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B Fraser 4th Nov 2016 13:51

The FAA Accident (sorry, incident) Report shows that Ewald had recorded nearly the same amount of hours as TCT. It would be understandable to assume that he had similarly done so on previous trips.

Perhaps her lawyers should be shown the document along with a photo of the aircraft sitting in the dust which had not been involved in an accident.

Mike Flynn 4th Nov 2016 14:41

Getting back on topic the Air League and HCAP have given her awards on the basis of a few staged pictures.

If I am wrong perhaps Terry Holloway can post some genuine substance to the so called outreach that merited the awards.

robin 4th Nov 2016 15:40

I mentioned some weeks ago I had an email from her lawyers threatening legal action regarding my posts on here.
1. I am a barrister at Matrix Chambers specialising in media and information law, including the
law of internet-related harassment and data protection. I write to you on behalf of Tracey
2. As you are aware, Ms Curtis-Taylor is an aviator and adventurer. In 2013 she flew nearly
10,000 miles in a 1942 open cockpit Boeing Stearman, the Spirit of Artemis, from Cape
Town to Goodwood. The flight was inspired by and in tribute to Lady Mary Heath, the first
person to fly solo from the Cape to the UK in 1928. In late 2015/early 2016 she flew from
the UK to Australia, inspired by Amy Johnson’s epic solo flight in 1930. Further information
is available on her website at Tracey Curtis Taylor - Aviatrix, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker.
3. As a result of her flying endeavours, Ms Curtis-Taylor has received the Light Aircraft
Association’s Woodhams Trophy in November 2014, the Air League Framed Address in
May 2014 and 2016, and is to receive to the Honourable Company of Air Pilots Master’s
Medal later this year.
4. The purpose of this letter is:
a. to put you on notice of my client’s claims for misuse of private information,
harassment and breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 against you arising
principally from postings made by you under the pseudonym “Jay Sata” from about
April 2016 and continuing to date on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network
(“PPRuNe”) at PPRuNe Forums - Professional Pilots Rumour Network (although she also understands that you have made
similar statements elsewhere, including via email and to the media); and
b. to request that you take such steps as are necessary to remove the posts
complained of, to desist from harassing my client and to cease processing her
personal data with immediate effect.
In the event that you do not comply with the requests made in this letter, you will leave
my client no option but to consider legal proceedings against you in order to vindicate
her rights, including but not limited to seeking interim injunctive relief against you.
Matters complained of
5. As noted above, my client’s complaints arise principally from posts made by you under the
pseudonym Jay Sata on the PPRuNe forum, specifically at www.pprune.org/privateflying/
I replied stating I am a retired journalist and asking a couple of questions regarding her claims in the global media.

I have not heard a word from them but do have some further questions.These are points I will be raising if her lawyers wish to progress their threats.

As Tracey and Ewald are complaining of being so misunderstood, perhaps they could clarify and show some scans of the relevant pages of both their logbooks?

1. Was Ewald also logging the time, therefore legally there as an instructor (otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to log time). Not solo, not even ‘sole’ – but dual. What did Tracey log?

2. If Ewald didn’t log the time at all, this ties in with the official line. What did Tracey then log? Hopefully not solo.

3. Perhaps Tracey logged P1, not solo – and Ewald logged nothing – this would be correct with regards to the story.

The Spirit of Artemis saga is now getting very complicated with HCAP describing Ewald as co-pilot and Ewald insisting he wasn’t.

Plus the Air League's Terry Holloway revealing his organisation and the Honourable Company Of Air Pilots
knew the UK to Sydney flights were just a reality tv show in the making and not a true solo emulation of Amy Johnson's epic flight.

On top of that we have yet to see evidence of any substance to her 'Outreach' programne.
A fairly standard threat designed to scare you off.

If she did decide to take it further, all sorts of nasties would be brought into play, and she would be ill-advised to do so.

