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igig 27th May 2012 12:40

Good luck Enecosse

condorbaaz 12th Jun 2012 22:07

Any screening in Jun?
Anybody going for screening in Jun or Jul?

tknapp 13th Jun 2012 00:03

I'm going June 26th. Does anyone have any gouge on the ATP test?

igig 13th Jun 2012 00:57

Knew about the Jun dates. When are the July dates?

jimmyg 13th Jun 2012 01:32

Will also be there on the 26th. Any interview info would be kindly appreciated.

condorbaaz 13th Jun 2012 09:11

July dates prob be decided by end next week

tknapp 13th Jun 2012 17:18

Has anyone been hired from the May assessment?

Amiri01 14th Jun 2012 06:03

The May screening was very successful with quite a number being given the nod.

I believe that pilot numbers are now getting close to what is required so recruiting could possibly slow down after the end of June screening.

However, things can change suddenly over here so the requirement for pilots is always in a state of flux.



Comanche 14th Jun 2012 07:29

Amiri01, does that mean it will be more difficult to be successful during the June session as numbers are getting close to what's required. From what I understood, the May session had 25 pilots while the June session will have 36 applicants. If they only need a few more, they can cherry pick from the remaining applicants. Makes me wish I had applied a few weeks before I did as chances would have been higher.

Amiri01 14th Jun 2012 12:50

Hi Commanche,

I honestly don't know exactly how many more we need. I just know that we need more but we are probably not too far off the required numbers (for now).

It wouldn't surprise me that if there are many candidates that are assessed as suitable from the June screening that the required number get firm offers and the remaining suitable candidates are retained on file to be offered jobs as vacancies arise.

Please be aware that I am not "in the know" with respect to manning issues and I am only going on what I have overheard while in the office. I could be incorrect in my interpretation of the situation but knowing the (current) fleet size and approximating the needs, I understand we are close to the required numbers.

Perhaps the recruiting company can enlighten anyone further regarding numbers.

Sorry I can't be more specific...



Enecosse 14th Jun 2012 15:48

The job advert provides alot of the info of what is required. Team player blah blah, once you take that on board and present yourself that way I would say you are 50% there.

The final interview is very straight forward, no difficult questions relatively short. I was over prepared, on Qatar history, Shamal winds, expected technical questions on previous type, a tell me about a time...... question etc, there was none. By the way if the above are asked, well tough.

The PC base questions are all available online, just need to Google for gouges with Emirates, Cathay etc. If not to good with math(s) then a bit of practice would be good. There are various books on speed math(s).

Important:- The tests are quick, DO NOT get bogged down trying to decide the right answer. Take a guess and move on. SOME tests allow you to go back and review, make sure you know how to do that and if in that particular test you can. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

To be honest it is quite a tough test, reread my first para, get your head sorted on how you can show that, the rest you either have or don't, you can only try and do your best.

condorbaaz 19th Jun 2012 21:20

heard next screening is early aug..any headw up on that?

pampa1 22nd Jun 2012 16:12

Hi Enecosse,

Did you get technical quiz regarding your present type?:)thanks

Enecosse 24th Jun 2012 06:25

No I did not

Gforce777 29th Jun 2012 11:25

Lufthansa management

We've been told that the Lufthansa management team have been dismissed by the Royal Family and that management will revert to Qatar Airways. Is this correct? I was just about to sign on the dotted line and this would be a big stopper as Qatar Airways Ts and Cs are woeful.

No one has responded to my emails in the Amiri office.

For anyone else interested in Amiri, you may want to look into this as well.


Enecosse 1st Jul 2012 12:57

We are still waiting the official announcement. What you have said would appear to be correct, just substitute QA with QE. I wouldn't worry about signing and being committed as until probation period up only a weeks notice required by either party.

Iver 1st Jul 2012 15:27

Any "public" information on new aircraft types beyond the new 747-800? Any VIP 787s or A350s on order? I presume they would hire pilots with time on type.

mutt 1st Jul 2012 15:34

I presume they would hire pilots with time on type.
Why?? Much easier to train someone to fly a new aircraft than to hire the right person.... :)


Comanche 1st Jul 2012 22:26

I also heard that the German management team have been dismissed, which is a great concern to me. It shows the environment there is dynamic (unstable). Package on offer is decent, but not sure what the management change will mean to the pilots as far as company culture and t&c's. Would like some more certainty about this. I was under the impression the Germans were doing a good job. Watch this space.

Amiri01 2nd Jul 2012 15:56

At this point in time, I cannot add to what anyone here has said or hypothesised. While this is a rumour network, I prefer to stick as closely to facts as possible, alternatively, I express my personal opinion about things.

As far as I know, there have been no official communications at work about any changes to the organisation. That said, as is witnessed by posts on this thread and another about Qatar Executive, rumours are rife.

WRT to statements made about our current management, I personally feel that they have done a creditable job. The operation as a whole has a much better structure, organisation, processes and procedures than when we first separated from QR. On a personal level, generally, there has been an improvement in our T&C's.

Should there be any truth to the rumours, time will tell what the repercussions will be for us employees. These could range from no changes at all, other than new bosses in some of the seats, to significant changes that could cause employees to question their desire to be a part of a new organisation.

I am not going to hypothesise about what is going on at the moment. As soon as I hear anything concrete that might benefit those who have been successful at interview and are waiting a start date and are concerned about the move, as well as potential future applicants, I will post what I can at the earliest opportunity.

As for any other types, there are no "public" announcements about any additional aircraft or types. (Personally, I'd like to see 10 Aerion SSBJs materialise!!:)). However, the purchase of new aircraft can happen here with very little notice so who knows what is in the pipeline...

Anyway, if there are to be any changes then hopefully some clarification of those changes will be forthcoming so everyone can plan accordingly.



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