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Av8tordude or other expats pilots did work hard and succeed to put themselves and their family in good conditions. They achieve that goal where it was possible to do it and like any other individuals they deserve respect for that. They are not governors, CEO or something but simple pilots who are flying where there are jobs.

In the other hand if you are someone who like to think or care a bit about what’s happening to people around you, then the question is : Can you accept to work for a entity that makes you feel good by hurting so many others of your co-workers in their life?

Of course the solution may not be to simply quit your job, but is it just to adhere to such policies?

If you are a Qatari thinking me myself and I, I can understand why you don’t care. But if you are an expat pilot with a bit of conscious, how to feel good when in the same plane you’re flying, you know they’re so many cabin crew behind you having to deal with such hard rules you won’t ever accept yourself?

If you succeed in your company, it is because of the good work of you and the other members of your company. Why you feel free and happy when some of your co-workers feel fear with rules that restricted their life that way? Is it something require to make you happy?

QR is competitive and offer jobs to people who won’t have one elsewhere.Very good. But the benefit of their success should make the life of every of it member better, not just you.

Just my point of view of the debate
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