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Machspeed 15th Dec 2014 02:34


Originally Posted by Neptune Spear (Post 8769510)
I have not counted the resignations in the last couple of months but it has to be over 100 for the year.

EK at 4.65% attrition rate.

Machspeed 15th Dec 2014 02:45

simple math

Originally Posted by nolimitholdem (Post 8771910)
I highly doubt that you're privy to the true attrition rate, Harry. Just a tip, but some of the things said in management wash-ups may not be entirely true.

It's pretty simple to get at least a wag on the "true" rate. Simple Math. But you'll have to have saved previous months Seniority Lists from the FOIP.

It was about 2% for last half of 2013 and it has moved up over the last year increasing steadily to 4.65%. Now it's worrying for those who have to answer why we can't open that new city on time or take a delivery on time.

LHR Rain 15th Dec 2014 05:56

It is not as simple as watching the senority list and adding up all the pilots that have left.
There are at least two pilots that have left recently that are still on the list, one pilot left last July and he is still listed. I don't know if the company are trying to hide the attrition or is it just incompetence that we are used to.

Machspeed 15th Dec 2014 16:02

EK Resignation Tips
LHR Rain
That's true. That's why I was saying its a wag. Wild Ars Guess. At least it is more true than what we hear I wash up and the millions of rumors in the car. Lol

VLS with ice 17th Dec 2014 06:47

Heard that 25 ex Ryan air pilots grouped up and handed their resignation in together. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the office that day...if the story is true.

Al Murdoch 17th Dec 2014 07:32

Heard that 25 ex Ryan air pilots grouped up and handed their resignation in together. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the office that day...if the story is true.
I've heard so many stories of Ryanair pilots resigning that we must be into negative numbers left by now.

Dune 19th Dec 2014 08:18

Are you able to use leave banked/owed to you by Emirates while within your 3 month "notice" period or do they lock you into working the full 3 months and then paying out the leave balance owed at the end?

Desdihold 24th Dec 2014 09:00

Implications of leaving before a lease has expired
I was told by a estate agent that uae law allows for the early termination of a lease with just two months notice.

Can anyone confirm this ?

BigGeordie 24th Dec 2014 09:17

Not quite. You have to give one month's notice and there is a penalty of two months rent. So effectively you have to pay three months rent from when you give notice. Depending on how far below market rate your rent is, your landlord may or may not co-operate with this.

tornadof3raf 9th Jan 2015 12:23

Regarding Leave, I resigned on the 26th December. I went into the office to drop off a hard copy of my resignation to Fiona and asked about leave. If you have a leave balance left they will either let you take it if leave is available (fat chance) or just pay you the balance on leaving. I just had a request to add my 3 days that i will be owed to my February leave denied.

Been pretty impressed with the process so far. HR Direct turns into a sort of leaving portal. EOS desk in the ESC was pretty helpful too, just get there early as its a busy desk. Main things to note is that Staff travel is no longer DDS. You have to book as normal, then its put on hold until you pay the staff travel desk at ESC. Also FEDEX isn't DDS.

Main thing I need now is a proof of Service to references/security checks for a UK airside pass. I think you only get this letter on leaving EK.

All in all though, the process has been ok...... (so far):bored:

gehenna 9th Jan 2015 18:46

I am further ahead with the process, and have to agree that so far no problems.

One good piece of advice I was given was to ask the HR co-ordinator to arrange that I view what EK plan to pay me a few days before they do so; that way any discrepancies can be discovered when there is time to resolve them.

You can also ask for a copy of your medical records, although I am still waiting for that to happen.

Good luck ...........

tornadof3raf 12th Jan 2015 07:55

Thanks for the tip, off to ESC in a few days to sort a few things out. Ill bring up the points you've mentioned. Thanks for the tips, stay in touch. Be nice to have a warning of any further hiccups..... :ugh:

littlejet 12th Jan 2015 17:16

Do you get to keep the licence?

Kapitanleutnant 12th Jan 2015 18:35

For those who've gone thru this…. A Couple of questions:

Do you keep your GCAA Pilot License?
Can you keep your UAE Drivers License?
How long will they keep your passport when having UAE Visa taken out?


Al Murdoch 12th Jan 2015 19:34

Do you keep your GCAA Pilot License?
Haven't seen any reference to having to return it. Don't see how they could justify you having to return it? Although why would you want it?!

Can you keep your UAE Drivers License?
Same answer as above.

How long will they keep your passport when having UAE Visa taken out?
You are rostered three days off before your last day in order to have it cancelled and returned.

littlejet 13th Jan 2015 05:18

Unless you are going home, you need your GCAA ATPL as some Countries and employers require license you used for your current work. Also they need a no accident/investigation letter from GCAA and/or Police. Does anybody have any experience with that?
After all that is YOUR license, you earned it even if you do not need it.

DrPepper 13th Jan 2015 05:25

What about the bank account and the mortgage?
Can you cancel the visa with an active mortgage?

littlejet 13th Jan 2015 05:45

heard from my bank that's possible with the mortgage as they still own the house...but that is maybe just a sweet talk from the bank's cold caller...

777boyo 13th Jan 2015 11:00

Police Report
Littlejet -

The required Police report is easily obtained in DXB from the CID Police station on the SHJ Rd. There's a Metro station right outside, but I forget which one. There is a brief form to complete (in Arabic if my memory is correct, but there is a translation office just over the road). You'll also need your Passport with Residence visa, and a photocopy of each, plus a small fee. It takes about 10 days for the certificate to be issued, and you have to collect it in person.(I think they send you a text notification when its ready).

Very simple process and the police were very helpful.

Good luck.

Al Murdoch 13th Jan 2015 11:15

It's Al Qiyadah station. You can either apply online (good luck with that) or just go straight into the office with you passport, a passport sized photo and a few copies of everything for good measure. The fee is 210AED and it takes about a week to prepare it. You then go back to collect it, they won't post or email it.
Was actually fairly straightforward in the end.

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