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deefer dog 5th Nov 2016 22:45

Not directly related to TCT, but her lawyer might want to have a look at this.


Right Hand Thread 5th Nov 2016 23:03


If you really wanted to ensure your questions were seen you could always email her PR man, Tim Kelly. Pretty sure his address is on one of the recent links.

I know you won't get an answer but we'd know for certain she/they had been given the opportunity to reply. Hell, say the word and I'll do it on your behalf.

clareprop 6th Nov 2016 05:49

An extract from the 'Bird in a Biplane website located under the 'Speaking' menu. The date is February 2015, some eighteen months after the Africa- UK flight.

Courtesy: Waybackmachine.org and birdinabiplane.com

Tracey Curtis Taylor Aviator, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker

Her solo open-cockpit biplane flight from Cape Town to Goodwood was the realisation of
something beyond a dream. It encompassed great adventure and daring in some of the most
spectacularly beautiful and dangerous parts of the world today. (February 4th 2015)
Four weeks later, the page had been edited to remove any reference to the flight being solo. I believe Sam Rutherford first wrote to Tracey Curtis-Taylor about her claims at about this time.

Stanwell 6th Nov 2016 06:47

Further to that..
An Artemis Investments executive had, part-way through the Africa trip, expressed concerns that things weren't quite what it said on the tin.
It would appear that, somehow, Tracey had persuaded him to go home and mind his own business.

On the second round (Oz) it soon became apparent to a number of aviation industry people that they'd been misled.
I suspect that those people then just sat back with a beer, (as we do down here) saying .. 'OK, let's see how this one goes'.

Then, astoundingly, on the third round (USA), the TCT machine continued to shamelessly bang the "Solo Aviatrix" drum .. and even louder.

She's fast running out of places where she'll be welcome - and, TCT and EG, I'd also advise against turning up at Winslow Arizona again expecting fuel, y'hear?

Jonzarno 6th Nov 2016 07:35


Yes please! Indeed, if anyone else wants to do so as well to demonstrate that it comes from more than one person, perhaps it will help to get their attention.

I do stress again that if, despite the prima facie evidence quoted, they do have good answers: I stand ready to be convinced.

Piltdown Man 6th Nov 2016 09:25

Is she editing her new film now? It is due out soon.
I'll guess the film is already made and in it's digital can, after a quick check to make sure all references to the rude, four letter "S" word have all been removed. But it won't be offered until the smell of this debacle fades away. It's value depends on it being sold to the Beeb so it can then be hawked around the rest of the world with the quality seal of "As seen on the BBC". Saying it had its world-wide TV premiere on KXGN-TV, channel 5 will impress nobody. But its value is reducing all the time yet it needs to be turned into cash. I'll also wager the (paying) speaking engagements are thin on the ground and the overdraft is building up quite nicely. And all of that will be cleared just as soon as the US trip is finished... Errr, but that needs a bit more cash to sort and these nasty people are deliberately being mean and nasty, etc.

She could make a film about near misses, burgling controlled and restricted airspace, poor technique, reckless flying and crashing vintage aircraft though. Solo or two-up, I'd love to watch that!


Fred Tesson 6th Nov 2016 09:35

Perhaps she could use the film to come clean, to issue an apology, and to show how she's learned the error of her ways.

I bet that would be a good seller.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 6th Nov 2016 10:04

Originally Posted by Fred Tesson (Post 9568744)
Perhaps she could use the film to come clean, to issue an apology, and to show how she's learned the error of her ways.

I bet that would be a good seller.

Please all see my post #2585.

Fred Tesson's "learned the error of her ways" comment is important. The error is not just the removal of the S-word, that would have been done from the start. The main error that will be getting edited is the focus on outreach. I believe that material to cut-in may just be a bit thin on the ground.

My understanding of Nylon films is that they make documentaries in a speculative way, they make the film then try to sell it to whoever will buy it.
Am I right in thinking it was first aired on the BBC? BBC are not known as the top-notch payers and they would not have paid top-dollar for it I am sure. Nylon can afford to take these risks.

I very much doubt that the third phase will complete as I don't think the money to do so is there to fund the flight.
Africa to UK - Massive sponsorship, and a film company that could self-finance if necessary.
UK to OZ - Went ahead on the momentum of the previous trip, sponsors still dragged along but queries starting to appear.
Seattle to Winslow - Not much film available, there can't be any worthwhile outreach in the USA.

If it has not happened already, it certainly will, BOEING and ARETEMIS should be asking some rather embarrassing questions of TCT and team. They certainly have grounds to ask for their money back. The Africa to UK trip as mentioned above was funded based on a fundamental lie.

Mike Flynn 6th Nov 2016 10:45

Boeing and Artemis have never made any comment even when approached by the press.

I would have thought they have some sort of corporate responsibility to answer questions on the solo claims that generated so many global headlines but proved to be lies.

Is there also a requirement to answer shareholders on why they spent considerable sums on the Spirit of Artemis?

Any ideas on who to contact at Boeing?

Dick Turpin appears to be the man who said yes at Artemis.

