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Modular V Integrated (Merged) - Look here before starting a new thread!

Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.

Modular V Integrated (Merged) - Look here before starting a new thread!

Old 14th Dec 2020, 19:22
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Thank you for considering your reply for nearly a month Mr Trouser snake. The problem is that the licence doesn’t matter (a point you seem to have missed?) It is what you do with it. For many people it is a part of the necessary acquisition on the road to a career with airlines. In itself it isn’t the final hurdle. Unfortunately it is often projected and of course perceived as just that. There have long been “fast track” and invariably those were full time integrated routes, into airline apprenticeships. There have also been alternative “self improver” routes into airline careers. They often required jumping on “stepping stones” leading to the 2500-3000 hours that were traditionally required for those routes. When JAA brought in the 200/250 hour hour CPL, everybody and their dog thought it was the end game. Usually it wasn’t and this degenerated into the “modular/integrated” pseudo-argument that is so pervasive in this and similar threads. For those schools that were supplying the airline apprenticeship programmes the airline companies had to be satisfied with the output that then became their input.

There is no doubt at all in my mind that there are a great many excellent “modular” schools offering excellent programmes. However the basic CPL simply isn’t the golden ticket so many would hope it is as they use this “modular/integrated” argument to justify a determined pathway. I don’t care what it yields to the flight school, it is what it yields to the candidate. To that end I have indeed put my money where my mouth is and although the risk cannot be understated (as I have said for many years now) the result didn’t make me “ look silly” at all, indeed, far from it!
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Old 14th Dec 2020, 19:36
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Originally Posted by African_TrouserSnake View Post

Modular being of lesser quality is a load of , you for one should know mr 25000.
I have a similar number of hours to Bealzebub (if that's what 25000 means) and personally, I can't work out for the life of me why anyone would invest so much money and time in order to be an airline employee
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Old 15th Dec 2020, 12:40
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Sorry I am not retired, so I do not have time to lurk on this board every hour of the day. I thank you for the history lesson, but fail to see its relevance tbh.

ofcourse these threads degenerate into modular vs integrated, which is due to the big boy flightschools argument that modular is a qualitative lesser form of training. Besides that flight schools (especially the integrated ones) offer the perspective of a 150h fatpl being the endgame, TR and an airline career is next. The argument is more than logic on a wannabe forum, as wannabes don’t have much info to go by...

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Old 7th Jan 2021, 14:52
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Choosing an integrated flight school

im currently 17 and turning 18 next year where I hope to start my pilot training. I have visited many academy’s before lockdown in person and attended a few events virtually. I am looking at integrated ATPL NOT modular please don’t turn this into a modular discussion I don’t mean to sound rude. But I would like to hear your opinions on L3 Harris, CAE, FTE, Skyborne, Leading edge, FTA and any other you would consider. Which academy’s have had best results and stuck to their promises etc. I understand at the current time there are little to no pilot jobs about however and some internal members of staff of airlines have said they are looking at recruiting cadets in April this year. And with the integrated training taking 18 months to complete there is plenty of time for improvement. Again I’d like to remind you I won’t be considering the modular route so in the politest way possible don’t turn this into an integrated vs modular thread there are plenary of those about.
thanks in advance.
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Old 7th Jan 2021, 15:26
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Why were you even considering modular? Complete waste of time mate. L3 white tail integrated MPL with A320 rating is by far your best chance. They'll get you through in no time and the quality of training is top notch. One of my mates said he knows someone in the recruitment department at EasyJet. Apparently they are looking a looking at recruiting as many 150 hour MPL cadets as they can get their hands on in the next couple months, they aren't interested in the several thousand full ATPL holders on the market currently looking for work. Oh yes, one other thing, make sure you pay the 140,000 up front because it's meant to get you to get you better scores on your final report (especially in Situational Awareness and Decision making sections, you'll defo get an exceptional mark) This will help you get an interview first at EasyJet.
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Old 7th Jan 2021, 16:12
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I second this, my dad works at easyjet and he told me you won’t require an interview if you’re from an integrated school such as CAE or L3.
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Old 7th Jan 2021, 21:01
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Don't do any pilot training until the market picks up. Terms and conditions are dreadful right now with big pay cuts in airlines.

Do you want to invest upwards of 100k in training to then be struggling to find any kind of job where you most likely will have to pay a type rating and be lucky to earn more than 1500-2000 a month.

I'm doing an unskilled basic job now and it pays more than I earn in my airline.
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Old 17th Jan 2021, 17:55
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Advice on Modular Training

Hi All,

I was hoping for some advice on the best route with Modular Training, each time I try and sort a plan I get conflicting advice with the way Brexit has gone.

So I currently live in Northern Ireland and can train at the Ulster Flying Club for PPL, I currently have experience on microlights but have paused that license due tho the hours not counting towards ppl. I would be happy with a time frame of 3 to 4 years to complete training excluding type rating depending on my circumstances. I can travel around for different parts of the training so would appreciate any recommendations.

I appreciate any help or maybe advice on how other people have went with it

Many Thanks
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Old 27th Mar 2021, 18:53
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My best advice is to stick with the modular route as time is very much on your side with the plan you have. Get your PPL done and find a method of hours building by looking for a "non-equity" shared group. What I mean by "non equity" is you buy in to becoming a member of a flying group that offers cheaper flying. It sounds daunting when I use the word "aircraft share", the way these groups work or at least the one I was involved in, would mean a security deposit and a monthly membership cost (for example 400 deposit which you get back when leaving the group and 25 per month for a wet rate in a cherokee for say 115 per hour with no attached maintenance costs!!!), far more cheaper than using a flying school to burn holes in the sky. Much more rewarding as you are more independent and learn the ropes with other group members or friends/colleagues whom you will come across. Alongside this is your ATPL theory, full time or distance, depending on your circmstances ie BristolGS. Then you'd probably want to go for your adavanced training ME/IR/CPL with one school, there's plenty who offer packages for modular's ie aeros, FTA. As for Brexit, well licence wise it appears jumping to a new state of licence issue (or SOLI) is irrelevant for now unless you have the right to live and work in Europe, however, don't set your sites always to the airlines. There are many GA outfits across the UK that you could start with first to add more strings to the bow, air ambluance, flight surveying, ILS calibration to name a few which will build experience, and add in a few interview anecdotes that would set you apart from the rest as well as those much needed hours. Then bide your time and who knows, perhaps common sense will prevail on UK licence recognition ..... This industry is hugely dynamic and opportunities come and go very quickly, one period is bad then its booming, very cyclical and often in waves but you have the time to catch the next crest when it arrises. Things may look bleak now but aviation always bounces back in some shape or form, just be ready for when it does.

Good luck!

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