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Training in Spain

Old 10th Feb 2001, 22:26
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happy flyer
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Question Training in Spain

Hi everyone.
this is my first post so here goes.I am wondering if anybody knows of any flying schools in the alicante/valencia region of Spain who run ppl courses in english.I started about 8 months ago in Dublin and currently have about 25 hours but i might be moving to Spain to work so i want to continue on flying and come back and do the flight test in Dublin.i have tried to find info but i am not having much luck.
hope you can help.

happy flyer

Old 12th Feb 2001, 00:18
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Thumbs up

Airmed Flight Academy is one of the top schools in Spain.
They train for a JAR/FCL licenced ATPL and have the ISO9002 certificate and are member of the EAAPS organisation (grouping the 10 or so best schools of Europe).
They fly from Valencia International Airport (Manises) and courses are in English.
You might be able to do a PPL also there...
visit them at

ps.their equipment includes: C172
P28 and Seneca's.
Sims are: Frasca142 (for procedural training) and A320 full motion sim (for LOFT/MCC/Jet Orientation)
Old 12th Feb 2001, 00:24
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check out

I myself is planning to start a ATPL integratede course!
Is searching for a good flightschool in Europe! any who have any info on the pro/cons for taking a course in spain whould be very much appriciated!!

If any other flightschools is worth checking out please post!


good luck on the flying

Old 12th Feb 2001, 12:19
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I Just visited their webpage, and saw that you were interested in going here. Plz contact me. Im also from Denmark.
Especially after the new rule regarding IR of Jan 31,this might be a good place.
So contact me and we can talk about this.
Email: [email protected]
phone : 82321012
Old 15th Feb 2001, 01:35
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Whoops, my email in my profil was wrong, so if sent anything i didnt get it.
It should be corrected now.
Old 21st Feb 2001, 18:14
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Does anyone know who the training school at Alicante (ALC/LEAL) is?

Old 21st Feb 2001, 21:10
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The flying school at ALC is Aeroway - don't have the number to hand I'm afraid and not sure if they have a website. Also based at Madrid, I believe.
Old 9th Jul 2001, 13:30
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Post E-mail contacts for schools in Southern Spain?

I am looking for the web site adress for Bae in Jarez or any other Jaa FLight School in Southern SPain. I have tried looking, but like anything on the net it is impossible.
If any one has any contacts, it would be gratfully appreciated.
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Old 9th Jul 2001, 13:58
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Mate, it aint impossible to find these things on the net - a simple click onto the wannabes archive would have led you straight to exactly the web address that you're looking for.

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Old 9th Jul 2001, 14:00
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Tunneler mate - you getting ready for the sun and sand!!!!!

Done any pre-course revision??
Old 31st Oct 2001, 17:43
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Question Flying Schools in Spain

Can anybody suggest a friendly club/school in southern Spain for flying training and club activities?
Old 31st Oct 2001, 23:22
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Airmed International Pilot School based at Valencia International.
They do integrated ATPL for the JAA licence and in English. Students are from the whole of Europe and they have the ISO9002 quality rating and are member of the EAAPS.
Highly recommended, as I am studying there myself...
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Old 1st Nov 2001, 02:32
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Do they do modular?

I have recently flown in Spain for hours building's just great flying!!!
I wish to do my CPL there but I don't know of any FTO doing modular training (JAA of course).....????...
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Old 1st Nov 2001, 14:16
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Affirm, they do modular courses.

you can have a look at for more information.
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Old 1st Nov 2001, 18:30
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is it my computer or does their web site not work? I get the front page but none of the links work!!

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Old 3rd Nov 2001, 03:28
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Hi,i am Pedro there are a lot of activities in southern Spain , there are various clubs around here ,Malaga,Jerez,Campo de Gibraltar and the straits, the hour of C172 is about 75 pounds if any one needs anything or a safety pilot
e-mail me [email protected] or
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Old 12th Feb 2002, 18:34
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Question Flying schools in Spain ?

