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Maxpilot66 19th Feb 2013 17:00

Hi all
Any new hiring for A320 Captains at Amiri planned?

Oceanic815Pilot 21st Feb 2013 16:09

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
I believe all recruitment is on hold until the transition is sorted out. Others may have different information but I believe that to be correct.

Pilot talk 10th Apr 2013 08:10

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
Hi guys, is there any news on the recruitment front? What are the possible effects
For the pilots contract under the new mgmt.

Pilot talk 13th Apr 2013 06:45

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
I thought recruitment was on hold, do u know if these guys joined recently and left thereafter or were they guys in the company that left after the new mgmt changeover.

Amiri01 13th Apr 2013 09:36

Confirming what Oceanic815 wrote recently, I believe that recruiting is still on hold while the management transition is in place.

It is true that there have been some departures from the Amiri Flight over the course of the last six months. These have been amongst what I would term "recent joiners". Reasons have been varied but the 24/7 on-call lifestyle and lifestyle in Doha have been issues for some.

As far as I know, the departures are not attributable to the management changeover at all.

Pilot talk 14th Apr 2013 14:21

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
Hi 3030N, what do u mean by saying when a new guy gets to Doha,something is wrong ?
Change of terms than promised ?or training delays or issues? Or housing or admin related ?
Amiri01 how's things now with the transition to new mgmt? When do u reckon they will open doors again ?

Amiri01 14th Apr 2013 14:47

Hi 3030,

There has always been a certain lack of guidance/support for new joiners and I would agree that this area could be improved. I know a lot of guys turn up to do their observation sectors without ever having been shown over the airport office, Amiri Terminal etc.. The induction process could certainly be more comprehensive, structured and perhaps be more personal.

If there are any other issues that really should be addressed, could you pm me and I will communicate the suggestions to management. Hopefully your feedback can help to improve the process for subsequent new joiners, if anyone will act on the suggestions that is!

Pilot Talk, wrt the management transition, I have seen no discernible change in management. All executive and middle level management are still in place. There might be a new boss at the top, but there have been no obvious changes in the Flight Ops department that I have seen. However, others who are more closely associated with office work may have noticed changes.

That's not to say that there havent been any changes, it's just that I haven't observed them...

It would be good to hear the perspective of guys that have been here only a short time. It could be that having been here so long, I might have a bit of ambivalence about things that might grate someone who hasn't been here long.

As for when the doors will open again, it's anyone's guess. With the intro of the B748s pending, something will have to happen soon to meet the crewing obligations for the new aircraft.

Pilot talk 16th Apr 2013 09:41

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
Thanks Amiri for sharing info,it seems that the transition to Qr mgmt is taking longer than anticipated. There may be some insider opposition to the same which is normal,thus preventing the complete changeover.
With the summer months approaching and historically the utilisation of the fleet generally heads north,so going by that they should complete the mgmt transition process and start recruiting again to complete the "all captain fleet " if they have not and lower night outs/reduce hours/increase choice of annual leave etc for the guys already in the system. They started this process early last year in 2012 and it still seems they are looking for suitable candidates,as it appears in the various recruitment websites.

Tailwinds and blue skies

Oceanic815Pilot 18th Apr 2013 11:27

Just my two cents but if you are unhappy about something you should speak up. I've always operated under the belief that you have no right to complain if you don't make your voice heard.

Personally I'm quite happy here and for me it's the best job I've ever had in three countries. Having said that what works for me doesn't necessarily work for the next person. Everyone has to try to find a company that is best suited for them. Just because someone dislikes a company or leaves doesn't make it a bad company or a bad fit for you.


igig 18th Apr 2013 11:48

Great post. Thanks Oceanic.

Oceanic815Pilot 19th Apr 2013 13:31

You're right, 3030, you never used the word "unhappy". My apologies. I was addressing your statement with a broad stroke that "something was wrong."

As far as me being "totally wrong" my wife tells me that at least once a day so no worries there... :)

Pilot talk 15th Jul 2013 20:59

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
Hi Friends ....what's news ,it's very quiet. I guess it's going well with the new mgmt in place and figure no changes in conditions yet .

condorbaaz 17th Aug 2013 19:19

Any news on hiring?
Any news for hiring on A330 fleet?

AthinaK 30th Jan 2014 15:48

help- info
hi- I'm Athena from Greece..

I'm looking for info about Amiri flight, I wanna apply..

Do you know company's policy- or any rules??

Waiting for your reply!!

Capt R Swipe 5th Feb 2014 20:04

Anyone able to direct me. TRI/E on the 747-8, couple of years as training captain on type. Looking for work as of the end of April. Anyone know if the royal flight going to be after -8 trainers?

firozpilakkalaero 16th Mar 2014 08:41

is there any vacancy for aeronautical engineers.

APAW1 12th Jul 2014 13:15

Last i heard not all good in AF,some pilot were sacked and most European manager have left. Also staff not being paid bonus for last 2 years.:suspect:

Asper 30th Jul 2014 13:56

No comment

igig 20th Sep 2014 03:55

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
Job board on career-aero website now advertising for B747-800 Captains

jimmyg 20th Sep 2014 06:03

Stagnate or deterioration of T&C's, change of guard and 24/7 on call roosters, make this outfit most undesirable.

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