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safelife 25th Mar 2010 07:15

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
Maybe something for exhausted EK guys?

Quite certain they won't roster you for 90 hrs a month...


wessel_words 25th Mar 2010 07:37

Depends if they are in pocession of a pair of white gloves. ;)

Sheet House Rat 25th Mar 2010 18:31

What's the package?
Followed the link, but it provides no real details. Is this better pursued via PM??

Payscale 25th Mar 2010 18:53

If anyone has details please post or PM me.

mile low 26th Mar 2010 14:37

8000 hours total,1000 hours command on Airbus....it is all to find under the web side of www.interpersonal.de, they are doing the selection process.

flynhigh 26th Mar 2010 15:32

Anyone has any info on the pay and days OFF or is it same T&C as Qatar Mainline. Thanks ..

Payscale 27th Mar 2010 05:56

I know. I can read too, but I was thinking for more of salary, accommodation and benefits, rosters.. anyone?

mckagel 27th Mar 2010 13:27

Here are some details of the package:

Basic monthly salary: 28,500 Qrs.
+ Nature of Duty Allowance: 20% of basic salary per month
+ Amiri Premium Allowance: 25% of basic salary per month
+ Fixed Flying Allowance: 8,400 Qrs.
+ Housing Allowance: 12,000 Qrs. or Company provided Housing
+ Transport Alowance: 1,500 Qrs

Other benefits:
Per diems
Medical insurance for whole family
Life insurance: 300,000 Qrs. for the employee
Loss of Licence: 100,000 USD
School fees for up to 80,000 Qrs annually for up to two kids
Annual leave tickets for whole family - First class - twice a year
42 days annual leave
12 hard days off per year
14 days annual sick leave on full pay plus 28 days annual sick leave on half pay; sick leave cannot be carried over
pilots will be "on call" 24/7 when you are not on either annual leave or a hard day off.

The Exchange Rate is fixed. ie : 1 USD = 3,64 Qrs.

Doesn`t sound too bad, if you ask me :O

CaptainProp 27th Mar 2010 15:55

No, for airbus its looks ok-ish, but to ask for 8000 hrs, 1000 on type and offering a package worth 13.000 euro, all incl, for the GLEX, on a 24/7 "on call" schedule its simply not enough I think.

Harlem 27th Mar 2010 16:12

Captain Prop, I agree with you. To ask that experience and for a VVIP Ops flying a big iron, IMHO isnīt too much.

Amiri01 27th Mar 2010 16:23

A320 pilots are doing around 500 hours per year, other fleets slightly less.
Compound accommodation is 3/4 bedroom villas and is good quality (not so flash area but close to a major mall, Villagio, and to some British/American schools). The compound facilities are not yet finished but are scheduled to be done so by September, so pools, clubhouse, gym, restaurant etc will be available then.

There is no scope to commute because of the 24/7 standby, 311 days per year (365 less 42 days leave and 12 days off). No rosters, just wait for the sms, generally the day before a flight but occasionally a call to be at the airport in 1 hour. When told it's for one night, pack for a month as things are prone to change.

Destinations are varied, worldwide, including on the A320 fleet.

Morale is generally good, flight deck and cabin crew generally get on well.

It is (in my opinion) a good job. Doha itself has its moments, the traffic/drivers probably being the biggest headache for everyday life. Legal alcohol is available through the single liquor outlet, albeit a bit more expensive than you might expect. The supermarkets stock many western items. Carrefour is at a few of the malls. You can get Marks and Spencer chocolates at M&S! Most British and American Schools are of a good standard. Petrol is cheap at USD.25c per litre. Second hand cars can be very cheap because of the turnover of expatriates. Its hot, over 40 degress celsuis around 6 months of the year. It sits on 45 degrees most days in the area of the company compound. You get used to it. There is a Rugby Club nearby for some social interaction at a bar, while watching some live rugby (not a high standard but fun to watch). Garveys, while no longer a pub, is nearby and has a squash court, gym and old pool, as well as serving reasonably priced pub type food. Membership cost is quite low to use the facilities.