Already posted about Airmed but would like other peoples experiences about above and BAE.
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Old 27th Nov 2002, 16:05
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The Rain or Spain - Which ATPL FTO???


So the process in getting to choose an FTO for ATPL training continues. England or Spain? I have narrowed my choice down to BAE in Jerez for the training after much scoping out of the other FTOs and what they offer, and would appreciate any thoughts and feedback to the below questions from those fellow aviators who have gone before:

1) Has anyone gone through BAE and could tell me how you rate them, the training/instruction, their key selling points, facilities, advantages and disadvantages, and do they have credible Airline Recognition in the industry? Would anyone who went through BAE have chosen otherwise afterward/chosen an alternate FTO?

2) At age 31, am I already becoming 'old' for the airlines, given that if I commence a 60 week course in Sep '03, I will qualify at the end of 2004 at age 33?

3) BAEs simulated training appears to take place on a Hawker 800 Simulator. Oxford for example do this in a 737-400 Simulator, as well as the MCC + JOT, and say the reason for this is to recreate the most realistic environment that one would experince in the airlines. As most of the airlines of today's fleet is made up of 737 aircraft, is one not hindered by the fact that you are receiving simulated training in a simulator that pertains to an 8 seater jet? Or does this achieve the same outcome?

4) Why is it that the CAA and GAPAN only recommend 4 FTOs for ATPL training - surely there are others?

Any thoughts and feedback would be most appreciated.


The Rookie
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Old 27th Nov 2002, 17:08
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The rain in Spain ....

Excuse me again, but why UK people is just contemplating one's navel ? Always the conflict between going Oxford, BAE, Cabair, ...

I am at Airmed in Spain, 30% less price than BAE, good quality and experience. Also in Spain AeroMadrid is starting to teach in English (good opportunity for people from abroad exactly the same than my colleagues from Holland when they started the first foreign course in Airmed: instead to be a challenge this is an opportunity ! ) next February, and other Schools to be visited. While Portugal and Italy are not JAR approved, people from Europe have to take the advantage of JAR in Spain (perhaps South of France but I am not aware about any School there teaching in English...).

And people from all over Europe are doing this except British !
Why are you so different ?

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Old 27th Nov 2002, 18:25
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Good point Dennisb. I know so many better and cheaper training establishments that Oxford, Cabair and BAE. These schools tend to pray on peoples belief that the airlines prefer to use them as their sole pool for pilots, but this is just not the case.

Not sure what you mean by 'contemplating one's navel' but I'll make no other comments because i'm sure you speak my language better than I speak yours!

My advice to Justin: yes you can get a licence in 60weeks but your not going to find many if any job opportunities, regardless of age. Get your ground school done with Bristol or similar, then look in to a CPL/IR with FI rating at a school like Triple A at Humberside (As an example). Save you about 20k! Spend your cash prudently as Gordon Brown would say.

As for the sim at Oxford, this is a PURE gimmick. The type of A/C you ‘MCC or JOT with’ is irrelevant. As a brand new CPL/IR holder, you don't need to be type rated or even have any experience of the aircraft the airlines uses; they will sort this out for you when you are offered the job (Hopefully). They probably won't even take in to account that you used a 737 during your MCC or JOT.

When you go for a sim ride, what they are looking for is that you know and apply the fundamentals to the flight, you don't have to know where all the dials are etc, you may have a co-pilot who you will instruct to set take off power, set cruise power etc, they will try to put you under pressure to see if you forget the fundamentals, they may try to distract you during a critical phase of the sim with trivial questions about your personal life, just to test your training and character. The fact that you happen to know where the dials are, or already have a 'feel' for the aircraft is unimportant. You could have MCC'd on a Seneca or 747 for all they care.

I am never failed to be surprised by some of the marketing ploys of these schools.

Cant answer your last question im afraid

Good luck!

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