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Mister Warning 20th Sep 2014 12:05

24/7 standby and recently introduced random alcohol testing at sign on makes this job not for every man. :{

JPJP 20th Sep 2014 19:47

jimmyg - Stagnate or deterioration of T&C's, change of guard and 24/7 on call roosters, make this outfit most undesirable.

Great Zeus's beard ! That sounds appalling. What exactly is the purpose of these Roosters, and why are they on call 24/7 ?

Do they attack, or are they simply used as a deterrent ? Stay safe out there. All of you.

jimmyg 21st Sep 2014 06:29

During my interview in Frankfurt, this was one of my questions.

"With a fleet of this size and type of on demand operations and staffing levels, why the need" and "what is the call out time"

Never really received an answer, other than call out time is 2hrs! and if you cannot handle it do not come.

I would venture that not unlike Qatar and many operations throughout the M.E.
it comes down to plan and simple " servitude" and your willingness to accept such horrid terms.

igig 21st Sep 2014 12:16

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
"Change of guard, change of management"? We've been hearing about that since 2012. Why so long? What's the problem/issue?

APAW1 22nd Sep 2014 06:15

I can tell you from my contact there that all is not well at AF. The crazy man from QR is now in charge and it look like he is determined to get rid of most of the staff there, the ones that left QR when Amiri separated anyway. No pay rise or bonus for 3 years! Join AF at your peril...you've been warned. :suspect:

Left Coaster 16th Feb 2015 12:15

So…after a sufficient amount of quiet here, does anyone have anything to add to the bits already reported? Salary? Allowances? Roster? Thanks...

Amiri01 16th Feb 2015 19:25

The roster is as follows: you have 6 weeks annual leave. At all other times, you are on 24/7 call.

Typically, a pilot will receive an sms the day before a flight (very rarely earlier) notifying him of the flight. Occasionally, there is a scramble where you have to get to the airport within 2 hours, but this is generally only once or twice a year.

The schedule is not fixed, it is dictated by the passenger. You might receive a flight notification to take pax to point A, wait for them for 2 hours then return to origin. You will sit on the aircraft at point A waiting for your pax and after 2 hours, they haven't turned up. After 6 hours, they still haven't turned up, and then after 8 hours, they turn up and you take them home.

Alternatively, you fly pax 6 hours to their destination, and make your way to your hotel. Just as you rip your kit off to relax, you get a call to return to the aircraft and do another 2 hour sector...

If you cannot adapt to this type of operation, don't waste your time applying. You would only be unhappy. If you want a roster, don't apply. If you want to commute, don't apply. If you want to be able to pop down to Dubai for a weekend, don't apply. If you will get upset when you cannot be available for a dinner party that you have organised, don't apply.

You (and your family) need to be flexible to maintain your sanity in this type of operation.

As for salary, allowances and conditions, I can't say what they are but I can say that they have not changed since the Lufthansa management left a few years ago (either up nor down).

You also need a significant amount of tolerance to survive living in Doha. The traffic is still crazy and if you have school aged kids where you will be spending lots of time on the road doing school runs, that will grind you and the missus down.

Recruiting onto the Airbus is not happening at the moment as far as I know. Recruiting is underway (still) for the B748s with the first intake having just been accepted.

So, is Amiri a bad place to be? There are certainly some pilots who don't enjoy it, but there are many who are either ambivalent or even happy with it. They put up with the uncertainty associated with the operation but generally enjoy the varied destinations and ad-hoc nature of the operation. I know that my immediate colleagues are quite happy to be here. I know some on the Airbus fleet who really enjoy the job but I know of a few who don't. It's like anywhere really. There will be some that enjoy it and some that don't. There are upsides, there are downsides. There are better jobs, there are certainly worse jobs. It's up to the individual whether this job is for them or not.

Just as a reminder, copilots are not recruited and Captains will need at least 8000 hours total including at least 5000 in command so if you don't have these hours, please don't pm me to ask if you would be accepted. My answer will be "highly unlikely".



RumAndCoke 26th Feb 2015 15:13

Dear Amiri1 thanks for all that info, may I ask a couple more questions:
Base in your experience, can you split vacation and come back home two times a year?
They are looking for 744-8, I have plenty of time but not on the 74, are the flexible? Should I apply anyway?
Is true that salaries are 50% over main Qatar airways?

Oceanic815Pilot 15th Mar 2015 03:49


yibidaboo 1st May 2015 18:23

Inside sorce says contracts all changed now, lots of engineers looking elsewhere, cabin crew will probably all leave, pilots too. Overnight they took away all previously agreed travel benefits. Everyone being put on Qatar Airways contracts in the near future. Equals about a 40% pay cut for everyone. Not a happy camp at all

Bizjetdrvr 5th Jul 2015 10:41

Current T&Cs @Qatar Executive
Can any of you kind souls in the know indicate what the current T&Cs are at Qatar executive.
I have been invited to interview but to be honest I would like to have a general idea of what the 'roster' would be like & what I could expect as a net package (salary, housing, Insurance)
I want to make an educated decision since I do not want to waste their time or resources if it is not acceptable to me.
Please PM if you prefer.

SIDS N STARS 17th Jul 2015 13:03

Just to clarify ..
To stop any confusion, can someone please verify, that Amiri Flight and Qatar Executive, are not the same company?

And this thread is about Amiri Flight, and any reference to Qatar Exec is specific to Qatar Exec ??

Amiri01 17th Jul 2015 20:16

I confirm. Qatar Amiri Flight and Qatar Executive are two totally separate entities.

igig 18th Jul 2015 01:38

Qatar Amiri Flight Recruitment
Are you able to comment on the other posts regarding deterioration of contracts, pay and benefits and employee retention?

APAW1 25th Sep 2015 21:25

Latest news is they sacked chief pilot after a very lengthy service, apparently he had to be out of the country the same week, thank for everything. He was replaced by a local of course. Per Diem's are next on the hit list. Word has it they've stopped OT payments to Ops staff yet they are massively understaffed, so now they work extra hours for free, some of them 30-40 hours a month!! On a more positive note, QR has been so generous and offer all staff 10 ID tickets, but that's yet to be confirmed.

Goodshape 11th Feb 2016 14:18

Amiri Flight
still working for amiri flight?I am about to apply for a Global Express Capt position.Do you know update package?Thanks

igig 26th May 2016 11:38

Any updates?

APAW1 3rd Jul 2016 21:40

The company intends to split sometime this year, only 5 planes remain with Amiri and the rest go to Qatar Executive. Apparently some staff going to QE also, probably more stability some are saying. From what i heard no bonuses are being paid or increments and many staff still doing many hours overtime.:sad:

Luibar 8th Jul 2016 22:14

Which aircrafts are remaining with Amiri?

APAW1 24th Jul 2016 00:01

I believe the one 747, two 330's, one 320 and one 340. Not confirmed though.:ok:

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