But then, her entire raison d'etre would fall. So the question is, is she being pushed into doing this to preserve her sponsorship and (now rather tainted) reputation.

I feel sure if you need to crowdfund any case, there will be willing supporters, including me.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 4th Nov 2016 15:50

Outreach or outrage?
Following on from the Africa trip and the Aviatrix film I expect that there is a similar story for the Oz trip, perhaps entitled Episode 2 - The Farce Awakens.

I guess this will be at an editing stage but will be getting seriously re-cut to remove the "Me", "I" "Mine" sections to be replaced with "outreach", "women", and "impoverished children" footage. Do I think there has been any outreach? No, not really. Flying Greek and Saudi Royalty hardly qualifies for that. Will there be footage of adoring children in Pakistan listening intently to a woman spouting about glass ceilings and how they can achieve what they want. Yeh right, if you have gullible rich backers and a knowledge that there is a hotel room waiting for you, paid for by the said backers, whilst they go back to their shanty homes.

If there was any outreach to be done then this idea of flying this "bird" around the world should have been kicked into touch on the first leg from Capetown. BOEING and ARTEMIS could have used sponsorship money to fund maybe 10, 100, or 1000 flying scholarships globally. I don't know how much a scholarship costs and I don't have the exact sponsorship figures.

So instead of having this one shameless character demeaning the badge she wears (RAF brevet) alongside the advertising of BOEING and ARTEMIS, you could instead have had 10, 100,or maybe 1000 female pilots wearing the BOEING/ARTEMIS patches alongside a real brevet that they have proudly earned.

If I was an investor with Artemis I would be asking how did they get this so wrong, and with my money. I would also be asking for the money back. Boeing and Artemis should do just that and THEN create the scholarships I have suggested. That is what outreach should be about - not financing the future of an after-dinner speaker.

rugmuncher 4th Nov 2016 16:17

Originally Posted by Haraka (Post 9567105)
Looking around in passing , it seems that the good lady's Website is "still in the water" post the self-pediatric blasting 25th October reference to the Times 24th October piece ( which originally includes 10 readers' comments :) )
. .

The article is still available, just click on the MEDIA tab on her site.

The link to the article is still there, and then let the comments load at the bottom of the article.

Tracey Curtis Taylor - Aviatrix, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker

Bird in a Biplane swoops on claims she didn?t fly solo | News | The Times & The Sunday Times

CrazyEddy 4th Nov 2016 17:39

Where and when were the "Sole Pilot not Solo"claims that I remember made? They seem to have disappeared......

noflynomore 4th Nov 2016 17:40

And the next fib from the Bird in a Self-Delusion

From her website...link is in rugmuncher's post above

Recent articles about my flights have suggested or implied that I have misrepresented or have sought to mislead people into believing that I undertook my flights alone and without support.
"AND" without support? Who said that? No they didn't Tracey, no one said that but you.

Sought to mislead? You? No! Never!

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 4th Nov 2016 18:24

I cannot wait for Nov 18th. I expect a fair bit of feedback from the BRNC Taranto Night Dinner. Might make for very entertaining reading :ok:

rugmuncher 4th Nov 2016 18:39

Originally Posted by SATCOS WHIPPING BOY (Post 9567372)
I cannot wait for Nov 18th. I expect a fair bit of feedback from the BRNC Taranto Night Dinner. Might make for very entertaining reading :ok:

I've heard someone already contacted her to see if she would still be attending.
(They were being polite by asking).

Sam Rutherford 4th Nov 2016 19:03

Friday 25th November 2016

The BTM annual black tie/ white overall dinner is traditionally held in the presence of our President Sir Stirling Moss and Lady Moss.

We are pleased to announce that the after dinner speaker this year will be the aviatrix - Tracey Curtis-Taylor. No doubt she will be telling us about her latest adventures including her mishap in America which necessitated her Boeing Stearman being rebuilt.

