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EASA Resilience

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Once again, good sir, thank you for your citations.
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A short video presentation (with transcript) including Resilience via Simple / Complex Systems.
In - select Resources

This is a gentle guide arriving at Resilience towards the end, but importantly arguing the need for a change in thinking about safety management - regulators take note.

Copy of transcript - Simple vs Complex Thinking: Safety Science Essentials 1 – Introduction

To revisit the referenced Rasmussen’s model - which again identifies the need to adjust to modern views of safety management (at least sections 1 and 2), see:

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Resilience, Risk Management

Although the title of the paper includes Resilience, it relates more to conventional deffinitions.
Yet there is value by presenting Resilience from a risk based view.

"The pursuit of resilience involves risk management."
  • Judgement
  • … 'uncertainty is qualified by probability'
  • … 'on judgments that cannot be objectively validated'
"Resilience is a skill acquired through experience"

"Resilience is not calculable. Unquantifiable, disputable, and disputed judgment will remain central to its pursuit."
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Resilience Risk Uncertainty

Part 1 of the ref below considers resilience from a more conventional definition. However, when read in combination with Risk, Uncertainty, and Decision Making, it provides a practical overview of safety activity.
See page 13, but the overall document has significant safety value.

" Resilience is in some ways the counter to vulnerability. It is defined as being shock-ready, and having the ability to resist, survive, adapt and/or even thrive … "

" This requires knowledge of the hazards, and having the skills needed to anticipate and cope with the demands and changing circumstances they may encounter. "

" There are risks we take (choosing an action in the view that the benefit outweighs possible harm), and there are risks we face (those we don’t choose but have to deal with). When facing risks we try to protect ourselves; when taking risks we look for advantage, but also need to prepare for possible failure … "

Whilst SMS is more about the protection from risk, Resilience is aligned with preparedness and managing the limitations of SMS, the unforeseen hazards and surprises, and incomprehensible events ( Shock - a sudden, disruptive event with an important and often negative impact on a system/s and its assets. Page 11, note systems view )

" risk - the effect of uncertainty on objectives. "

This view of Resilience aligns more with safety management (organisational and individual) than with the CRM training required by EASA.
Yet the second document covers the subjects in more depth it also has greater relevance to CRM. In particular: perceptions, heuristics and biases, judgement, and the influence of media on science or web based information, and of course forums like this one.

" A worldview is a particular philosophy, or collection of beliefs, about life and the universe that is held by an individual or a group. We use the term to indicate the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. "

Ref: 'Making decisions in the face of uncertainty: Understanding risk'

Part 3 of the series may not have been published - yet ?
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Anticipating this to be top shelf reading

The thesis -
How is anticipation, as part of system resilience, operationalised on the flight deck, and to what extent does the regulation facilitate it? answers the questions in this thread.

It has practical value throughout - Introduction, Findings, Discussion and Conclusion; then Resilience, CRM, Training. There might not be agreement about everything, but that is part of the issue.

This is 'the' document which should be sent to EASA - the problems with current regulation, work as imagined vs work as done.
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'Thinking in Systems', ( from 'websites'), has a section on Resilience - page 76 onwards.

This relates key resilient aspects to feedback loops in systems.
It identifies the need to manage resilience, implying there is intrinsic resilience to start with, although we may not have identified the factors as such.

Part one provides the foundations for systems thinking.

Part two relates aspects of human behaviour, e.g rationality page 105.

A bullet-point summary for 'systems' - page 188 onwards.
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Resilience Engineering and Safety-II

This post might be better presented as a poll; if so, mods (JT) please help.

The document (33 slides) - asks, …

What are your experiences of the key challenges and opportunities for Resilience Engineering and Safety-II as a practitioner?

The collated views of the 'practitioners' (slide11) are listed below:-

Given the discussion in this thread, how do front line operators agree or otherwise with these findings ?
Any differences between regulatory authorities; EASA, FAA, Other ?
  • The term ‘resilience’ is often seen as an individual trait
  • There is limited understanding of the concepts of RE and S-II
  • Theoretical writings aren’t always helpful
  • Resilience Engineering and Safety-II
  • The practical application of RE and S-II is opaque or difficult
  • There is a lack of evidence of effectiveness
  • The dominant paradigm, collective mindset or common focus is a barrier
  • There are entrenched and conflicting legacy approaches
  • The need is not evident or the value is unclear
  • There is a lack of resources (competency, time, money)
  • RE and S-II ideas are understood, appreciated and talked about
  • RE and S-II offer a better explanation of the world
  • Practical opportunities to learn and move toward a better understanding of work
  • (Few) Opportunities for usable and practical methods
  • (Few) Opportunities to develop expertise in RE and S-II
Note general observations and what might be done (31/32), is this being done ?
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A short article which argues that resilience is natural; at least for the human contribution (sharp and blunt ends), to system resilience.

'It’s pretty evident that safety thinking has to evolve and cope with an ever more complex environment. But survival in challenging environments is what humans evolved to do best.'

'So let’s stop arguing. Resilience is natural, it’s essential. We’ve always had it – let’s use it intelligently.'

The missing aspect is how; the 'how-to' use resilience involving thinking, using our brain, improving the way we think about safety in operations, but this might assume that we are allowed to think in a controlling, SOP dominated safety culture.

Slides from a related presentation ('Think', slide 19):-
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