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Al Murdoch 4th Dec 2014 04:26

Ok please let's not turn a useful thread into the usual slanging match - back to the topic please.

Neptune Spear 4th Dec 2014 13:57

As a 2 year FO I wish I never joined either and I am looking for my escape along with countless others, not just Americans as well.
Things have change remarkably in the short time I have been here but they are getting worse by the day and will get worse in the future especially with Expo coming.
The way the Industry is going we are due a pretty sizable pay raise but I know we will get Jack Schidt again.
I have not counted the resignations in the last couple of months but it has to be over 100 for the year.

harry the cod 4th Dec 2014 20:10

Neptune Spear

I'm sorry that it's not worked out for you here, many adjust and thrive, some don't. It's a big call giving up something to come out into the sandpit but you've lost 2-3 years. In the scheme of things, not much really and a tick in the box for life's experience. Hopefully you're single so less hassle factor.

As for resignations, the rate for pilots is around 2.5%. That's it. For an expat airline, that's nothing to be concerned over. The cabin crew rate, however, is a different story altogether!

Good luck in your future career!


Transformers 5th Dec 2014 16:55

Getting Back to the Original Topic...!
Is it worth getting a lawyer to make the exit plan easier, so they dont take out hard earned Salary away from us (extra fee's)...? Maybe as a group it could make it cheaper and easier...? Please PM me with your thoughts if it suits..!

nolimitholdem 6th Dec 2014 12:03

If someone's time at EK is considered a loss, it follows that it's a lot more sad to have lost a decade + than 2-3 years. So I guess Neptune isn't the one we need to feel sorry for.

I highly doubt that you're privy to the true attrition rate, Harry. Just a tip, but some of the things said in management wash-ups may not be entirely true.

Any attrition rate isn't particularly meaningful on its own anyway. It's more telling the demographic that's leaving, and even more so - the types they're able to attract as replacements. A ton of experience leaving and not exactly being replaced one-for-one.

Best wishes and congratulations to all resigning. You will find it to be the best decision you ever made and wonder why you didn't do it earlier. You only get one life, don't waste it by giving it to EK.

tornadof3raf 6th Dec 2014 12:45

If you go on HR direct there is an EOSB page, there is an EOSB calculator. Just put your proposed final day of service and it tells you how much you are going to get.

Anyone know the process for getting dependents Visas/UAE ID cards etc cancelled? Or do is that all part of the EK leaving process?

Just wondered if its easier to get them all cancelled first and then just have them live the final few months on a tourist VISA and keep doing a VISA run....

Also, our car has just had the finance paid off. I've heard you need a certificate off the bank or something similar to confirm that you are now the sole owner. Anyone had any experience with this?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks guys.

ekwhistleblower 6th Dec 2014 13:58

Just contact the bank, 100 dirhams later you will have a release and then give it to HR to clear the Bank Guarantee letter.

Mister Warning 6th Dec 2014 14:24

Why all the questions about EOSB? Pilots get the provident fund, not EOSB.

tornadof3raf 6th Dec 2014 14:48

Not if you haven't done your 5 years.

0-5 years = EOSB + B + C account if used.

5-7 years = No EOSB but 75% of A account plus B and C

7 years + = No EOSB but 100% A+B+C

I think thats correct, please someone correct if wrong

flareflyer 6th Dec 2014 14:57

Are you guys really looking at leaving????
i wish you really all the best........ i am stuck here.......

OnceBitten 6th Dec 2014 15:36

5-7 years = No EOSB but 75% of A account plus B and C
Not Correct. it's the Greater of 75% of your A account or your EOSB. Same goes for 7 years, if your EOSB is greater than your A account then that's what you get.

It's all in the Provident Fund PDF.

The only thing that isn't clear is if you resign at 5 years, does your final day after your 3 month notice period need to be after the 5 year anniversary you joined the company or the 5 years from the date when you joined the provident fund? Or does your actual resignation have to be after the date of either joining the company or joining the Provident fund to be eligible for the fund?

Clear as mud!

Mister Warning 6th Dec 2014 19:36

Sorry all - policy changed since I got smart....

cerbus 8th Dec 2014 09:33

Fare Flyer

There are plenty of good jobs out there, just look at the want ads so I doubt very much that you are "stuck" here unless it is by choice.
At the very least an Emirates pilot should be looking especially with very dark clouds on the horizon.

FLY BY WIRE 8th Dec 2014 09:53

What Dark clouds are you referring to Cerbus?

Kapitanleutnant 8th Dec 2014 10:19


Do you honestly think it's going to get better here??? By saying that, you're implying it will! Or….. is it possible (100% IMO) they look at any and all other ways to make our lives a bit for difficult, riddled with more ridiculous FCI's, and generally try to squeeze even more blood out of the proverbial rock.

Next will be half pay for all DeadHead's….

Go on believing this is the worst it will get, my friend….. I however agree, dark clouds are on the horizon at this place. Whatever and whenever that maybe…. Ek will always be looking at squeezing us all even more than today, even though colleagues will say, "how much more can they do to us?" And then a few months later…. they find something, somehow, someway to indeed make it worse.

Will the fun ever stop here? :-)


Al Murdoch 8th Dec 2014 14:41

Has anyone had any hassles getting that ridiculous Etisalat phone guarantee (the one for using your phone abroad) removed? I actually don't have an Etisalat mobile anymore, but the guarantee is still there. I don't know where to begin really as they won't even acknowledge that I had an account with them.. Clowns..

FLY BY WIRE 8th Dec 2014 17:59



Do you honestly think it's going to get better here??? By saying that, you're implying it will!


Honestly not trying to imply anything. I don't know anything about it, which is why I asked the question.
I have applied to 'The airline that can't be named', so I'm curious as to the way things are in the UAE for Emirates guys and for guys down the road a bit. That's all.

Temujin 9th Dec 2014 02:19


Phone Magida (067144324)
Provide the mobile number and ask for a mobile telephone clearance letter.
She will do all that needs to be done directly with Emirates, job done.:ok:



Al Murdoch 9th Dec 2014 03:29

Thanks for the info.

sbradley737 10th Dec 2014 22:56

I'm only on day two of the resignation process and it has been a mind numbing and hair pulling experience. Links HR send you that they want acknowledged have no 'acknowledge' icon, annual leave destination and cargo destination is completely different to what my ALD actually is (where they came up with LAX when it was NEVER LAX is beyond me) and the lack of reply to email responses is shocking(none so far). Maybe if they put down their phones for a few minutes they could spend some time doing some actual work.

Best of luck to everyone as I am more than ready to leave. If you have any questions over the next few months I'd be happy to answer them as I navigate this process.

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