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mutt 14th Aug 2012 15:10

you could probably send home in the order of QAR45k+ per month while still living a decent life
From the figures that i have, thats almost 100% of the initial salary, flight pay and executive allowance, so are you saying that single people should be able to rent an apartment and live off the housing allowance?


Amiri01 14th Aug 2012 17:46

Hi Mutt,

The short answer is yes, but there are other considerations such as the average monthly per diems and a few other benefits that assist with achieving this level of savings, while still maintaining a decent life.

I could be wrong. Again, perhaps one of my single colleagues could chime in here with their experience.



MMR 31st Aug 2012 05:24

Background Check
Could anyone tell me how long it takes to complete background check & reference verification?

Enecosse 1st Sep 2012 16:13

You are looking at about 3 months from job offer to landing in Doha.

Oceanic815Pilot 2nd Sep 2012 13:22

They didn't even call my references...

Interviewed end of May, started working on the 30th of August so I can confirm the 3 month statement. Good Luck.

alwaysflying 11th Sep 2012 04:33

Information regarding Qatar Amiri A 310
Dear Amiri01

Your posts do give some insight into the operation. Would appreciate if the following information could be shared either thru a post or PM as deemed appropriate.

1. How many Pilots are there at the company & what numbers are they looking at ?

2. Is there a significant planned expansion or a lot of turnover for the continous hiring ? Or due to the stringent selection they have been unable to find the best candidates ?

3. Had heard last year that the A 310 was being phased out, then they decided to retain it & hire Pilots. This year they have again advertised for A 310 Pilots ? What would happen to the A 310 Pilots hired, in the event it is subsequently phased out ?

4. Apart Salary/Housing/On Call Incentive are there any additional monetary benefits like a Flight Allowance or Per Diems ?

5. Apart from the Annual Leave, Is one expected to standby 24x7 or are there any additional Hard Days Off ?

6. Is there a notification period for call ?

Thanks in advance, would appreciate anyone in addition to Amiri01 also to respond.

UAE FD 11th Sep 2012 12:37

still looking for flight dispatcher
Hi 01,

I have sent CV to mulitple people @ Amiri for a position as FD, I have 4 years experience. I am from Asia. Please let me know if you are still hiring FD and still looking to hire only europeans?


shabasith 12th Sep 2012 06:24

Flight Operation Jobs
Dear Amiri01,

Any job vacancy for an operation controller/Movement controller in amiri flights..

Amiri01 12th Sep 2012 07:15


I'll try to answer your questions but be aware that I am not privy to what is happening behind the scenes.

1. I am estimating that we may have around 60 pilots now, give or take some. Final numbers I am not aware of. We are still recruiting for A310/320 and BD700 Captains but I do not know about A330/340/B747 hiring.

2. The hiring is to meet existing commitments. I am not aware of any pilot's leaving in the last few years, other than for age or medical related retirements, but one or two that I don't know may have gone. Anyway, the hiring is definitely not as a result of turnover of pilots. The introduction of the B748 over the next couple of years will pose a fairly complex logistical exercise for management as the size of the fleet post-B748 introduction may not be known until the time. However, I do not believe that the current recruiting is as a result of the phase in of the B748, rather simply meeting existing fleet manning requirements.

3. When aircraft have been phased out in the past, the crews on that aircraft have been re-trained on another type, so this is the historical precedence. Whether that continues is at the discretion of management. Knowing current Flight Ops management, I feel they would do their utmost to retain crew.

4. Per diems are paid and are at a good level. There are no other cash benefits other than salary/on-call allowance and also transport/furniture etc. allowances.

5. Other than the 6 weeks annual leave, you are allowed 12 "hard" days off per year. These can be cancelled right up until the actual day so aren't really "hard" days off. They are usually appended to a leave period to extend your annual leave (once you start on your days off, you are safe...).

6. The most notice you get for a flight ex-Doha is usually the day before that flight departs. Notice can be as little as 2 hours but is normally the day before. However, once you are on the road, it is a different matter. On some aircraft in the fleet, you may be checking into your hotel after a 4 hour sector, only to receive a call to go back to the aircraft to do another 5 hour sector. Don't join Amiri if you cannot handle something like this.


I'm sorry, I don't know what the FD levels are but I believe they are close to being correct. As for nationalities, there are very few Europeans in this area (if any). Indeed, there are many nationalities in the FD department with the majority being from Western Asia.



igig 12th Sep 2012 20:14


When you refer to the introduction of the 747-800 as creating a "fairly complex logistical exercise" for management; is it your sense that there will be fleet reductions or are you referring to the movement and training of personnel?

