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Mister Warning 26th Nov 2014 16:56

Fourgolds - when I left I could only give 2 months notice instead of 3. I was docked a month's pay ie. I worked that last month of my 12 years for free. Thanks for your service.
On the other hand I burned up my outstanding sick leave. Oh, and leaving was the best command decision I ever made. :ok:

Lubeoil 26th Nov 2014 18:11

A warning for anyone with kids planning to leave in the summer:

If you leave Dubai in the summer at the end of the school term the company will screw you for school fees.
The situation is that Emirates divide the school fees by the number of days in the term (they include summer holidays of Jul/Aug as pert of term) and base the allowance on this. If you leave at the end of June at the start of the school holidays they will screw you for 100% of two months school fees to cover the money they claim they have paid the school for fees for the summer holidays. You couldn't make this sh*t up but after getting it all explained to me by the education people I ended up out of pocket by a fair few quid. This was even after getting confirmation from the school that fees paid were to cover school term and not holidays. Just another example of how this lot screw their employees and another sign of the contempt they have for their staff.

DCS99 26th Nov 2014 18:34

Including July and August as school term?

You have got to be joking.
But I know you're not.

I was told to be careful with the 21 day calculation as well for EOSB. I will dig up my note on that. It's not how you or I would calculate 21 days...

Al Murdoch 27th Nov 2014 05:29

I was wondering about the 21 days too. I get paid the same amount in each month regardless of the number of days, so how do they calculate 21 days worth? Maybe (monthly payx12/365)x21?

fourgolds 27th Nov 2014 06:15

Thanks Mr Warning. Please check your pm.

fourgolds 27th Nov 2014 09:17

Mr W

Sent it again , tks.

myekppa 27th Nov 2014 13:41

Sell your car and rent one as soon as you resign.

No maintenance issues.

No insurance issues.

No last minute haggling for a sale.

Hand it back at the airport.

The company process was organised and as advertised. Provident fund and retention money delivered when they said it would be.

Etislut the worst to deal with. I had a personal post paid number that couldn't be switched to prepay with Etisalat, but could be changed to DU keeping the same number. Early planning required as it takes time, a real GF but if you want your old number (or any for that matter) for your last week in Dubai….. Company sim is handed back about 5 days before you finish.

Watch out for school fees and leave. Didn't bite me but it has for others.

Cancel OSN early, or you'll pay an extra month. Same for your internet.

Provident fund shipped in USD to a USD account elsewhere when they said.

Early departures are contractually liable for payment of time in lieu and allowances already paid (housing). It's no different to any other mob and not unreasonable.

Don't expect a personal farewell but that's also up to you.

Gillegan 27th Nov 2014 17:11

Good advice to read the fine print regarding school fees and leave. HR was helpful in providing the information even before I submitted my resignation (I actually adjusted my leaving date to make sure nothing was owed).

The Provident Fund was paid on time and in full.

The final check bounced (really). There were problems with their US bank account. We arranged for a wire transfer but when I aked to be reimbursed for the bounced check and wire transfer fees, what do you think their response was? (I was just happy to be out of there)

Outatowner 27th Nov 2014 17:12

The hostie's option 'B' for those who don't plan to ever set foot back here again is to gradually ship belongings home on work trips, take out a massive loan, pick your last trip to home destination and party in the room on the airline's tab. Don't forget to leave the ID card on the bed.....

Kapitanleutnant 29th Nov 2014 19:54

Regards the Provident fund….

Can this money be sent to any financial institution of your choosing… say a bank in Shanghai for example? Any restrictions?



Reinhardt 30th Nov 2014 17:23

What if you plan to go to Israel for retirement / opening a business ?

typhoonpilot 30th Nov 2014 23:23

Regards the Provident fund….

Can this money be sent to any financial institution of your choosing… say a bank in Shanghai for example? Any restrictions?



The short answer is yes, as long as that account is in your name.

I imagine that was just a theoretical choice, but you do know that getting large sums of money out of China can be problematic?


ramius315 2nd Dec 2014 09:00

If you hand in your resignation at 4 years and 10 months, to leave at 5 years and 1 month how is the Provident Fund calculated?

Facts rather than opinion would be greatly apprectiated. :-)

Jolly Foreigner 2nd Dec 2014 19:01

Service Reference
Anyone any idea how to get a service reference? Apparently EK don't give any sort of reference until after you leave.

777boyo 3rd Dec 2014 01:00

Service Reference
You'll get a "Service Certificate" letter on your last day when you collect your final salary etc. It merely confirms that you worked for EK, your dates of service, and your position. It does not refer to the outstanding (or otherwise) job you did for the company.


Neptune Spear 3rd Dec 2014 06:18

Some of the Americans starting to leave now are not even waiting their 3 months. It makes sense since the U.S. airlines are hiring between 75-100 pilots a month. One waits 2 extra months and you are potentially 200 numbers junior. Over 25-30 years and that is huge.
Emirates being Emirates charges the pilots leaving $25,000 but you will be far better off leaving Emirates and starting your career in the US working for a good airline. One Emirates pilot even left for Jet Blue. Shocking but he was on the 330.

kotakota 3rd Dec 2014 06:30

That makes me laugh , about the Service Certificate . When I left BA ( at 55 ) they also would not give you a reference , good or bad , just the facts . Guess what ? When I had completed my interview with EK , they insisted I provide references from Training Captains etc , which was virtually impossible .
What goes around comes around !!

lospilotos 3rd Dec 2014 14:02

Just a reflection: A couple of years back it was the "EK interview"-thread that used to top this ME-sub section of the forum. Now it´s the resignation thread... Says a lot doesn´t it...

jack schidt 3rd Dec 2014 17:46

Put simply Los, many of us would rather be else where now as EK has really turned rather sour. The recent employee survey is for the purpose of an external company to read and try to advise EK on how to protect its precious brand name.

Shiny jets and pretty terminals are worth nothing if you do not have good/happy and contented people running them. The rot has gotten so deep that it will take a lot of effort to turn around this open negativity that the employees feel.

I sense a sure trend south in just about every reason to be in EK and as a result we now see people calculating their escape strategy, rather than the happy days of joining a company that cared for its work force. It took a major upheaval to bring the family out to the sand pit and disrupting them again is a hard decision but one that we will all see as a relief when the time comes.


lospilotos 3rd Dec 2014 22:44

Simply put Jack, I agree. Had I known what I have know now 3 years down, I had never joined...

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