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Originally Posted by Stone_cold
Hi Av8r ,

Not trying to get into a tit-for-tat , and as you may notice I am not an active poster . However , in life and online ...I try not assume . If I presume or hear third party , I will gladly say this .

So , yes , I know and have observed this phenomena personally , having been a guest at the ccrew accommodation myself .

I have also been to the token liquor depot and have had a Qatari(assumption here) in full thobe/dishdash purchasing more alcohol than I did .

I have personally seen similar attire in various hotel bars partaking in the liquid of the infidels , so I do see a high level of hypocrisy in that area of the world as there is in many others . However the righteousness is a different level .

RV ...any pilot can be electronically locked into the country on a whim . Multiple exit canceled in a second . And the cabin crew cannot obtain a multiple and have to request to leave on each occasion . There is also rumour as to why the E-gates "white elephants " stood idle for so long . The pilots were forced as you said to obtain the multiple at their own expense , and the HR VP had the gall to suggest that it was for the pilot's own convenience . Guess what , it is rumoured that the E-gates cannot function without Multiple and also guess what , it is rumoured again that there was no way a certain floor in the Tower would grant this , so millions (maybe) of Riyals wasted to satisfy the requirements of supreme control .( I prefer slavery ) but this is an opinion .
So just to provide a different side , all is well there until it is not . It can all go wrong in an instant and I have seen it happen , so Av8tr , you are fortunate not to have experienced the bad , because as in many cases , you may not have the time or protections to salvage your life .So to provide a balance , persons on the outside need to know somethings prior to getting in. Especially as some potential employees have never experienced such archaic laws. You present a good side , however , I believe that at times you have been a little harsh on the negative reporters , but remember where there is smoke , there is fire . Generally , I see most who come here seeking information disregarding the bad , and welcoming the good ( seeking to justify their decision perhaps) , but I would strongly suggest that there is an element or more of truth in every bad story on QR here , just as your observations are probably enshrined in truth . You have your experiences and others have had different , this doesn't mean that they didn't happen or will continue to .
I really appreciate your post! Itís very refreshing to have an intelligent debate amongst intellectual individuals. I can agree there should be a healthy balance of the the good and the bad of any story.

Thank you friend!
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