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Pilot says Middle Eastern airline defamed, terminated him

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Pilot says Middle Eastern airline defamed, terminated him

Old 20th Oct 2013, 15:48
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Exit visa

Just to clarify, QR pilots are treated a little differently to other employees in Qatar. Most people do have to ask their employer for a no objection letter for an exit visa in order to leave the country. I understand QR cabin crew have to, though I am not certain of this. However, the company requires pilots to obtain a mulit-exit permit, at their own expense - 500 Q Rials. So no, QR pilots are not slaves, they can leave the country without seeking permission.
Sadly this is not the case for thousands of low skilled labourers in Qatar.

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Old 20th Oct 2013, 16:54
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Dear sicilian, I don't have a dog in this fight, but judging from your posts, may I ask....from what civilization did you come from? everybody is entitled to an opinion and I did not see any post here where you were insulted.....cheer up and mature, maybe then you'll behave like an AIRMAN....matey
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Old 20th Oct 2013, 18:03
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Originally Posted by Stone_cold
Hi Av8r ,

Not trying to get into a tit-for-tat , and as you may notice I am not an active poster . However , in life and online ...I try not assume . If I presume or hear third party , I will gladly say this .

So , yes , I know and have observed this phenomena personally , having been a guest at the ccrew accommodation myself .

I have also been to the token liquor depot and have had a Qatari(assumption here) in full thobe/dishdash purchasing more alcohol than I did .

I have personally seen similar attire in various hotel bars partaking in the liquid of the infidels , so I do see a high level of hypocrisy in that area of the world as there is in many others . However the righteousness is a different level .

RV ...any pilot can be electronically locked into the country on a whim . Multiple exit canceled in a second . And the cabin crew cannot obtain a multiple and have to request to leave on each occasion . There is also rumour as to why the E-gates "white elephants " stood idle for so long . The pilots were forced as you said to obtain the multiple at their own expense , and the HR VP had the gall to suggest that it was for the pilot's own convenience . Guess what , it is rumoured that the E-gates cannot function without Multiple and also guess what , it is rumoured again that there was no way a certain floor in the Tower would grant this , so millions (maybe) of Riyals wasted to satisfy the requirements of supreme control .( I prefer slavery ) but this is an opinion .
So just to provide a different side , all is well there until it is not . It can all go wrong in an instant and I have seen it happen , so Av8tr , you are fortunate not to have experienced the bad , because as in many cases , you may not have the time or protections to salvage your life .So to provide a balance , persons on the outside need to know somethings prior to getting in. Especially as some potential employees have never experienced such archaic laws. You present a good side , however , I believe that at times you have been a little harsh on the negative reporters , but remember where there is smoke , there is fire . Generally , I see most who come here seeking information disregarding the bad , and welcoming the good ( seeking to justify their decision perhaps) , but I would strongly suggest that there is an element or more of truth in every bad story on QR here , just as your observations are probably enshrined in truth . You have your experiences and others have had different , this doesn't mean that they didn't happen or will continue to .
I really appreciate your post! Itís very refreshing to have an intelligent debate amongst intellectual individuals. I can agree there should be a healthy balance of the the good and the bad of any story.

Thank you friend!
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Old 21st Oct 2013, 03:58
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Can I sue QR and Mr AAB in the same court?? Seriously I think it is time and I was forced out of the company by him without EOSB pay.
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Old 21st Oct 2013, 05:43
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Av8tordude or other expats pilots did work hard and succeed to put themselves and their family in good conditions. They achieve that goal where it was possible to do it and like any other individuals they deserve respect for that. They are not governors, CEO or something but simple pilots who are flying where there are jobs.

In the other hand if you are someone who like to think or care a bit about whatís happening to people around you, then the question is : Can you accept to work for a entity that makes you feel good by hurting so many others of your co-workers in their life?

Of course the solution may not be to simply quit your job, but is it just to adhere to such policies?

If you are a Qatari thinking me myself and I, I can understand why you donít care. But if you are an expat pilot with a bit of conscious, how to feel good when in the same plane youíre flying, you know theyíre so many cabin crew behind you having to deal with such hard rules you wonít ever accept yourself?

If you succeed in your company, it is because of the good work of you and the other members of your company. Why you feel free and happy when some of your co-workers feel fear with rules that restricted their life that way? Is it something require to make you happy?

QR is competitive and offer jobs to people who wonít have one elsewhere.Very good. But the benefit of their success should make the life of every of it member better, not just you.

Just my point of view of the debate
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Old 21st Oct 2013, 06:55
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I find it illogical to conclude for anyone accepting a position at any company, particulary at QR, if the person is aware of such policies that may conflict with one's own personal morals and values. That being said, some of my friends are dating CC. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as they understand the risk they are partaking. I've already concluded that most relationships are relationships of convenience with one common theme. They all come to a cross-road where they must decide which direction they must take.