9 lives 4th Nov 2016 19:25

Thanks Sam,

People have asked here why the rigorous pursuit of TCT.... This is why! It appears that she just will not step back from the spotlight. It's one thing to have made a mistake(s)(ssssss), but from some point along this sorry tale, it's no longer a mistake, it's a decision to continue to misrepresent.

If TCT uses that opportunity to announce her retraction of so many lies, and surrender of awards issued based upon misrepresentation, I may owe her a small apology. Let's see.....

Fly-by-Wife 4th Nov 2016 20:08

The difference (to use my example) is that one is actually important to the lives of ordinary people
charliegolf, I would not presume to dictate to you what is important in your life. Please do not presume to dictate to others what is or is not important to them.

Just because you don't view it as important to you doesn't mean that no-one else should.

Doubtless you wouldn't have thought that Lance Armstrong's cheating was important either.


clivewatson 4th Nov 2016 20:37

Interesting letter Jay and I presume it’s the text of that which you reported as having received some time ago. If I am correct the author is a junior barrister at Matrix Chambers. Anyway her choice of words is rather illuminating;

You will leave my client no option but to consider legal proceedings against you in order to vindicate her rights, including but not limited to seeking interim injunctive relief against you.
Apart from the glaringly obvious detail that TC-T would only have contacted a lawyer if she was already considering the legal option, and then her lawyer threatens that it may be considered, is quite telling. So too is the delay. My guess as one partial to a game of poker is that it looks like a bluff, walks like a bluff, and even smells like a bluff.

My question to Tracey is this; why, as someone who is facing what appears to be very well documented statements of facts that counter your claimed achievements do you only respond with legal threats? Have you not considered the other option of telling the truth?

It is my opinion Tracey, and I’m quite happy to let your lawyer opine whether she is happy for me to air it, is that you have painted yourself into a corner with a series of exaggerated claims, misleading statements, misrepresentations and, by being extremely uneconomical with the truth, you have subsequently attempted to deflect the criticism that now clouds every hope you ever had of deserving the title of “aviatrix.” That title, little bird, is something that history will NEVER bestow upon you for the flights you have carried out with Ewald Gritsch.

To misquote Clint Eastwood “If you’re really feelin’ lucky “bird,” add mine to the list if you have the guts, nerve or front to fight it out in court."

Clive Watson

clunckdriver 4th Nov 2016 20:42

Fly by wife, Well said! Where I keep our personal and corporate aircraft there are many kids working their buts of to build flying time, they do not cheat or lie, there are without exception totally fed up with the falsehoods spouted by this woman {they are well aware of the situation by the way}, I always fly a two pilot operation on our twin, giving both dual and PIC where legal to these kids, It gives my wife and I great pleasure when they move on to the "big league", maybe the sponsors behind this work of fiction should try doing this next time they get the urge to sponsor something in aviation. As for the moronic senior officers and royalty not speaking up, it just serves to illustrate why Canada will be better of in the view of many as a republic, {However, Trump has made a few think again!}

Right Hand Thread 4th Nov 2016 20:56

Originally Posted by Sam Rutherford
Friday 25th November 2016

The BTM annual black tie/ white overall dinner is traditionally held in the presence of our President Sir Stirling Moss and Lady Moss.

We are pleased to announce that the after dinner speaker this year will be the aviatrix - Tracey Curtis-Taylor. No doubt she will be telling us about her latest adventures including her mishap in America which necessitated her Boeing Stearman being rebuilt.

Has anyone educated BTM as to the truth behind her stories?

sophi 4th Nov 2016 21:23

+1. Well said that man!! Tracy over to you and your solicitor.

piperboy84 5th Nov 2016 03:50

Asked before, and I'll ask again, does anyone know of 1 (one, eins, uno) underprivileged boy or girl that has benefited in any way from TCT's outreach during her 2013 & 2015 expeditions ? And when I say benefited, I mean in a tangeable way with a PPL or a scholarship for instance and not just the recipient of a bullshit talk glibly delivered between swanning in and out of the salons and villas of the great and good along her route of flight. Go on Tracey or Ewald or even Mr Kelly give us a name, just one and the help given, and I'll shut up and let you get back to your business.

