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Modular V Integrated (Merged) - Look here before starting a new thread!

Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.

Modular V Integrated (Merged) - Look here before starting a new thread!

Old 15th Feb 2020, 20:47
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Max, you pay €86000.00 for the course, plus exam accommodation etc so let's call it €120000.00 to be safe.
Then you have an assessment with Ryanair, if they offer you a job expect another €30 -40000 for the Type Rating and other costs.
intergrated could end up being €160000.00 quite a lot of money to fork out before you even earn a cent. Think very very hard. I doubt you.will, but I feel I should at least mention it.
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Old 15th Feb 2020, 20:50
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it's only €160000 lets remorgage mum's house
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Old 15th Feb 2020, 21:13
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sounds like a plan, while we are at it let's repmorgage grans house as well.😬
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Old 18th Feb 2020, 09:34
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I have been finding out that there are cadet schemes with a job guarantee and schemes without but they are advertised the same way ( or at least pretend to be the same). AFTA eventually were clear that there is no job if you do the Ryanair program but only an interview. If I go modular can I also apply with Ryanair? Would all students be having the same interview?
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Old 18th Feb 2020, 22:03
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Ryanair require a report from your head of training at the flight schools you use and detailed reports, Ryanair are the biggest recruiter of modular students in Europe's since they swipe up the low hour cadets theyre mostly a stepping stone airline you do your TR then some go to the ME the type raiting bond is alright I think its a 5 year bond. Also they require really good ATPLpasses im not sure weather its all first time passes or how many re-takes have to be disclosed apparently people have been refused because of atpls.

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Old 19th Feb 2020, 13:51
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ATPL ground school recommendations

At some point soon I'm going to take the plunge and start the next phase of my journey which will be ATPL ground school. Am looking at full-time over 6 months.

I've seen a few ground schools around, A few I have in mind are CAE Oxford, FTA, Stapleford and Skyborne. Does anyone have any recommendations on these ground schools? Or any others I should look at? I've done the whole spiel of speaking to them at events and contacting etc. But want to know anyone who has had experience with any of them, or able shed some light?
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Old 27th Feb 2020, 15:11
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Originally Posted by Max1996 View Post
If I go modular can I also apply with Ryanair? Would all students be having the same interview?
Yes. WHEN RYR is hiring, they will hire anyone that meets their standard regardless whether they did the modular or integrated route. I think they give preference now to cadets that have done the APSMCC, so if you want to really work for RYR then do the modular training route (plenty of options for around €60.000) plus the APSMCC. This APS MCC is quite a new thing and only Ryanair puts stock in this course ( it was supposedly developed by someone in Ryanair), all other operators just require the MCC/JOC, and I believe that during the next RYR hiring spree they will mostly hire standard MCC/JOC because there are only a few people that have the APS MCC. The market changes fast so best to take it one step at the time by going modular.
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Old 27th Feb 2020, 15:16
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Originally Posted by portos8 View Post
The market changes fast so best to take it one step at the time by going modular.

airlines only really care if you will fit in their environment and if you're successful in interviews! You still have the same licence in the end as an ab-nitio student! Theyre just in more debt and you could have more hours and better written exam results!
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Old 28th Feb 2020, 14:17
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The modular route will get you into the cockpit eventually and the majority of people actually go down the modular route; despite what the marketing folks say.

My advice is to stick to modular schools only if you want to go down the modular route. If you are modular, don’t use an integrated school for any part of your training, because no matter what they promise you they will always prioritise the integrated cadets in terms of the training schedule.

When it comes to jobs however, all bets are off, the airlines treat everyone the same. They are employing you, investing in you, taking a risk on you and they only want the best candidates. Generally speaking, they don’t care how much you paid for your training, what school you came from or who you know. They only care if you are competent enough to bring 190 passengers and a $70 million dollar aircraft back in one piece.
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Old 1st Mar 2020, 13:00
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Can anyone give me a realistic price of modular training in the uk, also a realistic time frame with a full time job, I am 34 and absolutely ready for the career change, I am currently a maintenance engineer in the automotive sector, and feel if I don’t do it now I will forever regret it any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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Old 1st Mar 2020, 14:16
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Yeah you can. There are so many variables you should price it up yourself based on where you are prepared to travel to etc.. Price up PPL, night, 50 hours cross country, CBIR, MEP, MEIR add-on, 15 hour SE CPL and whatever extra hours you need to meet 200/100. Add in the cost of ATPLs and exams and flight tests. Bear in mind it may be cheaper to join a syndicate for hour building etc.
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Old 1st Mar 2020, 17:36
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I havw the price sheet for aeros however im not sure how to share but they're in line with industry

depends if you have any dependants if not or they don't mind I recommend wings alliance/bartiloni in Poland you can get a dull frozen ATPL for just over 50k depending on your current licences, for example if you don't need a PPL and IR NR then you can get everything else for much less

fiddle about with this:https://wingsalliance.eu/training/pi...et-calculator/

the rate is how quick you can get it done each licence, I'd say no less than 2 years if you still want to be in full time employment. Hope this helps
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Old 9th Mar 2020, 23:15
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Hello guys, its my first post here, can someone give me an actual feedback about MEP IR CPL program in either Poland,Hungary or Czech?
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Old 4th May 2020, 08:32
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AspiringPilot28 I can't message you back as you've filled your quota - try deleting a few messages then tag me into your reply on here.
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Old 4th May 2020, 08:50
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I did it at Bartolini 3 years ago and I was super happy. I would do it all over again, especially now that they are partners with Ryanair. It is a bit more expensive than other options in the area, but you get what you pay for. And it's still relatively cheaper than the rest of Europe.
LOT also like their trainees, especially if you speak Polish.
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Old 4th May 2020, 10:57
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Hey man, it should be clear now. Cheers
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Old 4th May 2020, 15:48
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AspiringPilot28 nope try clearing your inbox and sent items maybe
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 14:01
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Advice/Feedback on Training needed urgently.