RK303 conjures up some valid points, however the company seems to take offense when people offer a sensible approach to various past problems, therefore making the person offering the suggestion, their target for persecution. Sad! I can only see a change in policy direction when the company runs out of CV's. Only then will the company consider a review of such medieval & archaic policies.

On the other hand, every company has its risk and rewards. Its up the individual to decide if the rewards are worth the risk? For a pilot's career, I truly hope she is worth it.

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Old 21st Oct 2013, 08:23
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I couldn't agree more, Pup.

The amazing thing is you actually get a wide spread of tragic misfits on this forum who, when their "ugly sister" is exposed for the lying, two-faced, cheating, immoral, hypocritical, childish, greedy, self-centred, spiteful tramp that she is, will readily jump in frothing at the mouth to the defence. It really is amusing.

Anyway I hope you avoid being banned for a bit longer. Keep it coming...
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Old 21st Oct 2013, 09:14
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" ONLY merit is HAVING DIG a hole in the sand.."
Well even that,not sure they dig the hole by themselves...

So Let me correct the sentence Pup:
The only merit is to BE SEATED on the 3th biggest gas ressource In the world ( after Russia and Iran,keeping in mind that due to sanction imposed to Iran, they are sucking the gas from the Iranian part of the north field as well, but that's a another story..).

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Old 21st Oct 2013, 11:27
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Bravo. Well said my friend!! MIDGET
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Old 25th Oct 2013, 05:56
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Well boys , as they say when in Rome do as the Romans do. When you are in the Mid East do as the Arabs do. They are your bosses , they set the rules so you do as they please. No one forced you to go there and work. You cannot expect the systems of America and Europe to be implemented in the Mid East just because you are there. That's the reality. Young MG sounds like an Arab kid brought up in the US. Someone should tell him to go back to his roots and follow the teachings of his ancestors.
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Old 25th Oct 2013, 07:35
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"They set the rules so you do as they please..."

sky dancer;
The case above refers to false allegations and accusations unrelated to any rules of employment!
So absolutely Nothing to do with what you mention.
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Old 25th Oct 2013, 08:23
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Skydancer your really ignorant.
So if your gonna do as the arabs do , then do you hold hands with another guy , hit your head on the ground five times a day, starve yourself one month per year, wear funny dresses and slippers like if your moses, cover your wife, mom and daughter so nobody can see them,, if thats the case you belong in the sandpit
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Old 25th Oct 2013, 09:05
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I still do not see what specific employment regulations MG has infringed and why he feels he was unfairly dismissed. Nearly all of the foregoing posts are off thread and relate to a code of conduct (not written in any regulation). These codes of conduct and the type of lifestyle in Qatar are widely known and should be reseaerched before going there. At one point in my life, I was walking the streets on welfare and was offered a job with QR. I researched heavily and declined the offer. I continued to walk the streets for a while. Certain things I cannot do or comply with and I vote with my feet. It is not just the Middle East. Another time, redundant again, in a favoured Western European country, Airline just next door was hiring. They did have expected codes of conduct (not written down in regulation) which I found unduly restrictive, like wearing your hat when going to the loo, wearing your hat at all times when in uniform (including when driving you car) etc, etc. I didn't even apply to that company & opted, again, for welfare and walking the streets.

Other Companies in the ME are far less restrictive and the lifestyles to be enjoyed in these States, again, far less restrictive. But, do the research & if you really feel that it is all too restrictive, avoid.

Finally, off thread too but I do feel that all these countries with completely different cultures & histories have come a long way in the march of , so called, progress, to bow to western culture. They will tolerate, to varied extent, our behaviours, likes and dislikes. Some of it goes underground but they will not like us waving some of our excesses in their faces. Don't like ? Don't wish to meet them half way too ? Stay away .

Back on thread, if MG really has a case, good luck.
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Old 25th Oct 2013, 09:33
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Reading through the article, I feel that Qatar has a case to answer.
There are some basic rules of decency, no country must be allowed to go against, no matter what your national culture, or company philosophy can be.

MG has obviously a zero chance of a fair trial in Qatar, as opposed to one in the states.
Where I do find a problem in the US, is in the jury system where idiots can be emotionally swayed like the OJ and Zimmerman runs.

Good luck to him from a fellow aviator.
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Old 26th Oct 2013, 08:39
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rdr ; Agreed. MG claims that his alledged reasons for dismissal do not form part of his contract of employment. End of story. But, to get it to stick will be an uphill battle. My point also is that failure to comply with these wretched unwritten codes of conduct would lead to disfavour and a stitch up. Unfair, illegal but that is the fact of life in some places and companies.
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Old 26th Oct 2013, 18:37
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Laker you may be right. Either way, with or without the complicity of Dick Dastardly the boss, Qatar should explain their actions.
BTW, why not try your hand at writing a mystery novel.
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