Good luck to those that apply.

Amiri01 27th Mar 2010 16:36

CP and Harlem, you are both right. Unfortunately, the basis for the salary package was set a long time ago when the USD was stronger. Now with the weak USD (with the QAR being pegged to the USD), the package is not so good if you are currently being paid in Euros.

Bear in mind that for the GLEX pilots, you are one of six who is on 24/7 standby, not 1 of 2 or 3 that you might be with the operator that pays a lot of Euros. The legitimate tax free status also helps.

So at the end of the day, it may suit those who are currently being paid in USD and not so for the Euro guys.

However, it would certainly be nice for the package to be reviewed and improved!

Iver 27th Mar 2010 17:56

Hey Amiri01,

Thank you for your great information you have shared. A few questions for you:

1. Are most pilots on their fleets already typed on those aircraft when hired (i.e., A320 type for A320 and CL300 type for that aircraft)?

2. Do the Amiri pilots get the option to transfer over to the airline if desired and vice versa?

3. Once you are hired onto one aircraf type, do you get the ability to bid other aircraft (i.e, from CL605 to the A320/A330) in the Amiri fleet?

4. What is the deal with the C-17s? Are they the most coveted aircraft in the fleet or is it viewed no differently than the other types? Personally, that would be my choice if ever given the option. But that's just me... :ok:


JCUERVO 27th Mar 2010 19:01

I there ANY chance for an F.O. position with Amiri flight at this point? and if so what are the requirements?

Amiri01 27th Mar 2010 19:42

I believe the intention is to take RATED CAPTAINS only. There will be no F/Os and this is supported by the statement on the recruiting agencies website.

The Amiri Flight has nothing to do with Qatar Airways, other than on a 3rd party provider basis. They are two totally separate entities so no transfer between either parties is possible.

The C17 is not part of the Amiri Flight operation.

Transfer between fleets within the Amiri Flight generally does not occur, but I believe the policy on this is not fixed. Given that the salary is identical, regardless of what aircraft you fly, there is no financial incentive to move fleets, nor would there be much company incentive to do so as it would be an unnecessary cost burden.

The CL300 and CL605 belong to Qatar Executive which is a commercial operation and is part of Qatar Airways and has nothing to do with the Amiri Flight.

The Amiri Flight is an entirely private operation. It is advertised as an "Airline" on the recruiting website, but it is purely a private operation.

Check 'Six' 27th Mar 2010 22:48

Thank you
Dear Mckagel and Amiri 01,

Thank you both for the information.:ok:

Medical insurance for self and family:

Is it worldwide?

Up to what amounts?

Age limit coverage for children?(whereby after that age, they are no longer covered)


School Fees:

80,000 for 2 kids? is that enough?

Per diems? Daily fixed rate at outstation? How much is it or varies for destination? Paid up front at hotel or end of the month in salary?

Standard of hotels at destinations?

Staff travel?

Any good golf clubs around? Expensive?

Thank you for your replies in advance.


Check 'Six':)

moredrag 2nd Apr 2010 10:27

Thanks Mckagel, Amiri01 :)

Have they started calling job applicants?

Shaman 11th Apr 2010 23:32

Anyone had any response at all from Interpersonal? Are the positions still open?

moonchaser 13th Apr 2010 14:25


Can life be planned at all or do you lead one life and your family plan things with the view that you might disappear at any moment?

If all the aircraft are out of State, does that mean you are 'off call' and can kick back until one returns?

Amiri01 13th Apr 2010 16:14


You certainly make plans with the family, but there is always the possibility that you might not be there on the day. It is part and parcel of the life here but everyone is used to it so I never hear anyone complaining. Friends understand that you might have to pull the plug on an engagement at late notice.

As you say, the only time you are fairly safe is when all the jets in your fleet are out of country. You can then feel fairly comfortable with taking a drive into the dunes or across the other side of the country (only an hour away anyway).

