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cerbus 9th Feb 2015 08:16

But if any pilot was to return home or even leave EK and have a better QOL and make comparable money who cares what airplane you fly or what seat you sit in.
It seems a lot of narrow body captains and some widebody First officers make more than Emirates skippers and have to work less to make that money.
If I could fly a MD-80 as an first officer and make comparable money to be based at home and work less hours; SIGN ME UP! I don't think to many pilots would turn down that deal.

CaptainChipotle 9th Feb 2015 10:48

I'll fly a dump truck if the schedule is during the day.

EK is getting beyond ridiculous. You're basically killing yourself by working 90+ hours internationally

expat400 9th Feb 2015 11:10

"If I could fly a MD-80 as an first officer and make comparable money to be based at home and work less hours; SIGN ME UP!"

No problem understanding that. Money isn't everything and I'm also beyond the wide body syndrome. But will it happen? Is starting pay in a US major that high?

I suppose most guys here with 10 years in EK are of an age that would make it difficult for them to reach the mentioned "Capt 777 at Delta" position if they move home so that comparison might not be relevant.

nolimitholdem 9th Feb 2015 11:19

I was gonna say, none of the comparisons of figures had even mentioned that to earn money working for Emirates...you have to live in Dubai. And work for Emirates. Living in Dubai. Did I mention you have to live in Dubai? And work your arse off for Emirates?

Hard to put a figure what NOT having to do either is worth. But ignoring it in the equation is no longer an option. :yuk:

The folks voting with their feet aren't some coincidence. You only get one life, why live an exhausted one to be at the beck and call of an indifferent, greedy employer? For money? Ok then.

Want me to get the thread back on EK Resignation Tips? Ok, here's my Resignation Tip:

Do it.

nolimitholdem 9th Feb 2015 11:21

"I suppose most guys here with 10 years in EK are of an age that would make it difficult for them to reach the mentioned "Capt 777 at Delta" position if they move home so that comparison might not be relevant."

No one assumes you'd leave EK and step into the same job in the US.

Guys with 10 years at EK have already been a B777 skipper and made the money. Been there, done that. If you NEED to make that still when you go home perhaps you haven't managed your money as well as you could have. (Or have a lot of ex-wives!) But that's another topic.

Trader 9th Feb 2015 12:12

I think it was best summed up by a Cabin Crew member who, when asked what he would do for his Najoom work (fyi-they have to set goals or ideas to improve customer service etc) by the Purser responded by saying:

"I will treat our customers in the same manner that the company treats us!"

Absolutely brilliant statement which leaves no response - after all, EK treats their employees well does it not :}

Kapitanleutnant 9th Feb 2015 15:38

Trader: That's a good one. Kind of a good for the goose being good for the gander…

Tango Uniform: Bravo to you sir…. One of the best and most accurate posts I've read in a long time!! Envious of your impending escape!!


SOPS 9th Feb 2015 15:58

Kaptain..check your PM

TangoUniform 9th Feb 2015 19:21

I will try and reiterate what I said above to make it simple

Here's a real choice if you have the option. Come to EK, get an upgrade optimistically in five years and get all the "goodies" that EK offers...such as, not awarding you the 42 days leave you thought was promised, flying 900 HARD hours per year (half of which will be all night on the backside of the clock), airport hotels in many wonderful cities (CDG, LHR, FCO, MXP to name a few), no additional pay duties outside of the cockpit, aviation medicals done by your employer with no recourse or doctor/patient privilege....oh hell it's been hashed out over and over. And make the same pay as a 5 year narrow body captain at a legacy.


Get hired at a legacy or major airline in the U.S (reasonable to say not all have that option) have a contract to work under, with grievance procedures, have duty rigs and credit, fly in the vicinity of 700 soft hours per year, choose the AME of your choice, expect reasonable vacation awards (not 4 days awarded), get credit and pay of any training, both online, classroom or sim, possibly get a narrow body upgrade (albeit on reserve) and.........make similar money as a 10 year international wide bodied 777, 380, captain.

