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Oceanic815Pilot 13th Jul 2012 02:53

Hello Gentlemen,

I'm a A320 pilot "scheduled" to begin training the end of August or early September. I was hired from the May interview groups. What is everyone's status that was hired from the May and June groups? I know of one gent that had to back out. Has anyone else turned down a job offer with the upcoming management change? What about those of you that were offered future interview dates?


condorbaaz 13th Jul 2012 05:17

No news Oceanic..

I was assured of a July Slot

With the Qatari Management..Either from QR or by a national, makes the job less lucrative
At least for me

Comanche 13th Jul 2012 22:47

From what I could gather, many from the June group did not get through, not sure if they had already reached their pilot number targets by then or we were just a bad batch. Condorbaaz, not sure why the job would become less lucrative with QR or local management?

Iver 14th Jul 2012 03:31

Just curious. What kind of background do you need to fly this for Amiri Flight:

A7-MAB - Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing C-17A Globemaster III at Manchester | ID 179451 | Airplane-Pictures.net

Must you have a military background flying the same type to qualify? Can you bid this aircraft from the Airbus fleet if a slot opens and vice versa? To fly one of those would be a very unique experience.

Again, just curious. Personally, one of my favourite airplanes with some very interesting flying I would imagine. :ok::cool:


Oceanic815Pilot 14th Jul 2012 03:49


I think Condor is preparing for the possibility that QR management may impose the QR contract on the Amiri Flight which would be a pay cut and therefor less lucrative.

Did you get the job offer and if so are you accepting? Do you know how many were approved in the June assessments?


Good luck on your interview!


condorbaaz 14th Jul 2012 12:37


The QR team may try to cross utilize the pilots for all fleets, considering that they have so many Ac..

Personally, I feel that a Non Local will honor the terms more sincerely than a Local..


Thanks but I have gotten no response as yet..

Happy Landings

igig 15th Jul 2012 14:09


Given those thoughts and whereas Amiri ops are majority Royal family and government VIP use, maybe Amiri would not be the best fit. just sayin...

condorbaaz 16th Jul 2012 04:51


the royalty and the vip do not micro manage your day to day life issues at work. I suppose as Pilots we only interact them mostly on board. It is of the time when One is not flying them that I speak...

The normal Controlling Function would be done by the manager you report to. It is of these managers that I say, that Non Locals, esp 1st world, honor the contract , as there is little worth of Paper in the eyes of the Locals east of Turkey till Hong Kong..

The general deterioration starts with the Layover Facilites, reduction of benefits (like housing allowance.) the travel benefits on leave basically Penny pinching..

That is my opinion at least..

Oceanic815Pilot 17th Jul 2012 02:32

I'm not sure there is such a thing as the "perfect" contract job. I've no first hand experience with Hong Kong contracts but the ones in China are not worth the paper they are printed on and the airlines micromanage everything in addition to the local pilots tattling on you for every supposed "infraction" of the rules while most of them have no practical experience operating the aircraft. Ask the Cathay pilots how much their contract has been adhered to over the years.

Honestly, even with the management change I'm more positive about the change than negative. They don't need to change the management to enforce new contract terms. They could do that tomorrow if they wanted to so I am going in with an open mind.

Having said that it all comes down to personal preferences. I could use a
change anyway so it's a risk I'm willing to take....and I would much rather fly with other captains than a bunch of 250 hour wonders.

condorbaaz 21st Jul 2012 13:23

Oceanic.. Well Said..

I agree with you in all totality..

However, I am yet to get the call for assessment...

igig 7th Aug 2012 00:26

Has recruitment closed?

de facto 7th Aug 2012 03:02

the ones in China are not worth the paper they are printed
True,my salary has only gone up and up since i signed my contract...ahhh these chinese:E

Soft Altitude 7th Aug 2012 06:26

Igig, from independent source, I overheard that the recruitment is put on hold ufn ... QR management taking over and manning Qatar Amiri with QR pilots.
Those who got Amiri contracts, will most probably keep the package, as for the QR pilots they will probably get a per flight or per rotation bonus, or may be not even that. Anyone from the insiders ?

igig 7th Aug 2012 10:29

Thanks SA.

Amiri01 7th Aug 2012 14:11

Sorry guys. There is no news from the inside. There has been no clarification or elaboration about the situation.

We are all just standing by to learn what the ramifications will be. :confused:

A310Capt 10th Aug 2012 17:53

Amiri Screening in FRA - 26th and 27th Sept 2012
Greetings, Gentlemen. I have just been invited (once again) for a screening process with Amiri, conducted by "Interpersonal.de", to take place in FRA on the 26th & 27th of Sept, as I have some 3,000+ hours on the A310 / A300-600 family. In my particular case, I am (relatively) comfortably employed, as P.I.C. on Gulfstream GIV-SP and Learjet 60XR in my own country, but - just out of curiosity - do you guys think the offered package is reasonable, considering cost of living in DOH etc? Thanks in advance for any valuable impressions.:ok:

mutt 11th Aug 2012 05:52

I am (relatively) comfortably employed, as P.I.C. on Gulfstream GIV-SP and Learjet 60XR in my own country,
The grass isnt always greener, if you are happy in your own country, I would suggest you stay there :)


Amiri01 11th Aug 2012 07:11


It's good news for those in the pipeline to hear that the screening process is continuing.

WRT the package alone, I would classify it as "reasonable". It's not fantastic and it's not hopeless. It sort of lies in the middle. The housing allowance is fair, the medical/dental insurance is generally adequate, the LOL insurance is probably average, life insurance is on the low side, per diems are good, annual leave tickets are reasonable.

At the end of the day, the important factor is how much you will be saving after you have factored in job satisfaction and quality of life for you and probably more importantly your family. The amount you save is not relevant if you/family are not happy here (what Mutt says above).

The amount you will be able to save in this job (and hence the "reasonableness" of the package) will be dependent on your family composition and your interests.

It wouldn't surprise me that if you are single, you could probably send home in the order of QAR45k+ per month while still living a decent life (any single Amiri pilots feel free to correct me here). With a wife and a few school age kids living with you in Doha, you could probably send home QAR25k+ per month on average while still having holidays and paying for hobbies/pasttimes etc.

What must be recognised is that there are potentially significant lifestyle changes associated with this job and it's location. These have been discussed on this thread previously and must be a major factor when considering the suitability of this job.



condorbaaz 12th Aug 2012 16:45

Thanks Amiri01.

Oceanic815Pilot 14th Aug 2012 12:57

De facto. I've enjoyed the raises too. I won't dispute that but at the end of the day it isn't just about the money for me.

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