Amiri01 13th Sep 2012 08:28

Hi igig,

I am primarily referring to the movement and training of existing personnel. We will certainly have movement from the existing Airbus fleet on to the B748 fleet and given the lack of B747 experience amongst our Airbus widebody crews, I expect that there will be a fairly extensive training commitment for the B748 with quite a large lead-time needed. The movement of pilots to the B748 will clearly create shortages on the Airbus fleet that will need to be addressed.

Now the big question is what will happen to the Airbus fleet when the 748's arrive. The answer to this is anybody's guess at this point in time.

Every new joiners question is going to be: "If they do not retain the Airbuses that have been replaced, what will happen to us?". This is of course an extremely valid concern.

The problem is that I suspect that no-one knows what will happen to the fleet when the B748s arrive. Their arrival is still a fair way off so the decision about the fleet composition is probably also a fair way off.

The difficulties for management will include deciding whether to recruit with permanent employees to fill the vacancies when the Airbus crews head off to train on the B748s, or whether to recruit crews on fixed term contracts with the understanding that the contract will be for a defined term. Should the Airbus fleet be reduced following the introduction of the B748, then the contract personnel could be let go at the end of their contract term.

So our management will base their decisions on the best information that they have now, but things could change. Regardless of what decisions are made, there are clearly complex logistical issues that management will have to deal with.

Personally, and I stress that this is my own opinion based on gut feeling only, I suspect that the fleet will continue to grow. The economic success that Qatar is enjoying and the increasing diplomatic role that Qatar is playing in the international arena makes me feel that the expansion of the Amiri Flight will continue in order to meet the VIP transport requirements of the State.

I probably can't add any more than that.



woodja51 14th Sep 2012 15:52

Well Said Amiri 01
Good rational post there Amiri 01! Sounds like good times your way with expansion and new metal.

BTW the gig over here in CSAIR is going pretty well too now... Just about to finish line training. All pretty relaxed.

They are also taking 320 guys from AF to CCQ them to the 330 if any of the ozzis are interested?

20 new 330 s coming and 787s ...with a "chestnut " spreading that the expats might get MFF over to the 380 ...just a rumour but would make sense to compete with QF and EK on the CANTON route they have planned. And the level four english is a bit problematic...

Anyway hope all good your way say hi to AB and MK from MW!



Amiri01 14th Sep 2012 16:02

G'day Wja,

I'm pleased to hear it's going well over there. It certainly sounds like a decent gig.

Will certainly send your regards to the boys.


South Prince 30th Nov 2012 11:17

any recent news on this outfit?

Oceanic815Pilot 4th Feb 2013 10:56

Status quo for now...

Ice&Slice 7th Feb 2013 15:02


I thought the German management had been dismissed by the Royal Family
Is there a time line they have to be out of there? Was is 12 months or longer do you think,. just wondering.

checkthisout 7th Feb 2013 19:03

As for the management, a part of the German Management is still there.
The Flight Management is Qatari (correct me if im wrong). I only know about the Indian Ground Management there by rumours.
And they are malicious! They will do anything to secure their power and even spread heavy fake accusations in order to get colleagues kicked if they benefit from it.
Care of their sweettalking, they will backstab you from behind.

Amiri01 8th Feb 2013 00:31

The German management is still in place but we are currently in a transition phase back to management by Qatar Airways. There has been no indication to employees about the nature of any changes, nor has a timeline been advised to us. We are all waiting to find out what will happen.

In the meantime, there is a freeze across the board on recruiting. When/if it starts again, I shall advise here.

Checkthisout, I would be curious to know which part of "Ground Operations" you are referring to? Would you mind pm'ing me to be a little more specific as your rumoured assertion could be painting some good people in an unnecessarily negative way.



checkthisout 8th Feb 2013 08:19

Amiri01, it is what it is, there are not as many people in senior positions in the ground management that have a huge influence on decisions. I am not namecalling either, which is against the forum laws and childish.

I am telling you people only to be aware of those guys. They "are" nice, just dont get involved with them personally in any way.

The pilots seem happy though and the company itself is good. Which is the important part.

igig 15th Feb 2013 12:55

Has A7-HSJ been placed into service yet which would bring the Airbus narrow body fleet to six fins?

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