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easyJet Morale Rock Bottom

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

easyJet Morale Rock Bottom

Old 26th Sep 2002, 10:17
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As the integration of Go into easy progresses slowly, non flying 'orange' staff are being re-interviewed for their own jobs. Some loyal staff are finding themselves now out of work.

Such are the wide differences between terms and conditions of staff at Go and easy, the Go brand may well live on for some good while! Assimilation could prove rather costly! Allegedly!
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 10:57
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Morale is now rock bottom at Go.

We are coming to terms with going orange- but it all seems to be going back 4 years at Go. Every thing Go perfected is out the door- not to mention easyJets old fashioned SOPs!

What we need is Babs to start a new airline up- and we are all off! Then hopefully turn around and **** on Ray Websters grave....

Not to sure why easyJet bought Go? For Pilots and Crew? Well they want to walk..........
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 11:37
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Perhaps morale isn't helped by people whingeing, carping, complaining and trying to discredit the company and its management. If you really feel that strongly, why not do everyone a favour and do what you're thinking of - walk! Otherwise, why not behave like a professional pilot, get on with the job and try to get things changed in a proper way. Fireflybob seems to have the right attitude, so take a leaf out of his book, especially the last paragraph of his post - it's very good advice.
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 12:54
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Alt Intervene,

you are right.... we are lucky to still be in jobs- and in the best place. If the gulf war kicks off- then it's good bye BA and all the major jobs- I think easyJet/Go have a fantastic future over them.

Lets hope the dust settles over the takeover soon
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 15:38
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Goforfun how can you call the Easy SOPs dated after operating to the stoneage BA SOPs ?
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 17:44
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Noflare, hardly stoneage, just different, and arguably somewhat better than Std Boeing. Most who joined Go from other companies now say they far prefer the Go style of operating. I have not heard one person say they prefer Boeing. What does that tell you?
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 19:37
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How dare you say I'm a horrible individual, my children think I'm great, as does the wife most of the time. That is when I can get out of the tailored shirt with lots of gold on it, black pants with BIG silver buckle, drag the huge watch of my arm and tone down on the old Chuck Yeager drawl.
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 21:31
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Interviews for duplicate jobs is an inevitable part of joining any two organisations together. There has been a reasonable balance, I would argure, between easy and Go staff getting key positions in the Company. There will of course be some who chose not to move to LTN, regretable but again inevitable I'm afraid. The merger is in fact moving ahead well and the targets for combined AOC etc are on schedule. The paint scheme for the Go aircraft begins in a month or so, so I am afraid, and with due respect to the Go brand, it will start to fade from sight over this next 4 to 5 months.

Morale low?, if you believe what you read in these pages perhaps, however, I notice that the Go staff working on the transformation seem very positive and keen to move ahead. I'm not suggesting that there isn't regret at the loss of the Go brand, however, I do think most now accept the merger and are looking to the future.


Not so! much of Go will move into the combined airline, think about it. A goodnumber of the Directors and senior managers are appointed from Go, they are not going to change their spots over night. In fact, from the begining, it was always said that we are combining the best of both.

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Old 26th Sep 2002, 22:04
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I also look positively to the future of the business potential of the new easyjet.
But, I don't however think it's the GO brand that our GO colleagues are really lamenting the departure of - it's the GO culture, or more poignantly, the culture easyjet had 3 years ago but have systematically diluted since with beancouting precision.

As for the transformation team, well I'd be pretty euphoric about it all as well if I was on the fat end of a 10 miilion windfall.

But it has to be said, at the end of it the city will smile - and who really gives a damn about anything else (except the rest of us)
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 22:33
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Might you well rue the loss of the Go culture, you certainly had an fine leader in Babs, but stay in this business long enough as I'm sure you know and something is bound to change. My reference to the transformation team was not with regard to senior managers and directors but to everyone who's working on this merger, they are not all at the end of the incentive scheme.
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Old 26th Sep 2002, 22:38
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Yak pilot is quite correct, we had a very happy company with highly motivated staff increasingly rewarded and acknowledged for a job well done. Cassani knew how to run a successful company. May I humbly suggest that Webster et al at easyjet eat some humble pie and take many leaves out of Cassanis book. The best of both we keep getting told. Starting with rostering and staff travel perhaps easy could actually begin to do what they say they are going to do. Old fashioned them and us management will fail the combined company and a large number of people will suffer. Easy management.....wakey,wakey.
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Old 27th Sep 2002, 02:09
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I quite agree,

One thing has certainly been surprisingly good about GO is that when being at work there has never been a glimmer of whingeing about the company - until the merger. Even then, any concern expressed has been about the attitude of easy management to their flying staff and equally importantly the rostering situation within easy. This has come from former easy people(not long since they left the orangery) and from the rest of us since the highly publicised rostering debacle.

May I suggest that, should any people of influence be reading this thread, they seriously look at the causes of discontent and concern amongst a significant portion of their revenue earners and try to address them with the view of long term staff contentment and profitability, not next years squeezing a few extra quid out of the poor b****rds.

I'd like to offer a very good idea- Operationally driven rosters and their inherant stability. It has worked like a dream with GO this summer and I think it has been fantastic! I've never had the roster stability like it before, I've got a social life again, I (and my family) are very happy with it and that's with working 85+ hrs per 28 days on average as well- so it can't be inneficient or unprofitable either.

As the stated aim of the merger is to take best practice, I wonder whether easy will take on the GO rostering system or not. If it comes down to the bean counters, I'd love to hear their take on the merits of disaffecting a large proportion of their staff versus some dogmatic adherance to a system. Why nail your colours to a mast without a really good reason?

