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I still do not see what specific employment regulations MG has infringed and why he feels he was unfairly dismissed. Nearly all of the foregoing posts are off thread and relate to a code of conduct (not written in any regulation). These codes of conduct and the type of lifestyle in Qatar are widely known and should be reseaerched before going there. At one point in my life, I was walking the streets on welfare and was offered a job with QR. I researched heavily and declined the offer. I continued to walk the streets for a while. Certain things I cannot do or comply with and I vote with my feet. It is not just the Middle East. Another time, redundant again, in a favoured Western European country, Airline just next door was hiring. They did have expected codes of conduct (not written down in regulation) which I found unduly restrictive, like wearing your hat when going to the loo, wearing your hat at all times when in uniform (including when driving you car) etc, etc. I didn't even apply to that company & opted, again, for welfare and walking the streets.

Other Companies in the ME are far less restrictive and the lifestyles to be enjoyed in these States, again, far less restrictive. But, do the research & if you really feel that it is all too restrictive, avoid.

Finally, off thread too but I do feel that all these countries with completely different cultures & histories have come a long way in the march of , so called, progress, to bow to western culture. They will tolerate, to varied extent, our behaviours, likes and dislikes. Some of it goes underground but they will not like us waving some of our excesses in their faces. Don't like ? Don't wish to meet them half way too ? Stay away .

Back on thread, if MG really has a case, good luck.
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