Hello everyone, a few months ago the future seemed very clear with how the aviation industry was.
However, due to obvious recent events this is no longer the case...
Therefore i need some advice and especially feedback from recent ATPL students.

A bit of context:
I am nearing the completion of my mandatory military service thus looking forward to going on to study. Applied to the CAE Generation easyJet programme a few months back and successfully passed all stages of the assessments.
This was in extremely close proximity to countries initiating their lock-down due to Covid-19 and thus i became worried that easyJet may cancel the MPL course. Lo and behold a couple of weeks after receiving the best news, i received the worst.
A letter from easyJet explaining why the programme will be 'suspended' at least for the time being (i think for a long long time personally). So, now with this new information i have to make a decision regarding the future.

CAE is high on my consideration at the moment as I have been offered a spot on their traditional Integrated ATPL course with a priority of transfer onto the Generation easyJet MPL if it happens to relaunch at any time during my Theory training (6-8 months).
Additionally CAE is a lucrative offer as they have the option of 'opting in' for parallel studies for a Bs(c) Hons in Air Transport Management. This is mixed in during various phases of the Integrated course and at the end upon graduation you have 300 out of 360 credits for the full Bs(c) Hons.
If I opt in i will definitely re-enroll to complete the degree and upgrade it to the full 360 credits. My thinking in choosing this route is that in approximately 2-2.5 years time i will have graduated and also have a degree as a backup/advantage in what could potentially be a very competitive hiring market. As well as having the option to go even further and study for a Masters if the industry is still at the earlier stages of recovery by the time I will have completed the ATPL.
COST: 90,000 GBP plus 5000 GBP for the degree. Additionally an average of 500 GBP per months for accommodation.

My only doubt regarding CAE is the various rumors/feedback floating around groups and forums about delays and or poor training due to Instructors coming and going rapidly. (perhaps the instructor situation will become more stable in light of corona and unemployment threat.)

The alternative option is FTA Global, as i have had some good feedback surrounding this school. The total cost purely for the ATPL will come around 78000 GBP, again with a similar or slightly cheaper cost of accommoddation (I imagine no cheaper than 400 GBP per month).
However if I follow this route there is no added element of the degree. I am also not entirely sure how their hiring aid fares upon graduation.

Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated, if anyone knows of other reputable academies with good feedback please let me know.
I have considered modular but Integrated seems to be the preferred course by airlines and I imagine there are benefits of having your whole training experience handled by one provider for the sake of continuity and smooth transitions.
I have decent grades from school and could potentially look into traditional University degrees but I am not sure i would be passionate enough about a subject that i have to find in a relatively short amount of time that is outside of aviation. As-well as the fact that for a lot of Universities i would not be able to apply for this academic year which would mean a major loss of time for me since i already had to spend time going through the mandatory military service.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope a positive and insightful discussion comes out of this.
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 18:50
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Originally Posted by C.luc View Post
I have considered modular but Integrated seems to be the preferred course by airlines and I imagine there are benefits
Okay this has to be up there with the most ludicrous remarks such as "modular students are better than intergrated" and "im going to start my training right after a global pandemic"

You honestly think airlines care if you went intergrated or not you'll find jet time is more important...so save a but of money and go modular..on no website does it say "intergrated students preferred"

A degree would be useful, if you get made redundant or your airline goes up the drain, im sure many other fellows on here would agree...
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Old 26th Jun 2020, 12:30
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Originally Posted by C.luc View Post
Hello everyone, a few months ago the future seemed.....
I strongly suggest you have a look around the forum before publishing your diary.

I get it, you want to chase your dream. But come on mate, seriously considering CAE or any integrated school costing in excess of 100.000 GBP with for the forseeable future literally 0 chance of a job afterwards? You're betting against very small odds with your future weatlh on the line.
Are you aware that easyjet MPL cadets awaiting basetraining got their contracts cancelled due to aviation crisis? Please tell me that you were not. I fear it wouldn't matter anyway because " brr brr I go fly aeroplawne heheh brr brr nice pilotsuit, i want boeing a320 hgahe", am I right?

Please notice that starting a whitetail integrated fATPL during/shortly after COVID does not show any positive traits.

Why? because it shows a probability that:
  • You are inclined to poor situational awareness
  • You are highly susceptible to confirmation bias
  • You haven't done a well founded research before making a decision with possibly major consequences
  • You are willing to gamble against very small odds with a possibly major consequences
I am not here to burn you down, but by looking at your previous post you tick atleast a few of the points listed above.

Just consider it as a warning, the financial burden is a hard one to carry for the rest of your life, even more so if as a binman.
Go back to the drawing board. Read aviation forums, enquire on facebook groups, do NOT take out a loan, consider modular, get a few PPL lessons, this forum is filled with sound advice --> don't only read the things that you'd like to hear.

I agree with Modular Halil about a degree, but please enquire about the job possibilities with that particular degree, as I have heard some say it is gimmick, but I dont know wether that is true.
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