Piltdown Man 5th Nov 2016 11:23

The 500' rule may not necessarily apply to every country, VFR above clouds is certainly possible in many. So we must not apply UK rules to other parts of the world. About the only standard thing is that is that you are not allowed to fly in Prohibited Airspace. All of these restrictions are promulgated within each country's equivalent of the UK's ANO and Air Pilot. Whilst most pilots don't know these publications word for word, they generally comply with the spirit of the legislation. But none of these rules apply to our intrepid, dashing aviatrix. She flies at any height, in any visibility, through any flocks of birds and through any piece of airspace that she wishes - and sod the lot of them. She thinks it amusing to be confronted "by big black men" (who else would you'd expect to be running ATC in Africa?) and to be let off with a three hour bollocking for flying in prohibited airspace. Her arrogance is breathtaking. Tracey, try flying in Prohibited Airspace in Britain and see what happens.

And when we look at this inspirational and outreach bollocks, what is clear is that she shows a (Maurice) Kirk like attitude to flight planning. You would have thought that a person who intends to be a role model to others would be beyond reproach. A small example. Entebbe has a small area of Prohibited Airspace close by the main airport. It is well marked and extends from GND to UNL. This was a planned destination on her African jolly. It's the ONLY bit you may not fly in. You would have though that this would have been picked up in her pre-flight prep. But no, she either doesn't plan or more likely, as suggested above, she believes that rules don't apply to important people like her, ones with royal connections. This is unacceptable as was her flight over the Falls. She wanted to fly low, so she did. Sod the rules. Crass Arrogance. I'm looking forward to being in the same room as her one day, in public and asking questions.


Stuart Sutcliffe 5th Nov 2016 21:39

I have ploughed through this thread, and it has been hard work. So, just for the benefit of others who are newcomers here, a tiny example of the many contradictions that seem to generate around T C-T.

As others here have noted, the link to the Jetgala magazine interview clearly shows the following:

Q: What sparked your interest in aviation?
I love the early planes. Itís completely romantic and whimsical but thatís my approach to flying. It became a hobby. Iím not interested in modern procedural flying. Iíve never been a professional flyer. Iím just an enthusiastic aviator.
The opening line of T C-T's Wikipedia page biography, "last modified on 4 November 2016, at 15:57", has this:

Tracey Curtis-Taylor (born 1962) is a British aviator who has worked as a commercial pilot and flying instructor in New Zealand.
It would be laughable if it wasn't so bloody tragic. :rolleyes:

Jonzarno 5th Nov 2016 22:17

Three unanswered questions (Repeat)
I am posting this as I believe that Ms Curtis-Taylor or, at least, some of her team are following this thread.

There have been many posts recently that have concentrated on criticising Ms Curtis-Taylor in relatively general terms and it is quite easy for her to ignore them.

Several pages ago, however, I posted three specific questions for her to which I never received an answer. I apologise for repeating them here and recognise that doing so may prove to be a triumph of hope over experience but here goes anyway!

I would be interested in a reasoned response from the lady herself to the following:

1. What is the reconciliation between Ms Curtis-Taylor's well documented claim to have flown her african flight "solo". Please see the video clip published earlier in this thread:


in which she personally makes that claim, and her subsequent public statement that the flight was not solo?

2. Given the above, what was she doing in the picture of her, published several times earlier in this thread, standing in front of a huge picture depicting the route and claiming she had been "Alone in an open cock-pit [sic] plane"?

3. By what authority, and with what qualification, does she wear RAF wings?

If Ms Curtis-Taylor can provide sensible and satisfactory answers: I am sure that most if not all of her critics would be silenced. Certainly I am prepared to be convinced.

I (still!) look forward to hearing.....

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