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Amiri01 2nd May 2012 05:47

Amiri Flight
With the interest being displayed for the Amiri Flight, both visibly on this thread but through many pm's to me, I shall update the information as best I can.

Firstly, the package. Unfortunately, I cannot pass details of the full package on a public forum (my masters would have me!). Interpersonal, the recruiting agency for Amiri are allowed to provide what information they have. If you apply, ask them for specifics.

However, in general terms, the package consists of a basic salary, an "on-call" allowance, accommodation allowance, furniture allowance, transport allowance, 6 weeks annual leave and 12 requestable days off throughout the year (no other days off as such, just the 24/7 standby), medical/dental insurance, annual leave tickets for family. Conditions are exactly the same regardless of your fleet (so A340 pilots get the same as the A320 pilots etc.) Conditions are much better than at QR.

At the moment, most new hires will normally join on to the A320 fleet, but that policy is flexible. Progression to the A330/340 happens when vacancies arise.

On the A320 fleet, you can expect to fly anywhere in the world. Monthly flying rate on the A320 fleet probably averages between 30-40 hours, maybe a bit more for some. However, the flying rate is not consistent. It is a little "seasonal" and is also impacted by training commitments where pilots undergoing line training get priority so as to get them on speed as quickly as possible.

We normally fly co-Captain and one of the captains gets allocated the "Admin Captain" role and he is responsible for the administrative side of the flight such as settling the hotel bill etc. You decide amongst yourself who flies what sectors. We generally either go sector for sector, or sometimes day for day so we don't have to keep adjusting the seats. The system works fine and most are comfortable changing their role from PIC to support pilot. If you feel the need to be in charge the whole time, you won't fit in.

There are decent per diems for each flight you go on. We stay in nice hotels, there is no scrimping there. On the A320 fleet, you may average perhaps 5 night stops per month plus a few day trips thrown in. That said, you might end up on a 20 day world tour where you are away 20 days on the trot, but that is rare. There is no roster, you will just get an sms the day before the trip to warn you of it. Occasionally, there are scrambles to get airborne as quickly as possible but these are rare (on the 320 at least).

The operation as a whole works fairly well. It is still being developed and is heading in the right direction.

The screening process (as I understand it) consists of technical and psychometric testing, followed by a sim ride if successful with the tests, followed by an interview with Amiri management. From those that have gone through it, they said it's a looong day so be as well rested as possible.

As far as I know, applicants who have Airbus time but are not necessarily current are being invited for screening, so if you have 3000 hours PIC A320 but 10 years ago, you are still considered favourably.

I hope that helps answer some of the questions.



PS Please note that this is my take on things, not any official advice so please don't take the information I have passed as being 100% correct. The recruiting company should be in a position to clarify anything.

UAE FD 2nd May 2012 11:08

Amiri - FD
Amiri 01, Any openings for experienced Flight dispatchers?


Amiri01 2nd May 2012 12:44

Yes, Flight Dispatchers are still required. I believe they are also recruited through Interpersonal in Germany.

clear3 4th May 2012 14:25

Thanks AM01, great stuff mate!


Deep and fast 4th May 2012 15:40

Are the global express guys happy and any vacancies?

Amiri01 4th May 2012 18:56

Yes, Global pilots all happy. Two vacancies were just filled to cover retirements with no vacancies in the foreseeable future.

Bigkeith 5th May 2012 21:27

flight security
can anyone tell me what the package is for a flight security officer i have over 12 years aviation security background with many years spent working overseas

cant seem to find any details anywhere

Flyingstig 5th May 2012 22:47

Amiri01. A very comprehensive and informative posting. Thank you.
However, you make no reference to an age limit!

My understanding is that there is a limit and latest figure is 55!
Would you care to elaborate?

Amiri01 6th May 2012 18:57

Hi Stig,

I don't believe that there is an age "policy" as such. What I do know is that with the limitations on pilots aged 60 and over not being able to fly together, that management need to manage the recruiting at various times to ensure a spread of ages so that in the future, there is not a bunch of 60+yo pilots who can't fly together.

Consequently, it would seem that for the last couple of years, there has been a preference for the 35-50 yo age bracket.

However, I understand that there have been a number of pilots aged over 50 that have been invited for screening later this month, so the more "mature" applicants are now being more positively considered.

All I can say really is throw your hat in the ring. If you meet the experience and qualification requirements but still do not get an invitation for screening, then possibly you fall outside the "preferred" age range for that particular recruiting drive.

Sorry I can't be more specific but management will decide the age range preference and I am unlikely to be able to get that information to pass on.


Bigkeith 6th May 2012 20:23

hi Amiri 01

would you know what the package is for the flight security officer been trying to find out with no joy this end ?

Flyingstig 6th May 2012 20:35

Thanks Amiri!
Aforementioned hat already in the ring!
Cheers Stig.

granmabaker 7th May 2012 06:27

Amiri Interview
The computer test includes Aviation Knowledge + Airbus tech gen(Airbus guys).Any information on books to read,type of test,length of test...Thank you..

Gforce777 8th May 2012 06:23

I think everyone appreciates the amount of information you've posted. Thank you.
I've worked through the Amiri vs EK benefits and it's a close run race. Amiri is alot more 'cash in hand' but with the downside of not being able to plan your life due to those 'spontaneous texts' you mentioned. EK, if you've served 10 years or more, is 15-20% less each month, but you would have accrued a sizeable prov fund and seniority dictates a planning lifestyle.
The EK guy you mentioned, left here a couple of years ago because he was hocked up to his eyes in bad debt and prioritized the Amiri money over his family. Each to their own but he may not be a reliable source to work on.

We don't hear of any Royal flight guys bitching, so you've either got a great life, or very understanding wives.