Oh and in reply to those who may say that the easy rostering system is more cost effective - I've yet to be told this by any one from within the organisation, please communicate this through the proper channels to let us know and how!

I am an optomist and would like to remain so after the dust has settled. It would be nice if easy lead a willing staff into the future.

p.s I'm writing this at a very unsociable hour due to my young baby keepng me awake- oh well you can't have it all!
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Old 27th Sep 2002, 09:38
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Easyjet have a very strange manner for a company that is going to need to recruit more pilots and C/C in the not too distant future to stay in line with expansion.

I appreciate that there will always be the new pilots who are deperate for a job (as we all were once) and will join this company, but who in their right minds would want to join this shambles.

I have four good mates that work for EJ, both C's and F/O's who absoulutely hate it and will leave as soon as the time is right. What happens then? There is only a certain amount of money you can then throw at the problem (golden hello's) to get out of the mess.

I work for a company who have tried this line to a point and have realised very quickly that being at odds with flight crew is not the way to go.

Who the hell would EVER want to join this company out of choice, i.e. two job offers on the table?? I mean no offence to existing EJ pilots as I appreciate that you can't always help the way your management decide to go.
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Old 27th Sep 2002, 14:54
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For the first time ever when a long term colleague telephoned me the other day to ask if he should join easyJet I found myself dissuading him.
In the past I have always been able with good conscience to recommend my present Company. In this case however even though he was Boeing qualified and a line trainer with his present company, I could not.
Much later I reflected on the conversation and was saddened.
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Old 27th Sep 2002, 18:31
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So why do the easyjet guys accept the current situation?
Do they think that because they are working in the low cost sector that it is not possible to enjoy the job?
I hope the more contact easy pilots have with those from Go will bring a realisation that it is possible to enjoy the work, have a home life and a good salary!
It can be achieved but only if we ensure that it is achieved.

Personally I do not wish to work anywhere else. Long haul is not my thing nor charter operations. I have spent so many nights in airport hotels over the years that I would loath anything that takes me back to that kind of lifestyle. It has been so long since I did a nightstop that I cannot remember where my last one was. So, I am here to stay but guys please do not sit back and let easy remain a company where you too would find it difficult to recommend it to a colleague!
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Old 28th Sep 2002, 08:02
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I have been at easyJet for five years through lots of changes, and the really annoying thing about it is that it could be a really good airline. The pilots are excellent, the routes interesting and the aircraft reliable (particularly the -700's) Unbeknownst to the manangement, they have a lot of staff who still care about the place.
We are let down so badly by our own management, who unfortunately do not do as they say.
When we lost loads of drivers about three years ago due to poor rostering and low pay, it was decided to keep the pay similar to Ryannair to stop people leaving and avoid expensive retraining. The pay has been slipping backwards ever since, the rostering has had momenets of madness and we are sent video's telling us how important we are, but are overlooked when it comes time to hand out a bonus for the Go deal, the value of the company being what we made it. The April pay deal has not yet been agreed and threatens to linger on to Christmas or beyond, then the rumours are sent out by the FOM that we will not be backpaid the full amount as they cannot afford it; wait till the record profit announcement in November!!!!
Pilots will continue to vote with their feet, and I believe many will do so, as trust has been lost forever. You may get treated like cr@p elsewhere, but at least you expect it!!!!!
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Old 28th Sep 2002, 11:38
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I told you so!!!
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Old 28th Sep 2002, 12:07
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It is very depressing reading this thread as it shows history repeating itself...

We, formerly of Brymon, once worked for a profitable, reasonably content and generally decent company.

Then came the MBAs, Harvard Business school graduates and beancounters and married us to BRAL...a company where employees were used to being treated like Sh*t by managers for whom there was no respect.

So was born CitiExpress.

And, surprise, surprise, whose culture prevailed and which mangers got the top jobs in the airline?

Answer BRAL's.

As a result.....you talk about low morale.....!!! Come and visit us sometime and we'll teach you a thing or two about low morale!

The industry seems to be in the grip of people who do not understand that a company can have both a happy well motivated workforce AND be profitable.

Just what business schools do all these idiots come from which says" Work your staff to the bone, intimidate and bully them into total subservience and as a result wonderful things will flow for you and your shareholders"?

Read any Autobiography of any industrial giant and you will learn that generally they were respected and liked by their workforce and thereby the best was brought out in them.

Clearly Barbara was within that league and the idiots who lost her will doubtless have plenty of time to regret it at their leisure......

And, yes, my application is still in with EJ and I will happily accept any job offered!!
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Old 28th Sep 2002, 12:28
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Would be sorry to see you go Timbo, but sadly, most of what you say is absolutely correct. I like regional operations and swap lifestyle for a few more bucks - but maybe not for much longer.
If TDLF tells me once more things are getting better, or goes on about the light at the end of the tunnel - I shall have a sick day off due to stress caused by hysteria!
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Old 28th Sep 2002, 15:51
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Thumbs down


I am sorry to hear you are working so hard.

I think you may recall having a "ding dong" with me on hear last year, after I had been abused by an arrogant easyJet captain in interview. You seemed to think that easyJet was ACE then!! I told anyone who would listen that I was unimpressed with them, and that I would rather face redundancy with jmc than than move to eJ. You called me horrid nasty names then too. Just like you do now with Seriph!

I wasn't made redundant by jmc and have moved to a better paid job since then. I am happy I never joined eJ is all I can say. More haste, less speed chaps. It can pay well.

I genuinely hope that things improve for you all there, however there has been a HUGE amount of smugness and "holier than thou" from eJ pilots on these pages in the past.......

Lets hope you learn from that.

However, theGypsy you should look at yourself and what you call people. It seems that you can be a touch blinkered.
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