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pulse1 7th Nov 2016 11:47

The latest LAA magazine has just popped through my letterbox. No specific mention of TCT and the rescinding of the Woodham's Trophy in the Brian Davies AGM report. Just a bit about all motions being passed after a heated debate about proxy voting.

Cessnafly 7th Nov 2016 12:47

The latest LAA magazine has just popped through my letterbox. No specific mention of TCT and the rescinding of the Woodham's Trophy in the Brian Davies AGM report.

To my knowledge the LAA have never rescinded any award in all their years of operation. In fact, no British aviation award has ever been rescinded until TCT came onto the scene.

Please now welcome self proclaimed 'Aviatrix' Tracey Curtis-Taylor with a few connections who has flown with some bloke under the guise of being SOLO.

Still shocked about this significant LAA news watered-down black-out?

Crash one 7th Nov 2016 13:31

I'm not surprised at the LAA not wanting to make a big deal about it.
It was an unpleasant business, they did the right thing, they are an honourable organisation, not rumour mongers.
They shot her down, why should they crow about it?

robin 7th Nov 2016 13:40

Bear in mind the publishing deadlines Brian Hope has to operate to.

Might see it in the January edition

piperboy84 7th Nov 2016 13:51

She even goes as far as China to talk shyte

British aviator flies across the Dulwich College International schools - DULWICH COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL

"She answered their questions frankly"
I suppose there is a first time for everything.

Old Ernest would not be happy .

rugmuncher 7th Nov 2016 13:57

Anybody know what her social calender is looking like these days?

Taranto dinner and Brooklands have been mentioned so far and appear to be on top of making it difficult for her to turn up and give her usual talk.

I suspect she will be making a lot of cancellations and you will see a lot less of her at social events.

Has she made a public statment since Oct 24th?

(Typing at the same time as Pipes)

Piltdown Man 7th Nov 2016 14:33

Sophi - The claim that the controller at Entebbe "doesn't know his left from his right" doesn't matter. A pilot who has properly prepared for a flight would be aware of probably the only piece of prohibited airspace on their route that day and question any usual request. And then we have the interesting question as to exactly when this instruction was given. A quick glance of the airfield chart shows that a left turn placing her in the prohibited area, as she said, could only be performed from an approach to Runway 12 or 17. So given that, what height was she and how many miles off the threshold was she? Furthermore, breaking off an approach and orbiting would be silly because there is a high probability that you will be collected by the thing you are orbiting to avoid, unless of course you are landing on another runway. So that probably means, she didn't orbit but instead wandered aimlessly through Prohibited Airspace over the State Building and the special forces barracks. How to make friends and influence people! As ever, very little of what TC-T says actually stacks up with reality.

And while I'm sticking the boot in again, I might as well carry on. TC-T has let it be known time and time again that she has been taught to fly by military instructors. Well so have I. And they have a certain consistently about them and that is in planning. Rarely do these guys get in the air and make things up as they go along. They plan beforehand and maybe even kick the arse of it. Whilst planning might not be her forte, you would have thought that at least some of what she has been taught would have stuck. Or was she just referring to the post debriefing libations?


SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 7th Nov 2016 15:10

1 Attachment(s)
Spot on Piltdown Man, I too have looked into this claim. No matter how hard I try I cannot get an aircraft on any approach, doing a left-hand orbit (?) ending up over the Presidential Palace at Entebbe.

For those unfamiliar with the Palace, here it is shown a google map some 2.2 miles, and 90 degress to the ENE of the threshold of rwy17.

In a similar vein to the Winslow CRASH/ACCIDENT/INCIDENT/DINK (delete as applicable), the narrative does not stand-up to scrutiny.

Lind1795 7th Nov 2016 15:19

Piperboy 84,
I have just looked at the China link and despair. This quote is galling:
'Tracey is the first guest speaker to host the Shackleton lecture, a series that commemorates Old Alleynian and renowned explorer Ernest Shackleton. Simon Herbert, Headmaster of Dulwich College Beijing said: “Tracey’s talks captured the essence of Shackleton. She inspired her audience through her sense of adventure, risk taking, courage, fun and humanity.'
What an insult to Shackleton. What next?

Blink182 7th Nov 2016 15:47

Thankfully I have no money invested with Artemis, as every time I see that word I just see the wreckage of both the Stearman and the Robinson, and the whole sorry saga of deceit. I cannot believe that they would still be wanting to be associated with the Charlatan

B Fraser 7th Nov 2016 16:21

I get the impression that if the children at Dulwich College Beijing want to become pilots, a few daddies will be displeased. If junior doesn't want to be a surgeon, general, high court judge or a CEO then daddy will be forking out for an ATPL instead.

I doubt that the children in that school are in much need of empowerment.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 7th Nov 2016 18:05

1 Attachment(s)
Mods, I apologise now, but it might survive 5 minutes.
Saw this image and could not resist a caption. TCT feel free to use this as your FB avatar.

If you can make a mockery of a military uniform, a military badge, and military intellect; you are fair game for military banter. It goes with the territory :ok:

Cessnafly 7th Nov 2016 18:09

I doubt that the children in that school are in much need of empowerment.

You know that. I know that. Everyone here will know that and the Spirit of Artiface team will know that too.

But, it's not about 'outreach' to the younger generation, is it. It's 'outreach' to daddies pockets bringing the brand-name to the spot-light on the back of a highly publicised gross misrepresentation and deception.

Have I missed anything?

