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Birdy1062 20th May 2012 11:10

I have a friend flying in DOH and he has APPM temporary & definitive LOL, so it shouldn't be a problem.:ok:

buzzbuzzz 21st May 2012 19:06

What do u think ?
Hi hope your all ok. i just got a call from a recruitment agency for Amiri but i don't have the 8000Hrs nor the 3000Hrs PIC . But i have 7000Hrs on A319/320/321/332/343/345 as an F/O with 1500 PIC on the A320/321. last flight as a PIC 20/05/2012 last medical 18/05/2012 last PPC 29/03/2012.
I'm flying now for a privet owned airline we fly around 60Hrs per month with a very good pay (around 17000$ pre month) . but I'm thinking of relocating out of cairo. What i want to know ,
1.Is living in Doha with kids safe ?
2.Will Amiri process my application with out meeting the min requirement ?
3.Are the pilots working in Amiri HAPPY ?
I have no problem working on a stand-by roster or with the idea of relocating the question is where too ?
Many thanks in advance and looking foreword for ur replay :)

Amiri01 22nd May 2012 01:03


1. Very safe for family and kids. Way better than Cairo.
2. In the past, when some have applied through Interpersonal (the main recruitment agency for Amiri), candidates have been rejected outright if they did not meet the minimum requirements. Right now, I couldn't say what the policy is, you would do well to phone Interpersonal who do the screening for us and ask them directly (then post here so everyone knows).
3. I think this has been answered in previous posts in this thread. I personally am happy to be part of this operation and I believe that in general, my colleagues are also. For the last 6 years, I believe that there have only been retirements, with maybe one resignation from someone who was approaching retirement. This is probably a reflection of how the pilots feel about the job.



condorbaaz 22nd May 2012 11:31


VERY informative and encouraging posts.

I have just begun the process with an agent for a VVIP Op which I hope will be amiri. for the A330..I meet all the QRs..Though Interpersonal did not like me the first time in 2010..

Hope to make it..

jimmyg 22nd May 2012 14:48

Is Interpersonal still doing the interview assessment?

If so what is the format?

Has anyone been called for an assessment date?

igig 22nd May 2012 15:11


You mention that the A320 guys fly approx 30-40 hours per months. Typically what would that look like with respect to days away from base. I understand that it a difficult question given how varied the possible trip itineraries.

tknapp 22nd May 2012 17:43

I had one scheduled for the end of May but I'm unable to attend to to my work schedule. They moved mine to the end of June now. Seems like the company is very willing to work with you.

Amiri01 22nd May 2012 19:56

Interpersonal are still doing the screening in Frankfurt.

Screening consists of (as far as I know) a tech test, psychometric testing and if successful with those, a sim check with Amiri pilots and finally, if you get through those then an interview with Amiri management.

The flying rate on the A320 consists of (and here I am estimating) perhaps on average 4 or 5 overnights and a few day trips per month. Of course, one month you may do a 2 week tour of the US or Asia then next month you may get two Riyadh trips but on average, what I said. Some individuals get to fly more and some less. It's the luck of the draw.



jaloja 23rd May 2012 15:00

Dear Amiri01

Thanks in advance.
In advance I do not mind being on standby for 24 days but I would like keep my family at home and donīt taking them to Doha.
Do you think that with 24/7, 7 days together, and if at this time, I can travel home, keeping the family in my country?.


crazy_max 23rd May 2012 16:35

My dear Joloja...........I think you misunderstood what 24/7 means. It means you are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No, you won't be able to commute, you can leave your family back home of you chose to do so, and you will only see them when you are on leave. Amiri, please correct me if I am wrong.

jaloja 23rd May 2012 18:17

Dear Crazy Max.

Thanks for your clarification.

Best regards

Enecosse 23rd May 2012 21:23

The assessment consists of 8, or thereabouts, computer tests, english (if required), maths, co-ordination, comprehension, did you enjoy tying fire crackers to cats tails etc.
Sim ride, basically a raw data, hand flown LPC. Group exercise, head shrink exercise, stand-up presentation to a panel, interview to about 10 people.
This takes 2 days, you can be binned on the first day.
HR do a presentation on the company and answer any questions, lunch with FOD and CP, drinking beer not recommended. I think thats all.

Amiri01 24th May 2012 02:15

Max, spot on and Enecosse, thank for the heads up about the screening process. Now I know (I'm glad I didn't have to go through that)!



igig 26th May 2012 01:36

Enecosse, I'm not familiar with the abbr. LPC? (Wrong side of the Atlantic, I guess.)

jimmyg 26th May 2012 01:44

LPC/LST (Licence Proficiency Check/Skills Test)

Enecosse 26th May 2012 10:59

The sim ride, was in a B744, the first officer was played by a Lufty TRE as a competent but lacking in initiative FO. The check TRE ran the sim.
Take off, SID, steep turns, track to a beacon and take up the hold, track away from beacon and let down for non precision approach, go around, engine failure (fire) on go around, (as thrust levers advanced), fly go around, carry out drills, radar vectors to an ILS and land. If I remember airfield used was Stuttgart. I think that was all.


The first approach was procedural.

Comanche 26th May 2012 23:14

Last time I did a raw data holding was about 14 years ago for my CPL, better have a look at my ATPL notes then. I thought the emphasis would be more on management skills, making use of automatics or the very least FD's to free up brain capacity, or leave the flying to the FO. That's my company's philosophy anyway for skippers (apart from the occasional raw data ILS), not complaining but I'd better practice some manual flying on my next sectors this week to brush up. Good luck to all those attending the selection.

granmabaker 27th May 2012 02:42

Amiri Interview
Dear Enecosse,
I am going for the screening this month end.Could you clarify the interview process.What do they ask? Whats a stand up presentation? Does it pertain to an aircraft system?How long is it expected to be?
Thanking you,

Enecosse 27th May 2012 08:31

The sim check is I believe not so much a test of flying ability, although that is obviously a factor. It is designed I think to provide a level of stress and see how an individual deals with it. I just talked alot.

The interview is straight forward no trick questions or scenario's, in fact probably the easiest part of the process.

Stand up presentation involved standing in front of a panel (about 8 people), talk for 15 maybe 20 minutes about a) yourself, b) your experience and c) why you want to join

jimmyg 27th May 2012 09:08

About how many 320 folks are they looking to add?

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