A lot of staff still take their chances and pop down to the inland sea anyway and I haven't heard of anyone getting caught out. Likewise with having a beer in the evening. Technically, you are still on call so having an ale over dinner presents a small risk. That said, not that many short notice calls come up.

If people reading this want a roster and known days off, don't bother applying as you won't like it here.

If you don't mind being on call 24/7 and enjoy the spontaneity of new and varied destinations, with a fairly low annual flying rate, then consider it.

If you come, don't expect a perfect operation. The split from Qatar Airways last year removed some of the shackles on the operation, but it is taking time to implement the improvements that everyone was anticipating. There is still a way to go and whatever skills and expertise that come with new hires would be welcome.

It will suit some and not others. Horses for courses as they say. Bear in mind that the customs and cultures of the region apply to this operation, as to any other, so a measure of patience is needed. If you get frustrated or angry easily, this region may not suit.

Going back to some of Check Sixes questions, the medical insurance for family is quite comprehensive and most of us consider it adequate. It does not cover the USA, except as transients. It does not cover dental nor maternity, but having a child in the local system is not too expensive. I believe that children are covered up until their 18th birthday.

School fees (QAR80,000 for 2 kids) is adequate for 2 primary school children, but won't cover 2 x secondary school students at the typical expat schools (The American School of Doha, Doha College, Park House School, Doha English Speaking School). Check their websites, all the fees are listed so you can see for yourself. There can be problems getting kids into the school you want as positions are limited. That said, the American and British schools are of a good standard so don't worry about that aspect.

Per diems are paid on the first sector ex-Doha and are adequate. Hotels are generally good, with the occasional let-down.

There are no staff travel benefits at all as we are a private operation with no commercial benefits to reciprocate to airlines.

The Golf Club in Doha is popular with another course to be built in the near future. I don't know about membership costs but visitor fees are around USD100ish (I believe) for a round. The Rugby Club is popular (for the booze as much as anything else) and the social games are fun to be a part of or watch.

I don't know whether applicants have been contacted yet but we need people very soon so I would anticipate things will happen soon.

I hope this helps.

nautor 21st Apr 2010 17:56

amiri screening
hi Amiri01,

I have to go to FRA in may for the Amiri screening, do you have some informations about it.

tks in advance


Check 'Six' 21st Apr 2010 20:23

Thanks Amiri for your response.

Appreciate it.


Check Six

OLD BMA MAN 11th May 2010 16:39

Head of Ground Operations
Hi Amiri01

Thanks for all the information, do you have any info on the Head of Ground Operations? Is it still available have they started interviewing?
Is it worth the move with an 11 year old son?

thanks for any information you may have

Old BMA Man

Dragon 83 11th May 2010 21:31

I also applied late Apr but only received an acknowledgment email and uploaded my files, nothing since. I'm not sure if no recent response infers
any good or bad news. I am an older guy with lots of experience but over age 60 so perhaps that's why.

Shaman 12th May 2010 06:15

Dragon 83,


Amiri01 12th May 2010 17:26

The first round of interviews/screening is complete but they are happening on a frequent basis, every 10 days I believe.
Of the six who attended the first round, 3 have been successful and will be joining the A320 fleet. There are still plenty of positions available on both A320 and A330 so don't despair if you haven't yet been contacted. I have no idea how efficient the recruiting company is in responding to applications but I can only hope that they are expeditious with their acknowledgements. I know how frustrating it can be wondering whether a company has actually received your application or not.
I have spoken with 2 of the 3 who were successful at the first round. They indicated that the day long process was quite demanding with all the aptitude/tech/psychometric testing etc, By the time they came to their sim check at the end of the day, they were pretty tired. Full credit to those that managed to get through.
Since being notified of their success last week, they have visited Doha to check out accommodation, schools (that will be the tough one to work out as positions are tough to get in the acceptable British/American schools) and to look at Doha in general. I haven't spoken with them since their visit about their impressions so I can't say what a first timer to Doha thinks.
As I understand it, there have been many applications for the Airbus positions but very few for the Global Express positions so if there are any Global pilots out there, this could be an opportunity.
I do not know if there is a "preferred" age range so I cannot provide any guidance on that. If you are more "senior", give it a go and test the system.
I have not been able to find more info on the Ops position but I will endeavour to do so and post what I can get. It is a newly established position and I believe it will be responsible for organising the ground handling side of things.
Good luck to all.