Haraka 6th Nov 2016 11:02

Evidently they were either duped or were complicit ( or both at different times).
A bit difficult to explain either way I would have thought.

fwjc 6th Nov 2016 11:03

Nylon Films were only involved in the first trip (Capetown to Goodwood). The Australia trip was due to be filmed by a private crew funded by Diana Rigg. I don't know which company she hired or what has happened with the footage this far. I also don't know whether they went as far as the USA trip.

Right Hand Thread 6th Nov 2016 11:27


TCT was saying two months ago that the footage was in the cutting room. Mind you, she says a lot of things. :hmm:

Mike Flynn 6th Nov 2016 11:35

It appears the 'documentary' was commissioned by National Geographic.

This from the Inmarsat website.

There are few period pictures and movie records of the early flights of the 1920 and 30s, so filming her journey will not only help keep history alive but footage also will be used to educate a new generation of aviation enthusiasts. In this way Tracey hopes to provide young people with an enthralling example of adventure that reflects the great achievements of our pioneering forebears.

Footage from the cameraman, as well as from the cockpit and wings of Tracey’s biplane, has captured stunning shots of the scenery, the challenges and moments of high emotion. This will now be pieced together in a documentary made by Leopard Films and commissioned by National Geographic, to pay homage to Amy Johnson.
I am not sure who writes all this stuff.

She has been flying for many years; taking her first lesson at the age 16 and learning to fly in New Zealand after emigrating there in her early twenties. Later Tracey returned to the UK and became a commercial pilot and a flying instructor.

But her real passion was for vintage aircraft and warbirds. In 1997 she helped organise Duxford’s Flying Legends air shows and later became the first female pilot to be based at the historic Shuttleworth Collection, at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.

Today she lives in Cambridge, UK, working predominantly with historic aviation and air show organisation.
Journey into history - Inmarsat

Piltdown Man 6th Nov 2016 11:39

JS - I'd take your pick from this lot. As a rough guess, I'd go for both of the Enterprise Core people. If it's not them, they will know whose area of responsibility funding for joy flights belongs. Sorry, I meant outreach, inspirational, empowerment and enabling programmes for wimmin.


Mike Flynn 6th Nov 2016 12:05

My thoughts are go to the top.

Boeing: Dennis A. Muilenburg

Dennis Muilenburg is chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of The Boeing Company.

Muilenburg, 52, oversees the strategic direction of the Chicago-based, $96.1 billion aerospace company. With approximately 160,000 employees across the United States and in more than 65 countries, Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and top U.S. exporter. It is the leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes, military aircraft, and defense, space and security systems; it supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 150 nations.

Muilenburg became chairman of the board in March 2016, chief executive officer in July 2015 and president in December 2013.

Any thoughts on the email to send to Dennis?

Jonzarno 6th Nov 2016 12:20

Any thoughts on the email to send to Dennis?
Well if you weren't already going to, asking him if he can get answers to my three questions might be a good start. :ok:

Mike Flynn 6th Nov 2016 12:44

I agree Jonzarno

It would help the thread if someone can put those questions to Dennis in either an email or an old fashioned letter.

I am more than happy to assist with publicity once the letter has been drafted and sent.
He then has two choices.

Reply and give answers.

Ignore and face the press.

Pilot DAR 6th Nov 2016 13:03

Islandlad has reminded us of two other related threads:




I could merge them to this thread, but am hesitating. This thread is already awkwardly long, and merging would place all the posts in chronological order. The result would be that to pick out the newly merged posts, the reader would have to re read the whole (now longer) thread, as they would be scattered all along by date. If there is a persuasive reason to do this, it will be considered. In the mean time, interested readers may follow the links to those threads and read them independently.

noflynomore 6th Nov 2016 13:11

Tracey Curtis-Taylor (born 1962) is a British aviator who has worked as a commercial pilot and flying instructor in New Zealand.

Q: What sparked your interest in aviation?
I love the early planes. It’s completely romantic and whimsical but that’s my approach to flying. It became a hobby. I’m not interested in modern procedural flying. I’ve never been a professional flyer. I’m just an enthusiastic aviator.
I've edited the Wiki page and cited that quote absolutely in order with Wiki protocol. The amendment lasted a couple of hours. This is far from my only experience of this sort of obfuscating editing there.

Go figure. Someone is camping on her Wiki page and seeng that anything they don't approve of is removed toot de sweet, and have been doing so for weeks. They are certainly dedicated.

In fact, I think I'll do it again, now. Let's see how long this one lasts.

The Old Fat One 6th Nov 2016 13:17

I'd give you fair odds it will TCT herself. I expect she has more time on her hands then she expected at the moment. Airpolice has nicely summed up my understanding...so I'd be interested in any corrections because - like many on here - truth, clarity, transparency & integrity matter a great deal.

Go figure. Someone is camping on her Wiki page and seeng that anything they don't approve of is removed toot de sweet, and have been doing so for weeks. They are certainly dedicated.
Don't sweat it...she can't control Facebook (the Herne Bay vid has been posted on one of her FB pages), Google or Wayback (not to the same degree anyway). The goat is loose and she is not no way in control of it no more. And I have to say that is the least threatening solicitors letter I've ever seen :)

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