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TangoUniform 10th Feb 2015 14:45

What I was trying to convey was, here we are, one of the biggest deal airlines in the world with world class marketing, world class new airplanes, etc., yet compared to other so called big deal airlines, our standard of living and pay is lagging in every respect. Also the information on the legacies is easily researched on Airline Pilot Central. If I had the T/Cs for Other legacies around the world maybe this place wouldn't look so horrendous.

I am not so naive to think everyone can or would want to work in the US. Just a comparison of work rules and pay, that's all. And why in the Resignation thread? Perhaps to give some perspective to those who are resigning or contemplating resigning. There are today greener pastures out there. Maybe not so much five years ago. Time to pony up, or EK will be a shadow of itself in five years taken over by the joint down the road. Or maybe we should just be like mushrooms and be happy with our lot, kept in the dark and fed ....!


Kapitanleutnant 10th Feb 2015 15:17

I used to say to colleagues that Ryanair was the "training ground" for Emirates as we seemed to be hiring quite a number of their pilots (who I enjoy flying with).

Nowadays I wonder if it might be more appropriate to say, "Emirates Airline is (will be) the training ground for the rest of the world's airlines"? Hmmm……..


Chocks Away 10th Feb 2015 19:26

World class marketing is right TU, just check that link out.
How many of that 11,000 are required flight crew to replace all the past (& upcoming) resignations?

777Goose 10th Feb 2015 19:29

I've been using DU for 10 years and have maintained my @eim.ae as a dial up.
20 AED a month. Will top up before departing as I've had since 1995. I see no reason why it would or should be cancelled. Will know for sure in the not too distant future.

Old King Coal 10th Feb 2015 20:10

Wrt the link (above) re: 'World class marketing'
Ah yes, veritably from the Pravda of the Middle East, an article stating nothing but "good news!"... and (though they seemed to have missed it from the article) one likewise assumes that tractor production figures are also up too and that this years harvest will be a bumper one?!... and that this is all part of the 4th / 5th / 6th iteration of the original '5 year plan', albeit soon likely to be followed by the '3 year plan', then the '1 year plan', then the 'emergency plan', then the 'wheels have come off plan', and finally the 'who can we blame plan' ?! :E

DCS99 10th Feb 2015 21:02

But why would anyone resign when you live in World Central:

Dubai set to become 'the centre of the world' by 2100, gov't expert predicts - ArabianBusiness.com

anson harris 14th Feb 2015 06:14

Anyone got any idea which day they give you the End of Service Certificate? I'm assuming it's the very last day, but would quite like to get mine a bit sooner...

The Real Pink Baron 14th Feb 2015 06:28

EK Resignation Tips
You don't get one!

anson harris 14th Feb 2015 13:43

Pretty sure you do.

777boyo 14th Feb 2015 13:50

Service Certificate
They give you a Service Certificate letter on your last day of service, when you collect your final cheque etc


anson harris 14th Feb 2015 14:48

Thanks.. :ok:

palm 15th Feb 2015 15:44

Guys, 60-5= 55 AND 15 years in the Cie. So you can't leave before 55 even with more than 15 years in the Cie if you want enjoy your travel benefits.


White Sausage 15th Feb 2015 16:51

Wrong: It's within 10 years of your NRA (Normal Retirement Age), which for us old timers is 60. So 60-10 is 50. For the later joiners it is 65-10=55. Min. 10 years in the company is another condition. If you stay 15 years you get a few more tickets a year. So do your math and plan wisely...

flyaway777 15th Feb 2015 18:26

So if you leave after 15yrs service at the age of 45 for example, do you still get the travel benefits when you reach 55 or are you just forgotten about?

Modesh 15th Feb 2015 19:53

Read Staff Travel Manual C25
Read Staff Travel Manual C25

Explains all.


flyaway777 15th Feb 2015 22:12

Thanks Modesh.

Saltaire 16th Feb 2015 03:51

Only those hired before 2007 can leave after 50 years of age with 15 years service ( 10 years before the previous retirement age of 60 ) Those hired after 2007 need to wait until 55 and 15 years service for these benefits, in line with the revised retirement age of 65. Another line in the sand so to speak ;)

Kammel 16th Feb 2015 04:20

At the current work rate I won't make 55 :ugh:

White Sausage 16th Feb 2015 14:10

Saltaire, not completely correct: It's minimum 10 years in the company, then you get a few tickets. If you stay 15 years tho they give you a few more. Age wise you are 100 % correct.

Buford 2nd Apr 2015 10:41

Education allowance
Not leaving yet but want to know what happens with education allowance if you do leave? If you leave during first term, how much does Emirates recover from you? I've read the handbook but it's really confusing. It implies they will recover the prorated amount for the full year not completed, however, what if the kids have only done one term and Emirates has only paid for two. Anyone been through this once they left and what happened? It's so wrong that they have such control over us via salary deductions.:eek:

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