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captainsmiffy 13th Jan 2015 11:21

My wife had to get one of these last year.....quite laughable really. They put a phillipinos picture on it (she is english), addressed her on the form as 'he' (she is NOT a lady-boy before you ask!!!) and the form stated that 'he' had 'been good'. That is apparently what they think another employer will need to read. Oh yes, attempt number 1 was given to us in arabic as well! Well worth the 200 dhs spent.......not!!!!

donpizmeov 13th Jan 2015 11:28

Don't worry smiffy, not all gals age well. :ok:

The don

captainsmiffy 13th Jan 2015 12:16

I wont point your reply out to the missus......beautiful as she is!!

Dropp the Pilot 14th Jan 2015 16:08

When you receive your Provident Fund payout, where does it show as originating from? Does it go into your UAE bank account first to be redirected by yourself or does it go direct from the Channel Islands to your specified target bank?

The reason I ask is that my (European) retail bank won't accept funds from just anywhere as one of the rules in their jurisdiction. It has to be a recognized correspondant bank.

Al Murdoch 14th Jan 2015 17:07

You can specify any bank account you like for it to be sent to.

Al Murdoch 25th Jan 2015 10:19

Anyone know why they put you on "Rest Days" after you resigned?
Does this have any impact on FTLs or even overtime payment?
Thanks. Al.

JAYTO 25th Jan 2015 13:41

Probably to get over the hangover.

gehenna 26th Jan 2015 03:27

I escaped last week. I arranged for a cheque in AED, which either I could have cashed at the NBD in EGHQ, or just deposited into my local HSBC. From there, I just transferred funds to my UK account.

Just for your info, there are daily limits out of the HSBC, unless you arrange for this to be increased; that just took a couple of days after submitting the request.

Good luck ( from the beach in the sunshine, with no a/c in sight and no fools trying to trip me up)

uba737 26th Jan 2015 07:45

Quick stupid question regarding the Provident fund for Americans. Does Uncle Sam take a percentage of the money when you sent it home? Thanks.


uba737 26th Jan 2015 09:15

Thanks Fire Ball! That sucks!!

Dropp the Pilot 26th Jan 2015 12:04

Is there any advantage (requirement?) to close out local credit cards well in advance to avoid any hitches/holdbacks from the local bank or the company?

If so, how much before? One month? Three months?

If one has a well-entrenched habit of using their personal '@eim.ae' email address does this remain valid or does it get lost when you close out your Etisalat account?

777boyo 26th Jan 2015 12:50


I was with HSBC Premier. I was told that following cancellation of my MasterCard, I would be required to keep the equivalent of my card's credit limit in my Current account for, if I remember correctly, 6 weeks, "in case of any late transactions turning up". So prior to card cancellation, I then had a battle with the bank when I tried to reduce my credit limit to Dhs5000, which I eventually won, so I was only required to keep at least Dhs5000in my current account following cancellation of my card. Might be a good idea if you check with your bank to see if they have the same requirement.

And yes, I'm afraid you will lose your etisalat email account.


harry the cod 26th Jan 2015 13:01

Can you can keep the Provident Fund running even when you've left? No further contributions, just keeping it ticking over with withdrawls as needed, still wrapped up as an offshore account.

I'm sure it's written somewhere, just wondered if anyone knew off hand. Thanks.


Dune 26th Jan 2015 13:32

DEWA Security Deposit Refund
For those who are in either rented or your own accommodation (not EK housing), how does the final DEWA bill work to get your security deposit back?

Their website shows you advise them 2 days prior to vacating and they send someone to read the meter and disconnect the services. Once the final bill is ready they send you an SMS to come and pay the final bill and claim your deposit back.

Something doesn't add up as they cannot prepare your final bill until they have cut off your service. Once you cut off service (waiting 2 days for your final bill) you are sitting in your villa without a/c and water in August for 2 days?? Or are you expected to pay for a 1000 dhs/night room in some hotel waiting around for 2 days waiting to have the final bill processed?

I'd appreciate any insight as I don't want to give these prick$ any more of my hard earned money than necessary.


BigGeordie 26th Jan 2015 13:54

They won't produce the final bill until the supply has been disconnected. A cynical person might think this is so they can charge the next resident a reconnection fee.....

So you will either need to move out in the summer and buy some candles or find a hotel for a couple of days. Personally, I'd give them more like a week.

777boyo 26th Jan 2015 14:28


Yes, you can elect to remain in the Scheme as a Deferred Member. Everything seems to stay the same except that you have to deal direct with the Trustees in the Isle of Man. Works fine, but there is a small amount of bureaucracy to go through initially for the Trustees to establish your identity. I think there's a description in the FAQ section of the Provident Fund website - which you can continue to access as a Deferred Member after leaving, and use to make Switches.

The only sting in the tail of electing to become a Deferred Member is that for some reason which I never really got to the bottom of, the monthly Employers Contribution (if I recall correctly) due to be paid in each of your last two months as an EK employee will be withheld and paid to you along with the other funds which are retained when you leave.


Left Coaster 26th Jan 2015 16:04

DEWA will keep the lights and water on…your landlord (if renting) gets the next bill if I remember correctly. All they do is read the meter…if you own then you'd better ask DEWA! I wouldn't put an awful lot of weight on what you read here!

tornadof3raf 27th Jan 2015 13:21


Moving back to UK in march and the security checking company 'Procius' (for UK airside pass) requested a UAE criminal record check.

I researched and applied for a certificate of good conduct. Cost 210dhs and apply online and go down to head police station to verify identity. All very easy and after a day received a PDF via email of my certificate of good conduct.

Just forwarded it to Procuis and they say they can't accept it. They need something different that has fingerprints or something on it. They keep telling me that there is another form but can't find anything on the police website.

Any Ideas what they could be on about? Very frustrating.......

Desdihold 27th Jan 2015 13:49

There may also be a minimum amount required to keep the account open, I asked the mondial guys sometime back...it may be in the region of $200,000.

Let us know what you find out.

gehenna 28th Jan 2015 02:31

Provident Fund

For an answer re what you can/cannot do with your provident fund, email Nick Foxton, who looks after the scheme; he comes back pretty quickly, and spends time in the UK and Dubai.

Good luck with your escape tunnelling ....

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