Tax free for US citizens..,.think again. Taxed on anything over 100k, taxed on housing allowance, and educational allowance (which may or may not be enough), and now forced to live in compounds or take the TAXABLE housing allowance.

The tables have turned in some parts of the world with regard to terms and conditions for the better. I am comparing a major international player (EK) to other major international players. Not the regionals, ULCCs, or startups.

fatbus 10th Feb 2015 01:31

Nothing against the U.S. guys that are here, but just GO! If its that easy just GO. Up until @2005 there was all of 2 US pilots at EK I think can get by if you left. It's tiring to here the same stuff over and over. The world does not revolve around US legacy carries .

Boeingrestricted 10th Feb 2015 02:10

i hear ya fatbus
I really do fatbus.

But when George or oBomber talks about THE world he actually talks about
the US/europe isn't he?

So it does revolve around the west/US.

Let people bitch and moan. its a natural reflex.


uba737 10th Feb 2015 03:46

Well this is a "Resigning EK" thread, thats why we are here! the 'SUPER' pilot is the one that does not belong in this thread! If you don't want to read it, then don't come to a EK resignation thread, very simple!

Neptune Spear 10th Feb 2015 06:08

The world doesn't revolve around the U.S. legacy carriers but should we all aspire to have what they have Fatbus?
I don't know if your rant is out of frustration or desperation but I would love to work for any US legacy airline. Would you?

fatbus 10th Feb 2015 07:26

Neither , I don't have a dog in this fight.
The thread is resignation tips not about US legacy carriers. I have no interest in the US carriers nor do most of the non US pilots, but a much larger number of pilots are interested in transitioning out of EK and the UAE. You guys have to realize there is aviation outside the U.S. just look at other threads about the claim of all the pilots including FO's going to China Southern. No need for me to be frustrated or desperate , it's called early retirement , I'm done next year.15 years, age 53 ,two houses, kids looked after.

Dropp the Pilot 10th Feb 2015 07:32

Might be interesting to start a thread to see what our personal definitions of 'done' might be.

Unfortunately within two posts that thread would be about pensions at United.


GoreTex 10th Feb 2015 08:02

I am done next year too, 50 years old and 17 years in EK, just have to wait for my 50th to get the tickets unless they change the rules

Neptune Spear 10th Feb 2015 08:42

I'm glad you are getting out of Emirates Fatbus. I hope to follow soon.
The question is IF you could wouldn't you want the salary of the legacy airlines? I appreciate that you can't work in the states and everyone knows there are a lot of other airlines in the world.
What about the work rules. You would not want even a little of those rules that make a pilot's life so much easier?
I feel that if I had a big salary I could retire earlier than planned. If I had just a smidgen of those rules that are to die for I could enjoy my retirement without being so dammed tired and fog headed that I am currently even though I have decades before I can even think of retiring.
Good luck to you.

Desertweasel 10th Feb 2015 09:30

My definition of done is 54, with 15 years at EK coming up, staying for the flights and hoping the next set of changes don't rip them away.
Previous family indiscretions mean earning days are likely not over yet but the remainder will be on very different terms to current.

White Sausage 10th Feb 2015 10:03

Same here, waiting for my 15 years and then "Hasta la vista, baby!"
This gig used to be one of the best in the world, the last 7 years our so called management turned that into a sad excuse of a once great airline.
On each and every flight I do nearly everybody is talking about leaving asap, CC and engineers included. What a shame!!
I've never seen a discontent of such a magnitude and it will bite EK in the rear very badly, very soon.
Good luck to all the guys leaving, I envy you! I'll be on my way out in 3 years, latest...

The Turtle 10th Feb 2015 11:08

I can't count my exit in age, or years remaining.....

for me it's T-6 ppc's, baby!

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