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777boyo 17th Feb 2020 07:40

Tatin - had a similar issue a few years ago. You may already have tried these, but what appeared to solve the problem for me was a) make sure your Pop-up blocker is off. If it is already off, turn it on and then off again b) make sure you don't have any active Ad-blocking software c) if you have Anti virus software, put the TRIPS URL in the 'safe site' list d) just prior to accessing the Staff Travel site, clear all cookies from the cache on your device.
I'm not sure which of these fixed the issue for me, but one or more of them certainly did and I've had no problem since. Sorry this response is late - only just saw your post.
Good luck.

Flying_Viking 9th Jun 2020 11:19

This thread is now unfortunately more relevant than ever. Good luck to all who received the bad news today.

CaptainChipotle 9th Jun 2020 21:26

EK resignation tips?

Just do your job and they will take care of it for you.

TC and upper management are weak and scum for treating staff like this.

Sir Maurice Flanagan is rolling over in his grave.

DesignError 10th Jun 2020 11:13

Hi all,
I received a job proposition to work abroad but I currently have a loan with a bank here in the UAE.
I want to accept the job and move, but I want to continue paying my monthly dues accordingly so that I can come and go to the UAE if and when needed. I have a Salary Transfer Letter active in my HR profile.
1) is it still possible to go through the resignation process with an active loan? Doesn't HR request a "no liability letter" to clear you?
2) Do I get the EOSB to myself or will it be blocked by the bank? Does the bank block your account?

If some kind soul could inform me details about al lthis I would deeply appreciate.

Best regards to all and wish you all the best to you, families and colleagues

springbok449 10th Jun 2020 15:52

Everything in UAE is linked so my understanding is that if you have an active loan, you will not receive a clearance letter and your residency visa will not be cancelled....

Emma Royds 25th Jun 2020 12:08

Keep the company out of the transfer process for your EOSB and do not opt to get your money transferred in AED. I understand that any transfer other than AED, is actioned by the provident fund trustee and not by the company, which could take longer.

felixthecat 27th Aug 2020 17:40

Looking for information on how long after visa cancellation and end of service that the provident fund is released to the bank you have nominated. I am going back to the UK and a little concerned that if it is after I have repatriated that I could be liable for UK tax........

Emma Royds 27th Aug 2020 21:28

It can and has taken months rather than weeks for at least some of those that have left after the onset of COVID-19 but these funds were transferred from payroll. I may be wrong here but I understand that foreign transfers are now executed by the trustees? Should this be the case then it could be quicker.

If you are worried about the amount of tax that may or may not be liable, then the cost involved for seeking professional advice will be a drop in the ocean! :ok:

springbok449 27th Aug 2020 21:28

Hi Felix, I got mine approximately 3 weeks after my last day of service (about 2 weeks after I got back to the UK)

felixthecat 28th Aug 2020 00:01

How was or is that treated by HMRC for tax since you are technically UK resident when it arrived? PM me if you prefer...thanks

lockedout 30th Aug 2020 16:19

My (layman) input, for what it's worth is . . .

I don't think Provident Fund payments are seen as earned income, so I would have thought would not be taxed as such.

As for where you are when you receive any income payment, I do not believe it is relevant. More relevant is the date any payment is made, as it dictates in which tax year it will be assessed. Any income from EK this tax year will be assessed as foreign income in tax year 2020-21.

The main question is whether you will be deemed to be UK resident or non-resident for tax year 2020-21. If you are non-resident, then no tax will be due on EK income. If you are resident, then you will need to declare EK income as foreign income. But, as I noted above, Provident Fund payments may not be seen as income. There will also be the issue of separating true income from any severance payments, if applicable.

I found the rules around UK residency (for tax purposes) far from straightforward, certainly it wasn't a case of just spending more than 183 days in (or out) of the UK in a given tax year. One's ties (property, family, etc.) and the situation in previous years are also considered, so I would advise taking the HMRC Statutory Residence Test (SRT) for not only this year, but previous years too.

There is the option of split year assessment, but that isn't as simple as one would expect it to be.

Professional advice has been rightly suggested but, as long as you can cope with the frustration of links that take you round in circles, or to irrelevant pages (such as residency rules regarding immigration), the HMRC website is pretty comprehensive and clear. Online tax returns are due by the end of January 2021, so you have plenty of time (though paper returns are due by the end of October 2020). I don't think there are many decisions you can make now to influence events other than, of course, to keep clear of the UK until after 6 October!

felixthecat 30th Aug 2020 18:51

I have been trying to find a UK tax specialist in Dubai but it seems to be harder than expected.

I am definitely classed as non resident, that is not an issue. The taxation part becomes an issue because as soon as you return to the UK my understanding is that you are then classed as resident. The provident fund can take a good few weeks to be received and by then I would be classed as UK resident and liable for tax on earnings in the 20/21 tax year. You are correct that I can apply for a split tax year, but that would just cover earnings outside the UK until the date I repatriated. Having spoken to a Mondial rep they said that HMRC could well declare the provident fund as income liable for tax since it arrives after I return to the UK.

There must be other people in the past repatriated to the UK with a similar situation re the provident fund payment.

Why specifically the 6 October? I am obviously missing something......

Adam Barfy 30th Aug 2020 21:27

Originally Posted by felixthecat (Post 10874353)
Why specifically the 6 October? I am obviously missing something......

I assume that date is the last day of service for some. ie their last day of earning outside of the UK.

I would be grateful if those unfortunately caught up in this, could let us know how long it takes for the PF money to come through after repatriation.
PM me if you prefer.

Emma Royds 30th Aug 2020 22:58

Originally Posted by felixthecat (Post 10874353)
I have been trying to find a UK tax specialist in Dubai

I suspect that might be hindering your progress. An accountancy firm in the UK that is dealing with HMRC policy on a daily basis, is likely to be far more in tune with UK tax policy than the vast majority of those that work in the financial sector in Dubai, who are often ultimately trying to limit any engagement with any foreign tax authorities.

Find an accountancy firm in the UK that is recommended by someone you know and trust and get in touch and seek their professional advice. :ok:

Gunman returns 31st Aug 2020 08:04

Try the Fry group. They have offices in UK and Dubai. They are experts on this. Personal recommendation.


lockedout 31st Aug 2020 16:10

I referred to 6 October, Felix, because if anyone returns to the UK before then and stays for the remainder of the tax year (183 days), they would automatically be UK resident for the entire tax year 2020-21 under the first residency test. But if you are opting for a split-year assessment, that wouldn't be relevant. I assume Mondial's advice is on the assumption you will be taking the split-year route.

Sorry, I should have said you have until Jan 2022 to file a self-assessment return for the current tax year. It's the 2019-20 return which is due in Jan 2021.

Fired600 21st Oct 2020 06:41

How long after ‘last day of service’ did people receive retained amounts from Emirates? Not the provident fund, the retained monies.

Rhodes13 21st Oct 2020 09:57

For me it was approximately 8-10 weeks later. And that was during "normal" times

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