Yes Lind1795 - I agree. It's disgraceful.

Right Hand Thread 7th Nov 2016 19:07

Sophi, SWB. Piltdown Man.

I know a man who not only sat through one of TCT's fantasy speeches but also recorded it. From that recording:

Two hours later we’re going flying into Entebbe. We’re on final approach and they say to me we’ve got an airliner coming up fast behind you just orbit, orbit to the left and give way and I’m fine, I’ve only got a top speed of 90mph so Iook round oh okay and once again we didn’t have the charts and I orbit left which took us over sort of part of the city and there below is a fabulous paladial (sic) mansion so did some sightseeing.....
Her words. Her voice. No ambiguity.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 7th Nov 2016 19:27

...and this is the same speech where she says the following about Winslow "and the aeroplane just somersaulted 360 degrees and virtually destroyed" but classes it in an official document as an incident. :mad::ugh::yuk:

robin 7th Nov 2016 19:32

Any evidence of how TC-T's Stearman managed to have been rebuilt so quickly. How do the airframe and engine hours compare? When she hit the R44 was the engine the same?

Stanwell 7th Nov 2016 20:22

The subject of "evidence" of a very speedy rebuild had been discussed on this thread before.
All you need is the maker's plate.
Ewald's 3G factory pumps out Stearman 'restorations' at a prodigious rate.
That's his business.

As to whether the engine and prop had been changed after the Goodwood Robbie "incident", well, that question had also been asked on here earlier.
While I had heard of a report that, upon examination, the engine had been determined not to have been shockloaded, no really convincing answers seem to have been forthcoming.
Then there's the question of the two-speed prop mechanism.

A most interesting thing is that Ewald, in his most recent statement on the cause of the Winslow bingle, blamed the crash on "fuel contamination and other reason".
This, despite the fact that the NTSB's previously published final report had stated very clearly that a thorough examination of the Stearman's fuel systems found
NO evidence of fuel contamination.
Curious, eh?

To quote Ewald, "People don't know what they're talking about".
Yes, mate.

That then leaves us with the question of Ewald's "other reason".
Perhaps you could ask him about that, robin - and let us know.

I find it quite astounding that both of these people had continued to blatantly lie in the face of demonstrable facts and hard evidence.

Archimedes 8th Nov 2016 00:53

Originally Posted by Union Jack (Post 9569135)
Birds, feathers etc. etc. - B Fraser

Which reminds me I made an earlier reference to "birds of a feather" at Post #799 in July, ie before we had fully realised the "provenance" of the RAF wings concerned, namely:

"Birds of a feather perhaps, observing that Prince Michael wears wings in both naval and army uniforms, despite having completed no formal flying training that I have seen recorded."

Of course there's always the possibility that he too was given his wings by old friends, one from each of the three Services.......:rolleyes:


Forgive the slight diversion, but the much missed Coffman Starter partly answered the question about PMK here in 2013.

There is a reference to his undergoing flying training, instructed by Sqn Ldr Derek Homer, in the Times of 5 Sep 1962.

As Coff speculated, it would appear that he undertook some sort of shortened Wings course, perhaps not dissimilar to the senior officers' course which has seen, amongst others, General the Lord Dannatt awarded AAC wings after a foreshortened course.

Clare Prop 8th Nov 2016 03:45

"She inspired her audience through her sense of adventure, risk taking, courage, fun and humanity."
Now imagine that on a resume. Straight to the circular filing cabinet, these are not qualities to admire in a pilot whether they be pre-solo, airline, instructor, display pilot and many things in between.
Who took the risk though. T C_T, the pilot-in-command or the sponsors?

Canute 8th Nov 2016 05:58

Guys, I think some of you need to take a step back and look at yourselves a little.

What are you trying to achieve?

TCT has been caught in lies/exaggerations various.

The evidence is out in the open, her reputation as an Aviatrix is trashed.
No, she has not accepted it, and probably never will, however her career of gallivanting around as an "inspiration" is over.

Wherever she goes she knows now that there will be many thinking her a fraud. It's a cloud that will follow her forever. Now her celebrity has fatally discoloured, many of her supporters will not want to be tainted by her presence.

Is that not enough?

Do you want her dressed in sackcloth and beaten?
Placed in stocks in the town square?

To try to add on all sorts of subsidiary "crimes" such as wazzing a palace or flying over a whale or taking risks as if they are somehow proof of her evil is more indicative of some of your issues than hers.

Adventure requires risk. Without it, it is just going flying. We are more than happy to excuse risk takers we respect in aviation, so lets not try to gild the lily re TCT.
Anybody who has flown around the more interesting parts of the world knows that sometimes you end up in the wrong place. Yes, extra planning might catch some of these things, but we all bong the occasional palace.

Getting hung up on whales is just faux outrage. I hovered over a school of big toothed whales once. They gave not one iota of F@&#.

Who cares if she wears RAF wings or where she wears them? Those of us who have wings know that they are for us, not some kind of emblem we wear to expect respect from the great unwashed. Nobody who has earned wings would for a second think that she is part of our particular band of brothers and sisters just because she can sew on some pretty cloth.

She lied.

She got caught.

Her legacy is suitably trashed.

Beyond this it is just a crowd baying for blood as entertainment.

You will note that Sam, who started this, has remained a gentleman throughout. He has merely stuck to his guns to correct falsehoods.

Others who have no reasonable reason to be as upset as they are are grabbing the vilification opportunity for their own entertainment.

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