Dragon 83 12th May 2010 21:28

Thanks Amiri01 for those insightful posts. I have worked in QR previously so well aware of living conditions. I have also worked VIP Ops before also and it has different but interesting challenges. I would like to fly out my career and not be forced out so will persevere.


OLD BMA MAN 13th May 2010 08:44

Head of Ground Operations
Hi Amiri01

That is great thank you for the information, I'll keep watching this space!


Shaman 13th May 2010 11:05


There are a few pilots on Pprune who are genuinely helpful -thank you very much indeed for being one of them.

dcsagcs 20th May 2010 05:45


First of all, thanks a lot for your attention and explanations!

Just one more question: I have gotten that there isn`t a pattern of rostering for pilots... But could you give me an idea about how many days a captain on A320 should expect to stay at home per year???

Amiri01 20th May 2010 08:29

To address a couple of outstanding issues, firstly, the Head of Ground Operations will be responsible for the ground handling aspects of the operation. He will have 5 staff on the ramp in Doha, mainly supervising the subcontracted ground handling services, but also to assist with the services using our own equipment. He will also have 5 office staff who will ensure that all ground handling services outside Doha are organised correctly and are suitable. He will monitor the performance of external ground handling suppliers to ensure the best standard of service is given to our operation.

Regards the A320 fleet, I am estimating that the average number of overnights per month per pilot would be around 5 - 7. That said, we just had one crew away for around 3 weeks. The flying rates are inconsistent and unpredictable. You might do 15 hours and one overnight one month then 90 hours and 15 overnights the next. With the new aircraft arriving, I do not know the anticipated utilisation for these aircraft. The 320 fleet has been one of the hardest worked during the last few years, so it will be interesting to see how the arrival of new aircraft affects overall utilisation.

OLD BMA MAN 20th May 2010 11:35

Head of Ground Operations
Hi Amiri01

Thanks again, that is pretty much what I am doing now, so lets see if I get a response from the agency


Dragon 83 20th May 2010 18:31

Any feedback as to progress with A330 skippers as most of the discussion refers to A320 ops? Thanks.

Bahraingeneric 21st May 2010 13:54

330 Captains
I just applied.

Got email with std response as well as one from someone
stating they are still loooking for 330 captains!

good Luck

Dragon 83 21st May 2010 17:48

330 Capt's
OK thanks, well I applied 3 wks back for the 330 with only standard feedback.

And so it goes.

Amiri01 21st May 2010 20:05

I can't be certain but I suspect that the priority for recruiting has been for A320 pilots due to the impending arrival of the A320s. I don't think the A330 applicants need to be too concerned that they have not yet heard anything due to this prioritisation.
I shall try to get an update next week on the A330 side of things.

commander747 24th May 2010 12:59

amiri 01
wondering about the truth of whether is impossible to move over to the amiri flight if presently employed by QR

Amiri01 24th May 2010 14:04

I am privy to neither the policy, nor the politics but I am aware that a number of "suitable" local and expatriate current QR pilots have expressed an interest in joining the Amiri Flight and have not yet been interviewed. This may be coincidence as many "suitable" non-QR applicants have also not yet been invited for interview, but in short, I can't answer your question with any authority. Sorry...

safelife 24th May 2010 20:09

For those who will be invited, the person behind likes the B744 Sim in FRA.
I wouldn't be surprised if he screens pilots on that one.
Might be an Airbus Sim for Airbus guys though.

condorbaaz 5th Jul 2010 13:46

Amiri 01, i applied for A330 capt post. recruiting agency turned me down and instead offered to me Global Express with type training by the company.

Do you know if there is any difference in the salaries of the fleets due to ac type?


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