Amiri01 8th May 2012 12:50


You've hit the nail on the head with two very important issues with the Amiri job, that is the lack of a "planning lifestyle" due to the 24/7 standby and the "understanding wives" issue and these issues need to be considered closely for those considering the move.

Those that prefer to know that they can plan a dinner party (insert any commitment here) next Friday night without being called out could struggle a little with the uncertainty. Typically, for those of us here, we plan for the dinner party next Friday night, but even with non-aviation friends, there is always the proviso that the dinner party may have to be cancelled at the last minute, or the host may not be present... Everyone understands the situation so if you need to cancel, it's not a reflection on you personally.

There are difficulties when planning things such as medical appointments or birthday parties for the kids etc, because Dad may not be available on the day to take the kid to the doctor or supervise the party, leaving Mum to shoulder the burden. Mums need to be tolerant in this respect. It is the day to day family routines that get a bit mucked up with the uncertainty of Dad's work.

Doha can be a shock to the system for the family, as well as how the "system" is here in Qatar. Again, a wife who can get through the settling in pains is a must. If the wife isn't happy (and we get the occasional one that finds the transition too difficult but that is probably more Doha related than Amiri related), then that will create problems.

I think our wives are actually shocked that we get so much time at home! That said, I'm sure all wives have the occasional dummy spit when we get called out to fly and can't make it to juniors 3rd birthday party...

I am generally able to honour most commitments but certainly by no means all of them.

Everyone needs to be aware that in Amiri, there is definitely no scope for commuting, which is possible with EK for example. With Amiri, you either have your family in Doha with you, or see them rarely (during your 6 weeks leave or when they get a vacation in Doha to visit you).

For those in EK who might be considering a change, the EK provident fund is certainly a better system than our end of service benefit which is negligible in comparison.

I personally think it's a great life, but an understanding wife helps!

I hope this extra feedback helps those considering.



Comanche 12th May 2012 19:30

Reference the package, are the twice a year tickets for the family to anywhere in the world? My wife would want to see her family in Latin America at least once a year. Not sure what the rules are regarding destinations and whether or not the whole family must all travel together or do they give you some flexibility?

Also, once you are hired, can you be easily fired? Is the company culture more relaxed than Qatar Airways?

Amiri01 13th May 2012 06:41

Hi Comanche,

I'm not sure that I can provide specifics about the Annual Leave Ticket policy. Once again, the recruiting company will provide details as much as they can should you ask them.

I guess what I can say is that there is scope within the Annual Leave Ticket entitlement for members of your family to travel anywhere/anytime. So on Monday, you can go to Paris, in July your wife could head off to Latin America and in August, your kids could go to Honolulu, all within the scope of your entitlement.

As for firing people, this is the Middle East so anything can be done and with no reason nor explanation. However, none have been fired during my tenure here and I believe that current management would avoid as much as possible laying off pilots, should the fleet size decrease (unlikely in the next few years).

The company culture is certainly very different from QR. Here, you are allowed to get on with your job with minimal interference and you don't need to be constantly looking over your shoulder. On the whole (and this is quite often a personal thing as well), there is generally a good relationship between Flight Deck crew and Cabin crew so no worries in that respect.



Comanche 13th May 2012 14:15

Thanks for the info. It sounds like this job has a lot of potential and ticks many of the boxes, I will apply. My only concern is the school waiting lists for September, a bit of a pain if we want our kids to go to the Doha College or British Schools. Not sure what happens with kids that arrive too late to get a place, I read on some forum that some kids end up getting home schooling until a place becomes available, not ideal really.

Amiri01 13th May 2012 15:56

Getting kids into the preferred school here is one of the big headaches when you get here. The British Schools are:

Doha College
Doha English Speaking School (Primary only)
Park House
Doha British School (ex-Doha Montessori)
Newton School
and there's another new but expensive one whose name I can't recall.

The American School has a very good reputation but of course uses the American curriculum. I have mates whose kids go there and they are very happy.

Check their websites for more info.

It is getting harder to place your kids in the British Schools without a British passport.

If you have school age kids, getting them placed could well be your biggest headache in the move.

For those that are successful at screening, personally, I would recommend that anyone with a family try to leave them with relatives until you've got through the first few weeks in Doha. That serves two purposes; one, they get to spend time with Gran and Grandpa before moving so far away; and also, you will be busy with domestic arrangements like getting your Residence Permit (RP), doing the work stuff like license conversion with all its' associated courses, looking around for accommodation, looking for a car (to either buy or rent), visiting schools to check them out, checking out furniture shops, becoming familiar with the shopping etc. The minimum amount of time that you have to submit the family to these tasks, the better. If you manage to get some villas lined up so when the family gets there, you can take your family out on day 1 or 2 to look at specific villas so you can settle on one and move in asap, the better. Also, with your RP in place, you can start getting the family sorted in that respect also (painful but HR at the company help pretty well).

The sooner you can settle into regular life, the less stressful it is, so if you do the preparatory work while the family catches up with relatives, that would ease things for everyone.

Still, you may not have that luxury and may have to bring them with you from day 1. If this is the case, it can be a little stressful.



360BakTrak 13th May 2012 18:06

I would suspect you wouldn't have too much trouble getting into Sherborne. They seem to always have a few spaces in each year group.

Comanche 14th May 2012 15:22

Thanks, very useful info here, certainly says something about the quality of guys/girls already working there!

I have been told the reason they need captains is fleet expansion and a move to an all-captain fleet. Is this correct and if so, what's happening to all the FO's?

Ref housing, can one find a decent villa type house for 13000 a month, or is it best to take company accommodation?

I would be leaving a fairly lucrative & very secure A320 job in Europe, but would consider the move because of the much better variety of flying (and less hours than I currently do) & private schooling for the kids.

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