legal to stay in the country for 1 year. Any info on a farang renting a condo on a 30 day visa?

Anyway I've read its fairly easy to get the 1 year visa if you go to the Thai Embassy in your home country.
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You won't have a problem renting a condo.

Embassies are the most strict on visas and you will not get one from them unless you meet the exact qualifications. They are a huge pain to deal with even under the best of circumstances.

Your best chance to try to get one is from an honorary consul as they are more lax on the requirements. However, even they have been much more strict in the last 2 years than before. You use to be able to get a friend to write you an invitation letter and some consuls would accept it, but they are few and far between now. I have always had to send a copy of my marriage certificate with a copy of my wife's passport.

Really your only other option for a long term visa is the ED visa for taking Thai lessons. But you are required to attend a minimum number of classes or your visa could be revoked.
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Thanks for the info!
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Yes, more Parc vs Crew...

Hello all,

I noticed that it has been recommended that folks living in the US use Crew because of insurance and 401k, but what about pay? From the info that I have come across it looks like Parc offers a bit more $$. Is this correct? It seems like it might be better for a family guy to go with Crew, but a single guy may be better off with Parc??? Maybe I have old info. Any suggestions appreciated.

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The compensation package is the same regardless of the head hunter you go with
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Ah, ok. Thanks for the quick reply D. I guess one of the pay scales I saw was out of date.... Or both! Hopefully the lower one!
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It might be the way the information you're reading is being presented but Parc do pay per diem. The Parc wage slip is made up of:

Basic salary + hotel allowance + per diem allowance + commuting allowance + pension allowance + completion bonus allowance + experience pay + night landings pay + 'additional' allowances for hotel and per diem to allow for exchange rates.

This is then reduced by the commuting allowance if you use the C class tickets, the pension allowance if you're signed up to their scheme and the completion bonus.

Parc pay monthly, whereas I understand Crew pay fortnightly.

Crew withhold most of the necessary US taxes (it would seem many pilots still have adjustments to make based, obviously, on personal circumstances), Parc let you sort out your own affairs entirely.

Crew have the 401K plan, Parc has the 'pension' plan, as we've previously discussed.

If you remove the vagaries of the US tax and the 401K versus the pension, Parc and Crew pilots would end up with the same number in the bottom, right corner of their pay slip. Hope that helps
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